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State Significant Development


Ingleburn Resource Recovery Facility


Current Status: Determination

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  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Construction and operation of a resource recovery facility with the capacity to process up to 125,000 tonnes of liquid waste per year.

Attachments & Resources

Request for SEARs (2)

SEARs Request Updated- 16 Kerr Road, Ingleburn
Site Plan_ 16 Kerr Road, Ingleburn

SEARs (2)

SEARs attachment 1

EIS (19)

Appendix N - Audit Report -
Appendix G - Statutory Compliance Report
Appendix F - Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix K - SEARS
Appendix L - Consultation Responses
Appendix B - Water Management Plan
Appendix E - Stage 2 Environmental Assessment
Appendix C - Air Quality Impact Assessment
Appendix H - Survey Plan -
Appendix J - Capital Investment Value
Appendix L - Community Consultation Letter
Appendix I - SEPP 33 Risk Screening
Appendix D - Traffic Impact Assessment - 16 Kerr Road, Ing
Appendix O - Previous DA Documents - 948_2015 - EIS - 16 K
Appendix A - Plans - 16 Kerr Road, Ingleburn
Environmental Impact Statement - 16 Kerr Road, Ingleburn
Appendix P - Fire Management Plan- 16 Kerr Road Ingleburn
Appendix O - Previous DA Documents - 10257 of 2006 - 16 Ke
Appendix M - Process Flow Diagrams - 16 Kerr Road, Inglebu

Response to Submissions (19)

Request RTS 2875_001
Appendix Q GHD Independent Audit
Appendix P Revised SEPP 33 Report edi
Appendix O Fire & Safety Management
Appendix N testing procedures
Appendix M BRS EPL 20797
Appendix L Photographic Evidence
Appendix K Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix J Water Management
Appendix I Timestep
Appendix H Storage Facilities
Appendix G Previous Approvals
Appendix F Traffic Queuing & TIA
Appendix E Internal Traffic Management
Appendix D Flow Diagrams
Appendix C Site Plans & Layouts
Appendix B Air Quality Response
BRS RTS October 2020 Appendix A Submissions
BRS Ingleburn RTS October 2020

Agency Advice (1)

SSD 8593 - EPA Response to RRRtS

Amendments (23)

Air Quality and Odour Response 161219
BRS Sewer Waste Processing
BRS Oily water process
180009.SITE02.S (1)
BRS SSD8593 Laboratory Plans
BRS Response to Morales email of 090421
Trade waste consent 50996 BRS
BRSLS-004 NDD Drill Mud & Cement Slurry Diagram
BRS Cl.55 Amendment Application 230421
Response to DPIE RfI March 2021
Liquid Waste Tipping Procedures Flowchart 080421
Letter to DPIE re RfI 23-04-2021
BRS-Site-006C (3D ID Drawing East)
BRS-Site-002C (2D Master Plan)
BRSLS-003R1 (Sewer Plant Flow Diagram)
BRSLS-001R6 (Plant Flow Diagram)
BRS SSD8593 traffic related tables
BRS SSD8593 Traffic Impact Assessment March 2021
BRS SSD8593 Storage Capacities Table
BRS SSD8593 Storage Capacities Plan
BRS SSD8593 Site Matrix
BRS SSD8593 Noise Impact Assessment March 2021

Additional Information (6)

Council Response to Submission
RFI Request for Additional Information_11122020_084305
RFI Request for Additional Information_11022021_044615
RFI Request for Additional Information_19022021_034839
RFI Request for Additional Information_27112020_032858
BRS SSD8593 Addendunm RTS 20 Jan 2021

Recommendation (2)

Recommendation - Assessment Report
SSD-8593 Instrument

Determination (3)

Instrument of Determination
Assessment Report
Notice of Decision

Post-determination Notices (1)

SSD-8593 - Notice of Determination

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (15)

Approval of OEMP
Approval of OEMP and plans
Appointment of Experts_07092021_042547
SSD8593 OMP M Doyle approval full
Approval of OEMP
ERA_211604 BRS OEMP_REV01 full
BRS SSD8593 Waste Management Plan Rev02 full
Ingleburn RRF TMP 020921 21_095FINALv2
Approval of OEMP
BRS SSD8593 Waste Management Plan Rev01
BRS SSD8593 Traffic Management Plan
BRS SSD8593 Odour Management Plan 02
Approval of CEMP
ERA_211603 BRS CEMP_REV02 Full

Note: Only documents approved by the Department after November 2019 will be published above. Any documents approved before this time can be viewed on the Applicant's website.


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Note: Only enforcements and inspections undertaken by the Department from March 2020 will be shown above.


Showing 1 - 18 of 18 submissions
Name Withheld
BOWRAL , New South Wales
I object to increasing the throughput and storage capacity of hazardous waste. This is far too close to residential areas.
Matthew Nicholls
Ingleburn , New South Wales
Having been a resident for 15 years, I am concerned that the facility is not commensurate with the surrounds and nearby residential area. Current planning has indicated 'medium density' housing is intended, and high density further towards the town centre from my address. The proximity to homes, noise pollution, hours of operation and 'dust' that I have witnessed on many occasions from the site are cause for concern. I have personally observed increased levels of air pollution in the area, clouds of dust frequently generated from the site. I feel strongly that the facility is not suited to the area and to allow further expansion is not in the best interests of the community, Ingleburn village and local residents. I have previously consulted with neighbours in the area those I have spoken to agree. I have reviewed the majority of the proposal and find that the commentary about the 'majority' of work being conducted indoors, does not preclude any environmental, noise, air, water, pollution the site generates. Further the proximity to water courses is not considered.
Consideration to relocation of the site is requested if further expansion is neccesary. The application is not consistent with the surrounding 'industrial' businesses. Waste recovery facilities should not be expanded nor introduced in residential proximity.
The letter drop they have claimed was not received in my mail box either.
Alexandra Rouen
INGLEBURN , New South Wales
It is too close to residential properties with noise and cement dust already being a problem, expanding the size and operating time will cause massive issues for the surrounding residents. Many of which are young families and the elderly.
It will raise major health concerns in the future for long standing residents, due to the nature of cement dust.
It will likely also destroy property values for the area.
Name Withheld
INGLEBURN , New South Wales
The facility is too close to the residential area and the sporting ground. The residents can already hear the loud banging noise comes from the facility during the day and there are a lot of elderly people living within a few hundreds meters of this facility. I have a great concern over the noise and air quality within 500 meters of this facility if the project is going ahead.
Name Withheld
HILL TOP , New South Wales
The basis on my opposing of the expansion is predominantly on Health & Safety of both Staff and contractors who attend my workplace.
Key notes as follows
• Current increased flow of Tip trucks/Concrete agitators has made Kerr road quite a dangerous street – It is a 50km/h zone and quite regularly (as common across all of Sydney) these vehicles are running at estimated speeds of 80 to 100 km/h, This has caused major concerns for both my logistics contractors entering/exiting property along with staff along with several near miss incidents – Bulk Recovery solutions have made no attempts to monitor the way their customers are treating safety prior to entering or post leaving their site.
• Concrete agitators aswell as pump trucks regularly washing out excess in gutters if unable to enter Bulk Recovery solutions in time
• Excessive dust issues on windy days caused by current plant
• Excessively unclean roads which are then washed down into storm water drains by unregistered plants driving up and down Kerr road

If expansion is allowed it is furthermore creating unsafe/unhealthy conditions for all other residents in Kerr Road. With current issues due to operations quite a regular occurrence
As far as noted no infrastructure upgrades have been proposed to accommodate the increased excessive traffic flow nor any reason given to believe that correct health and safety procedures will be implemented as they have not been in the past.

Name Withheld
INGLEBURN , New South Wales
The air quality in the area has progressivley gotten worse over the last 10 months.I have Asthma and it has gotten worse in these 10 months and i now rely on my medication daily, i used to use it twice a week.
From what we can seen from the road they have uncovered waste materials in there yard for processing, the wind picks up this and distributes it around our local area. I am curious to know if this is Aspestos?
If the increase production of waste there will be alot more trucks on our road and this is getting dangerous now with the amount of trucks, it will not be long before there is an accident involving their trucks.
The water they spray on Kerr rd, i am not sure if this is even legal.If the water is clean shouldn't it be put into the drains. This water will be dirty and contain some type of contaminent that is not known to anyone.The water is from their trucks to clean out any waste materials, then sprayed onto the road.
Calane Pty Ltd ATF John Edward Star Second Family Settlement
WOMBARRA , New South Wales
Dear Independent Planning Commission,

Re Development Application SSD-8593 (16 Kerr Road Ingleburn, NSW 2565)

As the owner of the neighbouring property (15 Kerr Roads Ingleburn) we object in the strongest possible way to Development Application SSD-8593. If approved, this development will cause immeasurable harm to the businesses that operate out of 15 Kerr Road. The environmental harm, economic damage and damage to the local community that we believe will flow from this Development Application (if approved) has been outlined in the attachment named "Objection to Development Application SSD-8593".

Additionally, we believe that other businesses located along Kerr Road will suffer from a dramatic increase in heavy vehicle movements (see attachment "Complaints from Local Businesses"). Residents have also expressed serious concerns about this Development Application (as evidenced by the attached petition which has been signed by over 40 residents).

We ask that the Independent Planning Commission seriously consider the points raised in this objection and take note of the fact that both residents and local businesses oppose this Development Application.

Yours sincerely
Frederick Newman
Name Withheld
INGLEBURN , New South Wales
Noise pollution, Increased heavy traffic in the area and air pollution are my main concerns for objecting to this project.
NSW Department of Transport
Parramatta , New South Wales
Sydney Water
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Name Withheld
GLENFIELD , New South Wales
Fire and Rescue NSW
Greenacre , New South Wales
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (Water)
Sydney , New South Wales
Campbelltown City Council
Campbelltown , New South Wales
NSW Environment Protection Authority
Wollongong , New South Wales
Richard Kent
INGLEBURN , New South Wales
Horizon Access
INGLEBURN , New South Wales
Hadi Dhalimy
INGLEBURN , New South Wales


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