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ISEPP amendment – Upper Canal and Warragamba pipeline corridors

The Infrastructure SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007) sets out the planning rules and controls for infrastructure in NSW. The SEPP simplifies the planning process for providing essential infrastructure like hospitals, roads, emergency services and water supply.

Amendment to the Infrastructure SEPP

In April 2021, the department proposed changes to the Infrastructure SEPP to safeguard the Upper Canal and Warragamba Pipelines, which supply 90% of Sydney’s drinking water.

The changes were in response to concerns raised about the impact of urban development on the integrity of Sydney’s bulk water supply infrastructure in Western Sydney.

The amendment was gazetted in October 2021.

The changes to the Infrastructure SEPP introduce:

  1. a water supply infrastructure map which identifies “affected land”.
  2. a new clause that triggers consideration of the WaterNSW Guidelines for Development Adjacent to the Upper Canal and Warragamba Pipelines for developments within the affected land.

The updated rules make sure the right level of consideration is given to matters affecting the reliability of the Upper Canal and Warragamba Pipelines.

The changes mean that infrastructure protection needs to be considered in the determination of developments that may impact bulk water supply infrastructure.

Applicants proposing to develop within the canal/pipeline corridors need to take into consideration the WaterNSW Guidelines for Development Adjacent to the Upper Canal and Warragamba Pipelines when preparing a development application.

The changes do not prohibit any development. They  are in place to make sure development near bulk water supply infrastructure is suitable for the location.

View the Explanation of Intended Effect

Guidelines for development adjacent to the Upper Canal and Warragamba

Bulk Water Supply Infrastructure Corridor Maps



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Relevant legislation: EP&A Act 1979
Exhibiting agency or agencies: DPIE
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal