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Draft Coastal Design Guidelines

The department is updating the NSW Coastal Design Guidelines (the Guidelines) to ensure that the NSW coastline is protected and remains a spectacular natural resource and place of cultural significance. 

The draft 2022 Coastal Design Guidelines will guide planning and decision-making to protect the coastline and ensure better-designed homes and places.

They will guide decisions on:

  • Requests for changes to planning rules in coastal communities (planning proposals)
  • Appropriate design for homes and building
  • Managing growing coastal communities.

A renewed focus on connecting and collaborating with Aboriginal communities is central to the Guidelines to ensure that land use planning and design begins with respect for Country and Aboriginal heritage.

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The draft Coastal design guidelines will be on exhibition from 29 July to 9 September 2022. We welcome your feedback on the guidelines during the exhibition period. More information about the guidelines is available on the planning website.

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