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Under Consideration

ISEPP amendment – Wild Dog Fence


A 583km fence runs along parts of the NSW/SA and NSW/QLD borders, and is used to mitigate the impact of wild dogs to livestock and native wildlife in Western NSW.  

A 2018 feasibility study determined an extension of the wild dog fence would positively impact landholders by offering an extra level of defence against wild dogs, leading to increased productivity for landholders and better protection for the environment against biosecurity threats.

The NSW Government has committed funding to extend the dog fence in two sections, 420 km to the east and 322 km to the south.

Streamlining extension and maintenance

The department has developed a proposed amendment to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 to clarify and streamline the planning assessment for the extension and maintenance of the Wild Dog Fence.

The proposed amendment includes:

  • Extension: amend Clause 132 to allow an extension of the fence to be considered as State Significant Infrastructure (subject to a detailed assessment) replacing the need to seek multiple government approvals for different parts of the fence.
  • Maintenance: include provisions under Clause 132 that permit routine maintenance of the fence to be carried out as exempt development.

View the Extension of Wild Dog Fence - Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE)


Project Details

Notification start-end date
Relevant legislation
Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979
Exhibiting agency or agencies
NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Exhibition location

NSW Planning Portal