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Proposed amendment to the Penrith Lakes SEPP 2021

The NSW Government is committed to making Penrith Lakes a destination to play, relax, work and visit.

In August 2021, the department proposed to amend the Chapter 5 Penrith Lakes Scheme of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Precincts – Western Parkland City) 2021 (Penrith Lakes Scheme policy). The proposed amendment will:

  • adopt new mapping under the Penrith Lakes SEPP to allow access through the NSW Planning Portal and align zoning boundaries with current cadastre boundaries
  • include new provisions for protecting solar access and key vistas and view corridors
  • ensure flood evacuation will be considered for all land use proposals within the Penrith Lakes Scheme (the Scheme)
  • amend the satisfactory arrangements clause for designated State public infrastructure
  • permit new land uses at specific sites within the Scheme, including:
    • a film production precinct and other ancillary uses;
    • a heliport;
    • a private golf course and associated facilities;
    • tourism and commercial uses of a local heritage item;
    • relocation of the Penrith Lakes Development Corporation Offices.

The proposed Penrith Lakes Scheme policy applies to land identified on the Land Application Map, with additional land uses applying to specific sites in Penrith Lakes as identified by the Site Identification Map.

For more detailed information on the proposed changes, refer to the explanation of intended effect consultation paper and maps available for download below.

The proposed amendment was on public exhibition from 14 August 2021 until 26 September 2021.


For more information about Penrith Lakes SEPP, please visit our webpage.



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Consultation period


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Exhibiting agency or agencies: DPIE
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal