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Draft local character clause

The department has developed a draft Local Character Clause which is proposed to be included in the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan.

The clause will allow a council to adopt a map overlay which identifies the boundaries of a local character area and will require the council to consider its local character statement when addressing development applications.

A local character statement must be developed in accordance with the Local Character and Place Guideline and will describe an area’s existing character and detail its desired future character. It will also set out how future growth will be consistent with the identified character. Local character overlays were identified as a way to embed local character into the planning framework in the January 2018 Planning Circular PS 18-00 respecting and enhancing local character in the planning system.

The department released a Discussion Paper – Local Character Overlays for public exhibition in February 2019, which explored a proposed approach for introducing local character overlays into the Standard Instrument Local Environment Plan. Submissions received have been used to inform the development of the draft Local Character Clause.

View the Explanation of Intended Effect

Download the Clause Consultation Draft

The department welcomed your feedback on the Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) for proposed amendment from 12 November 2020 until 29 January 2021.

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