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State Significant Development


Crescent Head Ilmenite Stockpile Rehabilitation

Kempsey Shire

Current Status: Determination

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Removal and rehabilitation of abandoned ilmenite stockpile.

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University of Queensland
To whom it may concern
The rehabilitation of the former sand processing site and removal of the stockpile is an important development. Research by the University of Queensland (see attachment) highlights that the area is one of cultural significance to the Dunghutti.
In addition there is the possibility that stone artefacts that are resilient to destruction may still be located in the stockpile, depending on the nature of the filtration process associated wth mineral extraction.
The site holds great potential to be repurposed as an education and cultural centre that provides the Dunghutti with an opportunity to reconnect with the landscape and play a more direct role in the interpretation of the landscape. The UQ is keen to continue supporting the Dunghutti in interpreting this landscape and providing opportunities for young people to re-engage with the area through conservation work, education and ultimately cultural tourism.
We hope that the rehabilitation works will provide an important opportunity for reconcilliation and education around the cultural values of this landscape.


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State Significant Development
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Minerals Mining
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Kempsey Shire
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Rose-Anne Hawkeswood