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Repeal of two operational SEPPs

The Department of Planning and Environment is reviewing State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) to simplify and modernise the planning system by removing duplicated, redundant and outdated planning controls.

The Department proposes to improve and simplify NSW development standards by repealing SEPP No. 1 - Development Standards and SEPP (Miscellaneous Consent Provisions) 2007 (MCP SEPP). The planning provisions contained in these two policies will be incorporated in local planning controls. Both SEPPs now only apply to lands which have been deferred from the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan.

Councils that have adopted the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan already have the equivalent measures in place within their areas.

This means local controls will essentially replace the function of the repealed SEPPs. The Department of Planning and Environment will work with affected councils to manage the transition of planning provisions into their Local Environmental Plans.

Engagement is closed and feedback is now under consideration. Submissions are available below.

Attachments (2)

faq repeal of two operational SEPPs 10 2017.pdf
Explanation of Intended Effect Repeal of two operational SEPPs 10 2017.pdf

Submissions (22)

236259_Letter_ Submission on Review of Repeal of SEPP 1_ Recommendations to Department of Planning and Environment_ 15 December 2017.pdf
236459_Submission Central Coast Council to NSW DoPE Repeal of Operational SEPP 1.pdf
236939_FINAL HIA submission repeal of 2 operational SEPPs.pdf
237113_Submission_ DP&E_ Repeal of two operational State Environmental Planning Policies_ Council Submission.pdf
237211_UDIA NSW Response to Repeal of SEPP1 and MCPSEPP December 2017.pdf
237328_Deferred Matter_ Hillsborough_ Aerial _2_.pdf
237328_Letter to DoPE about repealing SEPP 1 and SEPP _Miscellaneous Consent Provisions_ 2007_ dated 21 December 2017.pdf
237328_Deferred Matter_ Gateshead_ Aerial.pdf
237683_SUB-2017-12_ Repeal of Operational SEPP.pdf
237732_Mecone Submission_Repeal of SEPP 1_Balmain Leagues Site_221217.pdf
237754_Submission on repeal of two operational SEPPs _SEPP 1 and SEPP Miscellaneous consent provisions_.pdf
239847_7. ID nil_ Tweed Shire Council.PDF
239920_8. ID nil_ Sutherland Shire Council.PDF
239924_10. ID nil_ Bayside Council.PDF
239928_Letter to DPE response to proposal to repeal of SEPP 1 and SEPP Miscella....pdf
239936_7986811_ Repeal of SEPPs_ Dev Standards & Misc Consent_ 22122017.pdf
239942_20. ID nil_ Ballina Shire Council.PDF
239944_21. ID nil_ Wollongong City Council.PDF
240077_City of Sydney to DPE_ Repeal of Operational SEPPs.pdf
240079_Additional submission on repeal of two operational SEPPs _SEPP 1 and SEPP miscellaneous consent provision_.pdf
240112_Scanned signed Director Environment and Planning response_ Repeal of State Environmental Planning Policy No.1_ Development Standards _SEPP 1_.PDF


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