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DA 22/16334 House of Ullr, Thredbo - external alterations and associated maintenance works

Snowy Monaro Regional

Replacement of Windows in Tourist Accommodation and Associated BCA compliance works

Application Documents (4)

Acoustic report
Site_Survey Plan and Elevations with Window Replacements
Bushfire report
Ullr BTA 1122 B
Owner's consent
16 12 2022 KT Consent for development proposal_House of Ullr Lot 815 (002)
Statement of environmental effects
Ullr SEE 1122 B

Determination Documents (8)

Bushfire report - Determination
Ref 08 - Bushfire Safety Authority
Bushfire report - Determination
Ref 07 - Ullr BTA 1122 B_PAN-287989
DA Stamped plans
Ref 02 to 06 - Site_Survey Plan and Elevations with Window Replacements_PAN-287989 (1)
Notice of determination
DA 22-16334 Notice of Determination
Notice of determination
DA 22-16334 Determination and Schedules
Other - Determination
DA 22-16334 Assessment Report
Statement of environmental effects - Determination
Ref 01 - Ullr SEE 1122 B_PAN-287989
Statement of reasons / Notice of decision
DA 22-16334 Notice of Decision

Project Details

Portal reference number
Consent authority's ID number
DA 22/16334
Property Address
8 Mowamba Place Thredbo 2625
Lot/DP number
Type of application
Development Application
Type of development
Alterations and additions to commercial development
Description of the development
External alterations to an existing tourist accommodation building.
Exhibition start - end date
Determining authority
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces
Determination date

Consent Authority

Consent authority name
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces / Independent Planning Commission