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Made and Finalised

Flood Prone Land Package


The NSW Government is committed to keeping our communities safe.

An updated flood-prone land package commenced on 14 July 2021.

The package provides advice to councils on considering flooding in land-use planning and includes:

  • a revised 9.1 local planning direction on flooding
  • a new planning circular on flooding PS21-006 - considering flooding in land use planning: guidance and statutory requirements, which replaces planning circular PS 07-003
  • a new guideline - Considering Flooding in Land Use Planning, which replaces the Guideline on Development Controls on Low Flood Risk Areas
  • Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Amendment (Flood Planning) Order 2021, which includes a mandatory ‘flood planning’ clause and an optional ‘special flood consideration’ clause
  • Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Flood Planning) Regulation 2021 which amends the 7A clauses under Schedule 4, and
  • State Environmental Planning Policy Amendment (Flood Planning) 2021 which revokes councils existing flood planning LEP clause and replaces it with the mandatory Standard Instrument flood planning clause.

A draft updated flood-prone land package was on exhibition from 30 April 2020 until 25 June 2020. To accompany the finalised package, a submission’s report is also available. 

The report summarises feedback received during exhibition and how that feedback was addressed in the final documents.

View the final package

View exhibited package documents

View the submissions received during the public exhibition

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