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New England North West Regional Plan 2041

Following a review that involved extensive consultation with the community and stakeholders, the New England North West Regional Plan has been updated to reset priorities for the region over the next 20 years.

The updated Regional Plan is part of a 5-year review to ensure continued progress and prosperity for the New England North West region for the next two decades.

The draft plan was exhibited from 22 November 2021 to 18 February 2022.

The plan is a 20-year strategic blueprint that sets the framework, vision and direction for land-use planning for future needs for housing, jobs, infrastructure, a healthy environment and connected communities.

The New England North West is one of Australia’s most productive agricultural regions. It also has significant biodiversity, nationally recognised tourist destinations, bustling urban centres, as well as growing mineral resource and renewable energy sectors.

The next 20 years will present the region with unprecedented opportunity from enhanced connectivity, the growing renewable energy sector, green technology and food and fibre processing to meet growing demand domestically and overseas.

The region will also experience challenges from many fronts, particularly climate change and an ageing population.

This strategic plan aims to harness the opportunities and respond to the challenges.

It looks to capitalise long-term on the region’s natural resources, assets and central location and minimise exposure to hazards to create resilient communities that are well-supported by the right homes, jobs and infrastructure.

The plan aligns State and Local Government planning to ensure that there is a two-way ‘line of-sight’ between the different levels of spatial planning.  

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