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Under Consideration

Draft Mamre Road Precinct Development Control Plan

Penrith City Council

We have worked with Penrith City Council and consulted with other agencies on the Draft Mamre Road Precinct Development Control Plan (DCP).

The DCP provides detailed planning controls for industrial development in the Mamre Road Precinct within the Western Sydney Employment Area.

The DCP establishes controls regarding:

  • Building design controls, including building heights and setbacks
  • Subdivision controls, including minimum lot sizes
  • Environmental controls
  • Landscaping controls
  • Aboriginal and non-indigenous heritage controls
  • Drainage controls
  • Indicative road network and road design controls

View the Documents on Exhibition 

A draft Integrated Water Cycle Management Plan and an Aboriginal Heritage Assessment have informed the draft DCP and have also been made available for review and comment.

The draft DCP was on public exhibition from 10 November to 17 December 2020.

All submissions and feedback will be carefully considered during finalisation of the DCP.

Submissions (44)

Draft Mamre Road Precinct DCP Submission Summary Table.pdf
01 - Ted and Charles Pochodyla.pdf
02 - Galliano Callegari.pdf
03 - Anglican Schools Corporation.pdf
04 - Heritage NSW (Non-Aboriginal Heritage).pdf
05 - Jodie Stedman.pdf
06 - NSW Environment Protection Authority.pdf
09 - Willowtree Planning on behalf of ARUP.pdf
10 - Environment, Energy and Science division, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.pdf
11- SKM Planning on behalf of Olathree Pty Ltd.pdf
13 - Hani Youkhanis.pdf
14 - Heritage NSW (Aboriginal Cultural Heritage).pdf
15 - Urbis on behalf of ICON Oceania.pdf
16 - Penrith City Council - Final Comments 16-02-21.pdf
17 - Ethos Urban on behalf of Aldington Developments Pty Ltd.pdf
18 - Urban Taskforce Australia.pdf
19 - Joe Camilleri.pdf
20 - GLN Pty Ltd on behalf of Jack Bazi and others.pdf
21 - Stephen and Elizabeth Weston.pdf
22 - Urbis on behalf of Altis Property Group.pdf
23 - Ocean Protect.pdf
24 - Ethos Urban on behalf of ESR.pdf
25 - Urbis on behalf of Pazit Pty Ltd.pdf
26 - Willowtree Planning on behalf of Gaonor Pty Ltd.pdf
27 - Willowtree Planning on behalf of Altis Property.pdf
29 - Willowtree Planning on behalf of Frasers Property Australia.pdf
30 - Sydney Water.pdf
31 - Ethos Urban on behalf of Fife Kemps Creek Pty Ltd.pdf
32 - Nestor Chan.pdf
33 - Martin Cachia.pdf
34 - GPT Group.pdf
35 - Sparks & Partners.pdf
36 - Urbis on behalf of Mamre Road Landowners Group.pdf
36A - Attachment A (Tracked Change DCP).pdf
36B - Attachment B.pdf
36C - Attachment C (Ason Letter).pdf
36D - Attachment D (Sydney Water Letter).pdf
36E - Attachment E (AT&L Letter).pdf
37 - Transport for NSW.pdf
38 - Urbis on behalf of Mirvac.pdf
39 - WaterNSW.pdf
40 - Romic Planning on behalf of Callegari.pdf
41 - Property Council of Australia.pdf
42 - Dino Seraglio on behalf of Pazit Pty Ltd.pdf

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