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DA Exhibitions


Installation of Optus telecommunications facility and associated works

Snowy Monaro Regional

Installation of telecommunications facility

Application Documents (10)

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Report
6983_S8597 Mount Selwyn_DD_D01_20211105
Biodiversity Assessment Report
29165.Mt-Selwyn. Ecological report FFA.FIN02.20211022
Council DA Checklist
S8597_Mount Selwyn_GF_03_DA_Development Application Form - COMPLETED
Geotechnical report
S8597_Mount Selwyn_GF_03_DA_Geotech Report
S8597_Mount Selwyn_GF_03_DA_geotechnical-policy-form-4-signed
S8597_Mount Selwyn_EME-2630027
S8597_Mount Selwyn_GF_03_DA Letter to Council
Owner's consent
SSR Optus Tower Consent Letter 24-01-22
Site plans
S8597-Mount Selwyn_DSL_24112021
Statement of environmental effects
S8597_Mount Selwyn_GF_03_DA_SEEV2

Determination Documents (13)

Agency advice
DOC22 332793 NPWS referral comments - DA 22-4928
Conditions of consent
DA 22.4928 - Determination and Schedules
Geotechnical report - Determination
Ref 06 - S8597_Mount Selwyn_GF_03_DA_geotechnical Form SIGNED(2)
Geotechnical report - Determination
Ref 05 - 119033 Tower S8597 Selwyn Trail Mount Selwyn NSW_V.1(2)
Notice of determination
DA 22.4928 - Notice of Determination
Notice of determination
DA 22.4928 - Determination and Schedules
Other - Determination
Ref 04 - 6983_S8597 Mount Selwyn_DD_D01_20211105_PAN-206679
Other - Determination
Ref 03 - 29165.Mt-Selwyn. Ecological report FFA.FIN02.20211022_PAN-206679
Other - Determination
Ref 02 - S8597_Mount Selwyn_EME-2630027_PAN-206679
Other - Determination
DA 22.4928 - Assessment Report
Site plans - Determination
Ref 07 & 08 - S8597-Mount Selwyn_DSL_24112021_PAN-206679
Statement of environmental effects - Determination
Ref 01 - S8597_Mount Selwyn_GF_03_DA_SEEV2_V1_PAN-206679
Statement of reasons / Notice of decision
DA 22.4928 - Notice of Decision

Project Details

Portal reference number
Consent authority's ID number
DA 22/4928
Property Address
Snowy Mountains Highway Kiandra 2629
Lot/DP number
Type of application
Development Application
Type of development
Telecommunications and communication facilities
Description of the development
Un-Maned telecommunications facility
Exhibition start - end date
Determining authority
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces
Determination date

Consent Authority

Consent authority name
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces / Independent Planning Commission