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Under Consideration

Proposed Special Infrastructure Contribution for Bayside West

Bayside Council

The proposed Special Infrastructure Contribution for Bayside West, including proposed special contribution area, rate and infrastructure schedule, was on exhibition until 23 November 2018.

A SIC is proposed to help fund new and upgrade infrastructure to support the Bayside West Precincts 2036.

A SIC charge is paid by developers to provide a contribution towards the delivery of key infrastructure.

For more information about Bayside SIC, you can visit the planning website

Attachments (2)

proposed bayside west growth area special infrastructure contribution brochure 10 2018.pdf
bayside west special infrastructure contribution feasibility testing report 10 2018.pdf

Submissions (7)

292333_1-Lack of Local parks in Banksia+Arncliffe.pdf
292333_2-Walking distances to parks .pdf
296870_UDIA NSW Submission_ Bayside West SIC November 2018.pdf
296870_Attachment for Submission.pdf
296882_FINAL SIC Bayside West.pdf
298442_McNally_ Correspondence ~ West Priority Precinct Submission on State Infrastructu....pdf
298442_Bayside Council SIC Submission.pdf

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