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BlueScope Erskine Park Metal Coating Line 7


Current Status: Determination

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Construction and operation of a metal coating line with the a processing capacity of 240 kilo tonnes per annum (ktpa) of cold rolled coil including despatch building, three stacks, storage areas, office and laboratory.

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Independent Liquor Group Co-operative
ERSKINE PARK , New South Wales
Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm writing on behalf of the Independent Liquor Group Co-operative and submit our objection to this project for the reasons below:

1. The metal coating operation may cause air, noise and water pollution which will significantly impact the neighboring businesses and our business. - Currently our warehouse staff are working two shifts and we have approx 100 staff members onsite on weekdays at any given time. We care about our staff's health and wellbeing. The exposure to zinc-aluminum dust can cause repetitive skin, eye and respiratory tract and digestion tract irritation, which may result in "metal fume fever". Chronic exposure via inhalation may result in pneumoconiosis and/or kidney effects.

From enviromental protection perspective, we are not convinced that the current measurement would be sufficient to treat the health risks that the project will impose on the community. The project risk mitigation on health and environment is not clear and does not detail storage of hazardous goods, chemicals and any other occupancy activities that may have an impact on our business operation.

2. Metal Coating Line 7 is located approx. 125 meters away from our Warehouse, which stores liquor and alcoholic beverages. The inflammable materials of the two sites and the heating operation of the metal coating may raise risks of fire and explosion, if either site catches fire.

Yours faithfully,
Susie Zhong
Company Secretary of ILG
Coil Steels Pty Ltd
ERSKINE PARK , New South Wales
Coil Steels Pty Ltd. is supportive of this project as it will assist in reinforcing sovereign manufacturing capability in Australia and particularly western Sydney. The location will enable BlueScope to better service its customers, including Coil Steels.
Steven Christlo
TOWRADGI , New South Wales
This project will provide jobs in Australian manufacturing and help to prevent conditions that invite importing of non-Australian manufactured products to support Australian jobs moving forwards. It will also consider greenhouse impacts to a much higher degree than any offshored carbon intense manufacturing.
Name Withheld
BALGOWNIE , New South Wales
Excellent addition to the existing manufacturing facility at Erskin Park. This will create jobs in both manufacturing, trades and engineering.
Name Withheld
ERSKINE PARK , New South Wales
Great opportunity to increase employment in Western Sydney and assist in growing the manufacturing sector within Australia.
Name Withheld
BLACKBUTT , New South Wales
The project strengthens manufacturing in Australia.
Penrith City Council


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State Significant Development
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Metal and minerals manufacturing
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