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Coffs Harbour Regional City Action Plan

The Coffs Harbour Regional City Action Plan (RCAP) has been developed by the NSW Government, in collaboration with Coffs Harbour City Council, to help Coffs Harbour fulfill its potential as a thriving regional centre.

Coffs Harbour city’s population has been experiencing high growth in recent years and this has been further driven in the past year by migration to the regions due to COVID-19.

The RCAP will provide the structure to manage and shape the city’s growth over the next 20 years, making it an even more attractive place for tree changers and city dwellers wanting a lifestyle change while retaining the benefits of city living.

Development of the Coffs Harbour RCAP is a priority action of the North Coast Regional Plan 2036, which was released in March 2017 by the NSW Minister for Planning.

The RCAP responds to the expected population growth with a coordinated approach to align infrastructure delivery with sustainable housing in ways that make best use of available land and access to services

The RCAP includes seven key collaboration opportunities and 20 objectives for government agencies and Coffs Harbour City Council to deliver together, including activating the city centre and optimising employment land.

The community had its say on a draft Coffs Harbour RCAP during an extended 56-day exhibition from 5 June to 31 July 2020.

The exhibition included targeted workshops and one-on-one interviews with stakeholders and the members of the public.

The finalised RCAP incorporates feedback from the community and stakeholders.

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    The consultation is open for public comment.

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    The final outcomes of this consultation will be documented here.

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More information

Relevant legislation: Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, Coffs Harbour LEP 2013

Exhibiting agency or agencies: DPIE
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal and DPIE Grafton Regional Office