NSW eastern forest soil condition: empirical soil maps

This dataset includes four soil products using an empirical approach to assess soil condition indicators and complete a data gap analysis covering the Regional Forest Agreement regions of eastern NSW.

In the empirical analysis, maps presented soil indicator values of topsoil pH, organic carbon and emerson aggregate stability for each of the 2162 soil map units, based on the unit's most representative soil profile available within the Soil and Land Information System (SALIS). Maps reflect values when the sampling occurred with temporal changes not being accounted for and used the 2008 woody vegetation coverage as the baseline extent. The dataset identifies the locations where data is missing or of poor quality, providing a confidence rating map as part of the evaluation process.

Full description of the empirical maps and methods are presented in: Moyce MC, Gray JM, Wilson BR, Jenkins BR, Young MA, Ugbaje SU, Bishop TFA, Yang X, Henderson LE, Milford HB, Tulau MJ, 2021. _Determining baselines, drivers and trends of soil health and stability in New South Wales forests: NSW Forest Monitoring & Improvement Program_v1.1, Final report for NSW Natural Resources Commission by NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and University of Sydney.

Organisation: Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

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Alternative Title Determining baselines and trends of soil health and stability in NSW forests – Regional Forest Agreement regions: An empirical approach
Metadata date 01/10/2021
Date created 14/04/2021
Date Published 16/07/2021
Edition version 1
Purpose For monitoring and managing soil condition in eastern NSW forests into the future.
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NSW Place Name Regional Forest Agreement Regions of eastern NSW
Temporal Coverage From 01/01/1990 - 01/02/2021
Datum GDA94 Geographic (Lat\Long)
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