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State Significant Development


BaptistCare Carlingford - Seniors Housing

City of Parramatta

Current Status: Assessment

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  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Seniors housing comprised by independent living units, residential aged care facilities and a respite day care centre.

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Xin Ma
CARLINGFORD , New South Wales
1. On the stage 1, more construction vehicle was parking on the Homelands Ave, Charles street, which cause traffic jam every day. Even worse some of the workers parked on the residential vehicle crossing, which block driveway. Sometime we have to wait 30mins more to get them to move their vehicle. So the kids on this street often later for school, even though we are 5 mins away, but take a lot time to travelling for a short distance due to this situation.
2.Construction workers take more parking spot on the quite street and avenue, which means residents and visitors have to park far away from homes. The stage 2 would engage more workers, this situation would be worse than stage 1.
3.Some of the times, when Land lease doing night shift on the road, the surrounding residents never receive any notes or messages regarding their night road work information. So normally around 1 or 2am. Heavy vehicle and trucks make huge noise on the site office and compound, which make most of the residents wake up who lives on northside of Homelands avenue.
4.There are 4 fluorescent lights on 7x24, i was asked the site manager Jimmy Chan to install the time controller switcher to each of light and make suggestion to them to turn the lights from 7PM TO 6AM, they did for about 1 month from Sep 2021 to Oct 2021, then ignore about the switcher. Was that meant to be sustainable construction site environment, how could the site waste that much energy on the lights. Or maybe their proposal development for energy efficiency only happens for exhibition, but not take it into account while construction.
5.While they are working the night shift, they should be on one using the compound office. But unlikely, they are using it all the night shifts, which causes a problem for the residents who lives on the northside of Homelands Avenue. As far as I know, they always wake up during their night shifts, cause uncontrol noise.

All in all , i think stage 1 would be enough for the retired living, and no need for stage 2. Cause on stage 1 surrounding residents suffer too much from Land Lease construction team.
City of Parramatta Council
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales


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State Significant Development
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Seniors Housing
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City of Parramatta

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Courtney Fung