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State Significant Development


Glendell Continued Operations Project

Singleton Shire

Current Status: Determination

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  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Extension of mining including extraction of an additional 140 million tonnes of ROM coal until 2044 at an increased rate of 10 million tonnes per annum.

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Notice of Exhibition (1)

Exhibition Advert

Request for SEARs (1)


SEARs (6)

Issued SEARs_12082019_113436
Attachment 4
Issued SEARs Cover Letter_12082019_113434
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 1

EIS (33)

EIS Main Text
App 1_Mine Planning Options Report
App 2 Schedules of Land_Exhibition_Revised
App 3 _Project Team & Authorship
App 4_SEARs checklist & correspondence
App 5_Management & Mitigation
App 6_Stage Plans
App 7_Yorks Creek Conceptual Design
App 8_Statutory Considerations
App 9_Lease Consent (Notification Letters)
App 10_Assessment of Cth Matters
App 11_Social Impact Assessment
App 12_Preliminary Risk Assessment
App 13_Air Quality
App 14_Noise
App 15_Blasting
App 16_Groundwater
App 17_Surface Water
App 18_Yorks Creek Diversion
App 19_Geochemical Assessment
App 20_Biodiversity
App 21_Stygofauna
App 22_Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
App 23 Part A_Heritage
App 23 Part B_Heritage
App 24_Rehab and Mine Closure
App 25_Visual Assessment
App 26_Traffic and Transport
App 27_Agricultural Impact Statement
App 28_Greenhouse Gas and Energy
App 29_Observations paper on Climate Change
App 30_Economics

Response to Submissions (3)

Request RTS_17022020_062344
RTS_Part B_Final
RTS_Part A

IESC (4)

Glendell Continued Operations IESC RfA signed
Glencore Response to IESC Advice_August 2020
Glendell IESC RfA cover letter
IESC Advice

Agency Advice (15)

HNSW Advice on Additional Information - April 2021
BCD Advice - EPBC Act Bilateral Assessment
CAS Letter of Advice - GHG Assessment
Heritage Council Advice on Additional Information- October 2021
Heritage Council Advice on RTS - December 2020
Heritage Council Advice on RTS Attachment
BCD Advice on RTS - June 2020
Singleton Council Advice on RTS - March 2021
TfNSW Advice on RTS - May 2020
MEG Advice on RTS - June 2020
EPA Advice on RTS - June 2020
Resources Regulator Advice on RTS - June 2020
DPIE Water Advice on RTS - June 2020
BCD Advice on Additional Information - Dec 2020
Heritage NSW Advice on RTS - Oct 2020

Additional Information (29)

RFI - Economic Review (November 2021)
Independent Review of Economic Assessment_November 2021
Independent Heritage Review_November 2021
RFI - Independent Heritage Review_November 2021
RFI - GHG Emissions_October 2021
Response - GHG Emissions_November 2021
RFI - Additional Advice from Heritage Council_October 2021
Response to Additional Advice from Heritage Council_November 2021
RFI - Impacts to MNES_June 2021
RFI - Hebden Road, VPA, Relocation_May 2021
RFI - Noise and Biodiversity Offsets_May 2021
Response to Heritage NSW Advice on RTS_April 2021
RFI Response to Mine Plan Review_November 2020
Glencore Response 2 - Draft Conditions
Glencore Response 1 - Draft Conditions
Glencore Correction of Error on RTS Figure 4.3
Addendum to Economic Impact Assessment_August 2021
Independent Mine Plan Review
Response to BCD Advice on RTS_August 2020
RFI - RTS Part B_May 2020
Response - Noise and Biodiversity Offsets_June 2021
Response - Impacts to MNES_June 2021
Response to Mine Plan Review_August 2021
Response - Hebden Road Compensation_July 2021
Response - VPA Status_July 2021
Response - Broke Relocation Option_August 2021
Response to Independent Economic Review

Recommendation (3)

Glendell COP - Recommended Conditions
Glendell COP - Assessment Report (Recommendation)
Glendell COP - Referral to IPC

Determination (3)

Notice of Determination
IPC Statement of Reasons
IPC Notice of Refusal

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Ashley McLeod
HUNTERVIEW , New South Wales
This project is vitally important to the employee's who live and work in the Hunter Valley. This project is a continuation of an existing project that has a far greater benefit to the community than it does have from an environmental or heritage impact. Each year Glendell has contributed in the vicinity of $25M in direct wages which are then spent by employee's in and around the local community. When the flow on effects of this expenditure is multiplied it can not be underestimated how many people are positively affected by this project.

I commend Glencore on their consultative approach to relocating the Homestead and believe both options are a viable means of retaining the heritage of the building.

This project is able to maximize the resource recovery within an existing mining area that also leverages off existing infrastructure of the Mt Owen CHPP and rail loop so from a net disturbance point of view this project should be encouraged and promoted for the benefit of the State. The approximate $296M in State Royalties to be gained from this project means that all people in NSW will benefit from a successful approval. This type of revenue to the State can not be undersold when considering the project in it's entirety.


Ashley McLeod
Scott Perry
SEDGEFIELD , New South Wales
I would like to register my support for the Glendell Continued Operations Project (GCOP).

I have been an employee of Glendell Mine for ten years and lived with my family in the Singleton community for the last 22 years. Throughout this time, I have worked in the Hunter Valley mining industry at a number of different sites, which has supported my family and me.
My family were originally from Queensland but now call Singleton home and my three children have all grown up here and have also joined the mining industry to support their own families. I have seen the cyclic effects of coal price on mining and the local community with redundancies and cutbacks a regrettable but inevitable reality. What you don’t see however is operations closing down completely. They adjust their operations to survive and retain the majority of their workforce who remain loyal to the community they have grown to love.
In 2018, 72% of the Glendell workforce lived in the local government area which has seen most of the $25 M in wages and salaries spent in the here. Glendell has also spent $189 M on goods and services since January 2017 to June 2019 with $28 M in the Hunter region further supporting local businesses.
I strongly feel the approval of GCOP is essential to supporting current employees, the local community and the State with significant financial contributions to be enjoyed by all parties. The approval will ensure the current workforce retain their jobs through to 2044 with additional positions resulting in 690 people at full production.

If GCOP does not get approved, the state stands to lose;
• Revenues & PAYG Taxes from 350 construction jobs
• $1.15B (NPV) in net benefits to the State over the life of project with $446M for the Hunter Region
• $296 M (NPV) in royalties to the NSW government
• Grants and funding to local community initiatives ($130K paid in between 2017 & 2019)

In addition, there are a number of sites in the Hunter area which will close in the next decade. If GCOP is not approved, this will add to further unemployment at a time when the local community is already facing a significant job losses.

Approval of GCOP in a timely manner will allow the existing workforce to transition from the current operation without interruption. A delay in approval may see the necessary infrastructure not ready in time resulting in the current operation running out of work and jobs at risk while the waiting for the extended operation to start up.

In conclusion, I think the approval of GCOP is the best decision for the Community and State both morally and financially.
Simon Breakwell
ABERGLASSLYN , New South Wales
I support this extension. Th extension will provide a great future for many families. The proposal to move the house mentioned in this submission will enable people to actually visit the house instead of it sitting out to rot and decay away to nothing. I feel the site up to this point has always put the community first and always responded swiftly to any issues that arise. Its a great place to work and the extension will create jobs which in turn will feed growth back into the surrounding communities and that on itself is a big tick I feel.
Amy Breakwell
ABERGLASSLYN , New South Wales
It will benefit our families future and it will continue to provide jobs in the hunter region for many men and women and their families.
I see the moving of the house as a good thing as people will actually be able to appreciate and use the building instead of it sitting there deteriorating in a paddock.
Graham Weary
HAMLYN TERRACE , New South Wales
This project will allow the mine to continue for 21 years and provide ongoing employment opportunities for 690 NSW residents as well as 350 jobs during it construction period. The mine will also contribute $446,000,000 to the local Hunter economy over its lifetime, as well as providing a net benefit of $1.15b to NSW.
The Glendell continued operations willl also directly input approximately $296,000,000 from royalties to the NSW government, who can the spend that money on hospitals, schools, roads and infrastructure and many more projects that will increase employment and productivity within the state of NSW.
Rebecca Rollason
I support the continued operations project at Glendell due to the employment opportunities that it will create, which in turn will benefit the local and surrounding communities. The positive economic benefits of the project would see the local communities expand and thrive due to increased housing, service, and produce demand.
Liam Murphy
FERN BAY , New South Wales
I support the Glendell extension whole heartedly. I am a resident of the hunter valley and can see this having great economic benefits for the hunter valley and also the Australian government in which can be used for education, roads etc.
Name Withheld
FLORAVILLE , New South Wales
For future employment
Benefit the local community
Revenue to government
We know scientifically climate change has and will always be here.... its naturally occurring. Due to volcanos, solar system ie planets and sun. Climate change is away to distribute wealth globally by stealth!!
Brendan O'Brien
STANHOPE , New South Wales
I am an employee at Glendell mine. The mine supports my family of 4 children. We live in and support the local community through volunteer work and local spend. The mine is a great place to work and values the environment and community that it operates in.
Timothy Lovekin
GATESHEAD , New South Wales
The project is good for local jobs and with local businesses within the community.
James Johnston
EAST MAITLAND , New South Wales
A fantastic opportunity for the local area to continue economic growth and to provide a large amount of jobs to the community. The current Glendell operations has a fantastic record and reputation in the area, it would be great to see the workers and greater community benefit from the positive influence it can have on the region and state. The positive steps to re-invigorate the run down ruins of a heritage building are amazing. Realistically the Ravensworth Homestead has sat there for decades and would eventually end up as a pile of sandstone. The investment that Glencore proposes to make to safely move and uplift the building will be a huge benefit to the wider community and ensure the historic relevance of the homestead is maintained.
Name Withheld
NORTH ROTHBURY , New South Wales
I support the Glendell continued operations project in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Mining sustains the economy in the neighbouring towns of Singleton and Muswellbrook. Mining in the Hunter Valley provides jobs to help people from diverse socioeconomic groups advance their opportunities and improve financial outcomes for their families. The continuation of the current mine will provide opportunities without the burden of developing new infrastructure or creating further environmental impacts of a new mining project.
Joseph Andrews
NORTH ROTHBURY , New South Wales
Glendell supports many families in the hunter including family and friends and they shouldn’t be shut down by mis informed minorities
Leon Cutts
NORTH ROTHBURY , New South Wales
I am in full support of this project going ahead. I believe the significant financial benefit to local area as well as the state economy far out ways the extra environmental impact of the mine. This will provide a much needed boost to the local economy and keeps hundreds of people employed for many yrs to come.
Thomas Carroll
GLENDON , New South Wales
I support the Glendell Continued Operations Project for the value added to the employees, local partnerships and mining industry as a whole.
Name Withheld
MILBRODALE , New South Wales
I support the project, good for employment and good Economic benefits for the community.
Brett Harris
WATTLE PONDS , New South Wales
I support the continued operations of Glendell mine.
As a worker there myself it will provided continued income for my family and the families of everyone else who works there. As well as millions In royalties for the NSW government.
Name Withheld
MUSWELLBROOK , New South Wales
Infrastructure is already in place, and a workforce and flow on to other industries in the area
Name Withheld
MEREWETHER , New South Wales
I currently work as an employee of Glendell and I support the Continuation project. We work diligently and responsibly to satisfy our licencing, environmental and social obligations. I believe the financial impact the project would have on local families and the wider community is too great to ignore.
Name Withheld
THORNTON , New South Wales
I support this project for its economical contribution to the region.


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