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DA 22/5961 Southern Alps Ski Club, Charlotte Pass - External alterations and repairs

Snowy Monaro Regional

External alterations and repairs to existing ski lodge - Southern Alps Ski Lodge (SASC).

Application Documents (10)

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Report
21007DA_BOS & Aboriginal Heritage Assessment_FINAL
Architectural Plans
602.A.01-07 AMENDED DA 20.2.23
Bushfire report
21105_Bushfire Report_Southern Alps Ski Club_FINAL
Elevations and sections
602.A.06 F
Geotechnical report
205286.00.R.001.Rev0.Charlotte Pass, Proposed Additions and Alterations
4-16 IP 2009 Southern Alps photomontage7
BCA Section J DTS Report
Statement of environmental effects
21007DA_SEE_Southern Alps Ski Club_FINAL
Structural engineers report
20210316 - Tim Moore, Southern Alps Ski Lodge
Survey plan
SASC Survey Boundary

Determination Documents (14)

Bushfire report - Determination
Ref 23 Bush Fire Safety Authority
Bushfire report - Determination
Ref 03 Bushfire Report 21105
Geotechnical report - Determination
Ref 13 and 14 Geotech Report and Form 4
Notice of determination
DA 22-5961 Notice of Determination
Notice of determination
DA 22-5961 Determination and Schedules
Other - Determination
Ref 22 Asset Protection Zone Drawing
Other - Determination
Ref 04 BOS & Aboriginal Heritage Assessment
Other - Determination
Ref 02 Site Environmnetal Management Plan
Other - Determination
DA 22-5961 Assessment Report
Site plans - Determination
Ref 15 to 21 Structural Drawings Plan Seeet
Site plans - Determination
Ref 12 Plan - proposed subsoil drain above block 2
Site plans - Determination
Ref 05 to 11 Plans 602.A.01-07 AMENDED DA 20.2.23_PAN-208419
Statement of environmental effects - Determination
Ref 01 Statement of Environmental Effects
Statement of reasons / Notice of decision
DA 22-5961 Notice of Decision

Project Details

Portal reference number
Consent authority's ID number
DA 22/5961
Property Address
4 Spencers Creek Road Charlotte Pass 2624
Lot/DP number
Type of application
Development Application
Type of development
Alterations and additions to commercial development
Description of the development
External alterations and repairs to existing ski lodge - Southern Alps Ski Lodge (SASC).
Exhibition start - end date
Determining authority
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces
Determination date

Consent Authority

Consent authority name
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces / Independent Planning Commission