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Tweed Regional City Action Plan

The Tweed Regional City Action Plan (the Tweed RCAP) will help shape future growth of the Northern NSW gateway city over the next 15 years.

The Tweed RCAP comprises initiatives to help maximise Tweed’s potential and ensure it is a more connected city brimming with homes, jobs, investment, natural beauty and vibrant public spaces.

The plan identifies how to boost the supply of much-needed affordable housing in the city and includes actions to strengthen Tweed’s resilience against natural hazards such as the destructive flooding event on Australia’s east coast in February and March 2022.

The Tweed RCAP was developed in close collaboration with Tweed Shire Council as a priority action of the North Coast Regional Plan 2036 (the Regional Plan).

The Regional Plan identifies three quarters of the North Coast's population growth over the next 15 years will take place in the Tweed, Port Macquarie-Hastings, Coffs Harbour and Lismore local government areas.

The regional cities in these areas will play key roles in delivering the diverse housing, services and jobs needed to support this growth. 

The Tweed RCAP aims to help transform the NSW’s northern gateway into an exciting regional city that champions good design, the environment and cultural heritage to become NSW’s great green city.

The RCAP sets out 60 actions to realise 17 objectives to achieve its five goals to make Tweed a better city to live, work and play in.

The community and stakeholders had their say on the draft Tweed RCAP during the public exhibition period from 26 October 2021 to 23 November 2021.

The exhibition included targeted workshops and one-on-one interviews with stakeholders and members of the public.

The feedback helped us to better understand the opinions, ideas and concerns of the community, which informed the final Tweed RCAP.

The department will work with Tweed Shire Council, other government agencies and community groups to implement the RCAP’s actions to realise its objectives.

Please visit our RCAP page for more information about the program.



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Consultation period


More information

Relevant legislation: Tweed City Centre LEP 2012
Tweed LEP 2014

Exhibiting agency or agencies: DPIE
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal