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APIs for ePlanning Digital Services

Online Section 68 Service API

The Department has developed inbound and outbound APIs to facilitate the flow of data between the Online Section 68 Service and a council's IT systems.

The outbound API enables a council to receive the Section 68 applications submitted by the applicant into the Online Section 68 Service directly into their IT system in real-time. This eliminates the need for double entry of application details into the council IT system.

Councils will issue a Section 68 certificate and publish them via the Online Section 68 Service APIs. 

Please scroll down to access each API for the Online Section 68 Service.

View the Online Section 68 Service integration workflow

View the Online Section 68 Service - API release notes and roadmap 

Online Section 68 Service – API Release Notes

The following enhancements were made to the Online Section 68 Service APIs:

Release Date                  


25 June 2021

June Maintenance Release (to be activated 30 June). Click here for a list of enhancements. Click here for schema changes.

29 May 2021

May Maintenance Release. Click here for a list of enhancements. Click here for schema changes. 

07 May 2021

Production release of the Online Section 68 Service API. Click here to view the release notes. Click here for schema changes.