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State Significant Development


Loreto School Redevelopment

North Sydney

Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Consolidated Consent

SSD 7919 MOD 2 - Consolidated Consent


Request for SEARs (5)

SEARs Request.pdf
QS Letter.pdf
Preliminary Building Envelope Plans.pdf

EIS (160)

DA-3001 Elevations_ Site.pdf
DA-5006 Stage 1 Shadow Diagrams 21 March 1pm-3pm.pdf
Appendix X_BCA Assessment Reports.pdf
MP-3001 Elevation_ Elamang Ave.pdf
Appendix C_Preliminary Stage 2 and RAP_Part2.pdf
DA-2302 Northern Precinct_ Lower Ground 3.pdf
DA-5007 Stage 1 Shadow Diagrams 23 Sept 9am-12pm.pdf
DA-2104 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ L2 L3.pdf
DA-2505 Southern Precinct Level 3.pdf
Appendix P_Geotechnical Investigation_Part2.pdf
DA-3005 Elevations_ Southern Precinct Connector.pdf
MP-4001 Section_ Eastern & Southern Precinct.pdf
Appendix D_View Impact Analysis_Part1.pdf
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
DA-2501 Southern Precinct_ Lower Ground 1.pdf
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
16205_Loreto Kirribilli_SSD DA_Exhibition_September2...
Appendix I_Heritage Impact Assessment Statement_Part...
Appendix M_Landscape Report and Plans_Part3.pdf
DA-1005 Site Plan_ Northern Precinct.pdf
MP-5011 Concept Proposal Envelopes Shadow Diagrams 2...
Appendix F_Stage 1 Operational and Construction Nois...
DA-1002 Site Plan_ Precincts.pdf
DA-2204 Western Precinct Learning Hub_ Lower Ground ...
Appendix T_Consultation Outcomes Report_Part1.pdf
DA-2105 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ L4 L5.pdf
Appendix F_Stage 1 Operational and Construction Nois...
Appendix E_SSD Masterplan Acoustic Assessment_Part1.pdf
DA-5005 Stage 1 Shadow Diagrams 21 March 9am-12pm.pdf
Appendix G_Traffic and Parking Impact Assessment_Par...
Appendix C_Preliminary Stage 2 and RAP_Part1.pdf
DA-2507 Southern Precinct Roof.pdf
DA-3003 Elevations 2_ Western Precinct Learning Hub.pdf
Appendix D_View Impact Analysis_Part4.pdf
MP-1112 Southern Precinct Envelope 1.pdf
DA-2102 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ LG2 LG1.pdf
MP-5007 Existing Shadow Diagrams 23 Sept 9am-12pm.pdf
Appendix C_Preliminary Stage 2 and RAP_Part3.pdf
Appendix I_Heritage Impact Assessment Statement_Part...
DA-2301 Northern Precinct_ Lower Ground 4.pdf
DA-4001 Sections 1_ Western Precinct Learning Hub.pdf
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
Appendix P_Geotechnical Investigation_Part5.pdf
MP-1102 Site Plan_ Proposed Envelopes Stage 1.2.pdf
DA-2103 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ G L1.pdf
MP-1106 Western Precinct Envelope.pdf
MP-5015 Concept Proposal Shadow Diagrams 23 Sept 9am...
Appendix L_Waste Management Plan.pdf
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
DA-1006 Site Plan_ Eastern Precinct.pdf
MP-5001 Existing Shadow Diagrams 21 June 9am-12pm.pdf
Appendix V_Building Services Concept Report.pdf
DA-5009 111 Carabella St Facade Shadow Studies.pdf
MP-1110 Eastern Precinct Envelope.pdf
Appendix P_Geotechnical Investigation_Part4.pdf
MP-2002 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ LG2 LG1.pdf
DA-5002 Stage 1 Shadow Diagrams 21 June 1pm-3pm.pdf
DA-5003 Stage 1 Shadow Diagrams 21 Dec 9am-12pm.pdf
MP-2003 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ G L1.pdf
Appendix D_View Impact Analysis_Part5.pdf
Appendix F_Stage 1 Operational and Construction Nois...
DA-2004 Masterplan Demolition Plan_ L2 L3.pdf
DA-2002 Masterplan Demolition Plan_ LG2 LG1.pdf
MP-1111 Southern Precinct Development Site 1.pdf
DA-2001 Masterplan Demolition Plan_ LG4 LG3.pdf
DA-2401 Eastern Precinct _ Lower Ground 2_ Stage 1.pdf
MP-5016 Concept Proposal Shadow Diagrams 23 Sept 1pm...
Appendix B_Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requ...
Appendix N_Preliminary Construction Management Plan.pdf
MP-1108 Northern Precinct Envelope.pdf
MP-5012 Concept Proposal Envelopes Shadow Diagrams 2...
Appendix R_Accessibility Report.pdf
Appendix U_Survey Plan.pdf
DA-2003 Masterplan Demolition Plan_ G L1.pdf
Appendix K_Civil Plans and Stormwater Management Pla...
MP-5006 Existing Shadow Diagrams 21 March 1pm-3pm.pdf
MP-5008 Existing Shadow Diagrams 23 Sept 1pm-3pm.pdf
DA-2502 Southern Precinct_ Ground Level.pdf
MP-5002 Existing Shadow Diagrams 21 June 1pm-3pm.pdf
Appendix G_Traffic and Parking Impact Assessment_Par...
MP-2005 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ L4 L5.pdf
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
MP-1103 Site Plan_ Proposed Envelopes Stage 2.pdf
Appendix H_Sustainability Master Plan.pdf
DA-1007 Site Plan_ Southern Precinct.pdf
DA-2506 Southern Precinct Level 4.pdf
MP-1101 Site Plan_ Proposed Envelopes Stage 1.1.pdf
Appendix G_Traffic and Parking Impact Assessment_Par...
MP-1107 Northern Precinct Development Site.pdf
DA-1001 Cover Sheet.pdf
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
MP-5014 Concept Proposal Shadow Diagrams 21 March 1p...
DA-5008 Stage 1 Shadow Diagrams 23 Sept 1pm-3pm.pdf
DA-3002 Elevations 1- Western Precinct Learning Hub.pdf
Appendix Q_Structural Design Statement.pdf
DA-2203 Western Precinct Learning Hub_ Lower Ground ...
DA-4003 Sections_ Northern and Eastern Precinct Conn...
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
DA-4004 Sections_ Southern Precinct Connector.pdf
Appendix P_Geotechnical Investigation_Part1.pdf
DA-5004 Stage 1 Shadow Diagrams 21 Dec 1pm-3pm.pdf
DA-2101 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ LG4 LG3.pdf
DA-2201 Western Precinct Learning Hub_ Lower Ground ...
MP-1001 Location Plan_ Existing.pdf
MP-1002 Site Plan_ Existing.pdf
MP-1109 Eastern Precinct Development Site.pdf
MP-5004 Existing Shadow Diagrams 21 Dec 9am-12pm.pdf
MP-2001 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ LG4 LG3.pdf
Appendix G_Traffic and Parking Impact Assessment_Par...
DA-2202 Western Precinct Learning Hub_ Lower Ground ...
Appendix I_Heritage Impact Assessment Statement_Part...
Appendix C_Preliminary Stage 2 and RAP_Part5.pdf
DA-2303 Northern Precinct_ Lower Ground 2.pdf
DA-1003 Site Plan_ Proposed Stage 1 Works.pdf
MP-1105 Western Precinct Development Site.pdf
Appendix E_SSD Masterplan Acoustic Assessment_Part2.pdf
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
DA-2304 Northern Precinct_ Lower Ground 1.pdf
MP-1104 Site Plan_ Proposed Envelopes Stage 3.pdf
Appendix C_Preliminary Stage 2 and RAP_Part4.pdf
DA-2205 Western Precinct Learning Hub_ Ground Level.pdf
MP-1003 Site Analysis.pdf
MP-5013 Concept Proposal Shadow Diagrams 21 March 9a...
MP-5005 Existing Shadow Diagrams 21 March 9am-12pm.pdf
DA-1004 Site Plan_ Western Precinct.pdf
Appendix W_Capital Investment Value Report_Part1.pdf
MP-2004 Masterplan Proposed Plan_ L2 L3.pdf
MP-1000 Cover Sheet.pdf
Appendix P_Geotechnical Investigation_Part3.pdf
Appendix M_Landscape Report and Plans_Part2.pdf
Appendix J_Aboriginal Heritage Due Diligence Report_...
MP-5009 Concept Proposal Envelopes Shadow Diagrams 2...
MP-4003 Section_ Western Precinct.pdf
DA-2005 Masterplan Demolition Plan_ L4 L5.pdf
MP-3002 Elevation_ Carabella St.pdf
DA-3004 Elevations_ Northern Precinct Connector.pdf
MP-1004 Site Plan_ Precincts.pdf
MP-5010 Concept Proposal Envelopes Shadow Diagrams 2...
Appendix T_Consultation Outcomes Report_Part2.pdf
Appendix D_View Impact Analysis_Part3.pdf
Appendix Y_Fire Safety Engineering Assessment.pdf
DA-4002 Sections 2_ Western Precinct Learning Hub.pdf
MP-1113 Southern Precinct Envelope 2.pdf
Appendix M_Landscape Report and Plans_Part1.pdf
DA-2305 Northern Precinct_ Ground Level.pdf
Appendix J_Aboriginal Heritage Due Diligence Report_...
DA-2503 Southern Precinct Level 1.pdf
MP-4002 Section_ Northern & Southern Precinct.pdf
DA-5001 Stage 1 Shadow Diagrams 21 June 9am-12pm.pdf
DA-2306 Northern Precinct_ Level 1 _Roof_.pdf
DA-2504 Southern Precinct Level 2.pdf
DA-2206 Western Precinct Learning Hub_ Level 1.pdf
MP-5003 Existing Shadow Diagrams 21 Dec 1pm-3pm.pdf
Appendix S_Aboricultural Impact Appraisal and Method...
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
Appendix D_View Impact Analysis_Part2.pdf
170929 Architectural Design Statement FJMT Final SSD...
Appendix O_Preliminary Construction Traffic Manageme...
Appendix W_Capital Investment Value Report_Part2.pdf

Submissions (28)

233069_Council heritage comments_2017Nov27_1040
232276_TfNSW Agency Response_2017Nov21_0757
231779_Objection to development_2017Nov15_1812
231973_Loreto redevelopment_2017Nov17_1559
232721_Council submission_2017Nov24_0855
232547_Submission_B and J Melloy _object__2017Nov23_0839
231976_NSLPP_Community Rep_ Nomination Form_ Local Plannin
249350_SSD 7919 rts Loreto Kirribilli concept proposal and
231535_EPA response_2017Nov13_1410
232391_Heritage Council comments_2017Nov22_0807
232278_RMS Comments 7919_2017Nov21_0759
171206_SSD 7919_Submission received via MP _object_.PDF
17.11.09 SSD 7919 GA Review.pdf
SSD 7919_Council Submission to RtS _Object_.PDF
231642_FINAL 85 Carabella Street, Kirribilli Submission Le
13032018_SSD 7919_GA Comments.PDF
28032018_SSD 7919_RMS response to RtS _Comment_.PDF
12032018_SSD 7919_ TfNSW comments.PDF
North Sydney Council comments signed copy.pdf
Submission_B and J Melloy _object_.pdf
SSD 7919_Submission_Greg Clifford via MP post exhibi...
Submission Ian Gatenby _Object_.pdf
8032018_SSD 7919_Heritage Council comments on RtS.PDF
DOC17 628595 171206_SSD 7919_Submission received vi...
233865_SW Response CN168567_2017Dec05_0744

Response to Submissions (20)

Addendum to RtS submitted on 21032018.msg
16575.06FA_ Letter of Advice_ May 2018.pdf
16205_Letter to DPE_May2018.pdf
Appendix H_Supplementary Heritage Statement.pdf
SSD 7919_ Letter of Advice 04062018_ Loreto.PDF
SSD 7919_ Supplementary information regarding studen...
20180315 Letter Regarding Egress from Roof.pdf
Appendix B_Supplementary Architectural Drawings.pdf
Appendix C_Archiectural Response Letter, including R...
Appendix F_Preliminary Construction Management Plan.pdf
Appendix D_Workplace Travel Plan.pdf
Appendix A_Response to Submissions Table_Feb18.pdf
16575.08FA_ Letter of Advice_ 4 June 2018.pdf
DA-2207 Western Precinct Learning Hub_ Roof_ Outdoor...
Response to Submission_ Bicycle Access Clarification...
20180315 Letter Regarding Egress from Roof-1.pdf
G-004_2.0__ca180316s0001_Roof Level Mechanical Servi...
Appendix G_Supplementary Landsacpe Plans.pdf
Appendix E_Additional Swept Paths.pdf
16205_Loreto Kirribilli_SSD RTS_Feb2018.pdf

Recommendation (3)

SSD 7919_ Assessment Report.pdf
SSD 7919_ Development consent Final 21082018.pdf
SSD 7919_ Independent peer review report_ traffic _ ...

Determination (2)

SSD 7919_ IPC Development consent.pdf
SSD 7919_ IPC Statement of Reasons.pdf

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (6)

OTAMP A19 A20 Approval Letter_17092021
OTAMP - 31 August 2021
Workplace Travel Plan - 6 July 2021
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_16092020_015413
Loreto Kirribilli Validation Rep
A21 OTAMP Implementation_Approval_14042022

Other Documents (4)

D4 Out of Hours Work Approval_27042022
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_05082020_010536
A-40005 Sections 01 - MU
A-20209 Roof - Outdoor Terrace Floor Plan B_MU

Note: Only documents approved by the Department after November 2019 will be published above. Any documents approved before this time can be viewed on the Applicant's website.


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Official Caution issued to Bloompark Consulting Pty Ltd (SSD 7919, North Sydney Council LGA)

On 19 June 2020, the Department issued an Official Caution to Bloompark Consulting Pty Ltd (Bloompark) for a failure to prepare Pre-Construction Dilapidation Reports (PCD Reports) for two neighbouring properties within the ‘zone of influence’ of the Loretto Kirribilli School redevelopment. In accordance with the conditions of consent, the PCD reports were required to be provided prior to the issue of any Construction Certificate. PCD Reports are important to provide a baseline condition report for properties surrounding the project and in the event of alleged project-related damage to a neighbouring property, to assist in determining the cause of such damage.  The Department is working with Bloompark to ensure the PCD Reports are completed.



Note: Only enforcements and inspections undertaken by the Department from March 2020 will be shown above.


Showing 1 - 20 of 25 submissions
Name Withheld
Kirribilli , New South Wales
Thank you for inviting submissions to this proposal. I'm a neighbour of Loreto and live directly opposite the school and have done so for many years.
I'm sure when Loreto was founded in 1907 it wasn't envisaged that the school would have over 1,000 students. Also that when the streets of Kirribilli were constructed that the planners of the time did not foresee the density of the neighbourhood.
However, we now live in a very dense neighbourhood with quite narrow streets, limited parking and a very large school.
Unfortunately, I feel these points have been glossed over by both the EIS and the Appendix G report by the traffic consultant.
Regarding the EIS I'd like to make the following comments.
1. Neither my family nor I are aware of any attempt by the school or their consultants to contact us.
2. I would be very interested to see if they would furnish to your the department and to all their neighbours a list of who in the neighbourhood they contacted and consulted and when they did so.

Regarding Appendix G I'd like to make the following comments.
1. The effect of the school on the neighbourhood streets is truly significant. This was very much underplayed by this report and the small sample period was either uncharacteristic of the true volume and stress caused by school traffic or perhaps poorly measured.
2. The McLaren report understates the effect of the school traffic in a number of ways by not mentioning the number of senior school students who drive to school each day or the large number of visitors and contractors who do likewise.
3. The most serious and dangerous issue is the parents who currently double park outside the school on Carrabella St, Peel St and Elamang Ave waiting for a parking or pick up sot for their child. This effectively stops the traffic flow in one direction and since the queue can be over 50 meters there is no exit once you are in it. The McLaren report is quite remiss in this area and can I suggest that the Department engages it's own consultant to investigate this very regular problem.
4. School functions, parent meetings, sports training and sports events seemed to be glossed over by the McLaren report which are very regular and natural events in any school.
5. I'm sure when McLaren made it's study there were some vacant parking spots in the street but generally on school days there are none after the teachers, students and other school visitors fill the surrounding streets.
6. The biggest pitch point for traffic flow is at the school pick up in the afternoons between 3-15 pm and 4pm. Unfortunately once again this is not discussed in the McLaren report. For in the mornings parents arrive at different times from say 7am to 8-30am and whilst disruptive it is nowhere near as disruptive as the afternoons when most of the junior girls leave at the same time and their parents or minders are waiting to pick them up by double parking until their daughters are available for collection. The school teachers are careful and conscious of the childrens safety and are carefully making sure that the girls are only picked up in a designated area but unfortunately thereby creating a problem for all the surrounding traffic as the carers wait in a long double parked queue.

In summary, no one wants to object to a school wishing to improve it's facilities but in this case the applicant is trying to grow an inner city school which has no supporting road infrastructure for the construction and ongoing operation of the facility.

I'd like to suggest that the department makes it's own independent enquiries into he traffic flow and parking issues created by the school as it is currently operated. Further I believe that Loreto should include parking and traffic flow solutions to as an amendment to this or to any new application.

Thanks for taking the time for reading my comments.
Liliana Connolly
North Sydney , New South Wales
Traffic is unsafe in Kirribilli. I was nearly run over by a Loreto's school parent driving her daughter to school in a 4 wheel driver, she was doing around 60 + Km an hour. She turned into Willoughby St from Broughton St. She kept going at a high speed.
I often see school children being dropped off at no standing areas (Carabella St) in busy corners etc., often cars double park to drop off and pick up Loreto students
We like to walk around Kirribilli (our daily exercise) in our local community but feel unsafe now.
Traffic is horrendous in Kirribilli in the morning and afternoon, accidents will happen, cars tend to speed as I presume they are often running late.
Please have consideration for the local community, avoid fatal accidents and maintain current limits on numbers of students at Loreto, also have a better and safer traffic plan.
I suggest students use public transport and walk the short distance to the school as we are very lucky to have public trains, buses and ferries available.
Thank you
Peter Jackson
KIRRIBILLI , New South Wales
I oppose the proposed development because of excessive height of the building; the destruction of established trees; the lack of re-planting of trees; over-development of the site; increase in traffic because of expanded student numbers; and the fact that the school does not pay rates and makes no contribution to funding the costs (e.g. greater wear and tear on roads/footpaths) it imposes on the North Sydney Council.
Name Withheld
Kirribilli , New South Wales
I have lived in Kirribilli for 35 years and built the property 50
years ago. In that time there have been massive changes to the village of Kirribilli and most of them due to the traffic for the
3 school campuses within less than one block of each other.Loreto in Carabella Street, St Aloysius Senior School in Upper Pitt Street and Junior School in Burton Street.
There are some days I cannot back out of my drive because of
Children being delivered in large SUV cars to Loretto.
Increasing the school population by100 to over 1100
Will make life even more difficult for residents. Parents park across my drive in the afternoon waiting to pick up their
daughters and can't understand when I ask them to move!
Name Withheld
Wavell Heights , Queensland
I object to the development application.
This proposed building extends past the complying building codes and does not take neighbouring amenities into consideration.
It's design is not sympathetic to the area, it removes a greater percentage of views to neighbouring properties than is allowed.
There is no consideration for the need for daylight and options to reduce noise and disruption to neighbours.
There is no need for such a huge expansion of this school which encroaches into the residential area in which it sits.
The nature of the proposal goes well beyond its statutory compliance.
Robert Hulme
KIRRIBILLI , New South Wales
The 6 storey (including car park) building proposed in the east precinct as part of Stage 2 looks to be too bulky and dominant for the area or compared with other buildings. Without precise dimensions and location it is impossible to be definitive but it is liable in the afternoon to shade parts of 11 Elamang Avenue

The 6 storey vertical connection pod proposed for the north precinct seems unnecessarily high by comparison with the buildings nearby - 2 storey above a 1 story carpark - and which it is proposed to connect. Is the pod a forerunner of an application to increase the height of those buildings?
Susan Wilson
Kirribilli , New South Wales
* There has been no prior consultation with the neighbours. This should be given top priority, and resultant changes made, before any decisions are taken.
* Buildings should be kept to the current heights, and toned in to the more established theme of cream coloured, rendered buildings. If needed, extra levels can be achieved by excavation.
* The proposed removal of trees will leave the site looking like an industrial zone rather than belonging in a residential area.
* A great deal of attention should be given to the traffic congestion in the area that already blocks the roads and footpaths during school drop-off and pick-up times.
Name Withheld
kirribilli , New South Wales
Response to school redevelopment Proposal (Concept and Stage 1) Application No: SSD 7919, at 85 Carabella Street, Kirribilli ( works appear to create several new or expanded buildings above current height and outside envelopes).

Item 1 - Privacy concerns if the Stage 1 J Block (St. Joseph's block) increases a floor to include an outdoor roof area bordering onto the Carabella Street side. This alteration would raise privacy concern as it would have direct line of site into homes opposite.

Item 2 - The J Block ( St. Joseph's Block ) Master plan proposed Building envelope is outside its current build - a new section seems planned to expand over the driveway between the current J Block and Fairhaven building up to an 8.5m height, which will impact views. There is no building at this height in this section of school land currently - it is a laneway. Enabling this envelope height and length expansion, will impact or completely remove current water views for property at strata 46 Carabella Street that is opposite this building. There is no view impact assessment or detail provided for this.

Item 3 - The top two levels for the Eastern Precinct Stage 1/ Master Plan for the Mary Ward Building seem above the LEPP 2013 heights, and will impact on views of other properties not indentified in this submission. The new proposed building current top floor height seems to be a stairwell height, which is not currently a full floor with a roof - it looks to be an outdoor seating area. Increasing the building to this extra height impacts views of heritage listed properties. But it also impacts other properties with water views such as Strata building at 46 Carabella st, for which no view impact assessment is provided (property has water views across this area through the lane way that borders between Fairhaven and J Block).

Item 4 - There is ongoing impact from the Southern Precinct Master Plans for the Kirribilli area in that the plans may remove or impact remaining water views from the Carabella streetscape (due to the new sections of the building at a proposed 8.5m height envelope) and because the development might continue for up to 50 years. These plans will alter the character of the kirribilli streetscape, in a low density area, as some of these building expansions look to be large, with new sections in spots where some of the last community water views are available on the Carabella street footpath between the stretch of Willoughby Street and Peel Street.
Stafford John Watts
Kirribilli , New South Wales
There is a view from two levels of 113 Carabella Street, Kirribilli across the side boundary of Loreto. I object to any changes to the plans that would further encroach into the oblique view of Bradleys Head from my residence.
Please note that the position of the north eastern facade of 113 Carabella Street is about 24 brick courses or around 5.4m behind the north eastern facade of 111 Carabella Street. Also this building is lower in height than 111 Carabella Street.
The question of whether the Stage 1 Building is finished in liver coloured bricks should be left to the architect FJMT.
Office of Environment and Heritage
Parramatta , New South Wales
See attached
Environmental Protection Authority
Parramatta , New South Wales
See attached
Barry May
17 Elamang Ave , New South Wales
See attached pages
Jackson Gatenby
Kirribilli , New South Wales
Dear Aditi

Please find attached the submission on behalf of the residents of of 111 Carabella Street, Kirribilli in respect of Development Application SSD 16_7919 at 85 Carabella Street, Kirribilli for the Staged development application for a concept proposal for the redevelopment of the Loreto school campus in the south and east precincts, with detailed approval sought for works in the western precinct, as well as the vertical connectors and landscaping across the campus (the development).
Name Withheld
Kirribilli , New South Wales
We strongly object to the proposed development application.
Please see attached pdf.
David Effeney
Kirribilli , New South Wales
The organisation supports the thrust of the development, subject to the matters raised in the attached submission
Milson Precinct
Milsons Point , New South Wales
Milson Precinct,
PO Box 704 ,
Milsons Point NSW 1565
17 November, 2017

The Minister,
Department of Planning & Environment,
Via web submission.

Dear Sir,
RE: SSD 7919 - 22.09.2017 - LORETO School, Kirribilli, Master Plan - 50 Years

Milson Precinct, a precinct of North Sydney Council, which has Loreto School within its community boundaries, makes the following submission, along with the relevant section of minutes of its meeting held on 2 November, 2017, (see below). The meeting was attended by Loreto's principal, architect, planner, project manager plus 2 others, who gave a PowerPoint presentation, and responded to questions asked by the community members present.

The minutes of the meeting set out many of the concerns of residents. Based on those along with this overarching submission, we request that there be a hearing for all parties concerned.

Compaction of the buildings will create an amorphous lump of buildings versus buildings with separation as is currently the case.
This will be the biggest mass of buildings in Kirribilli, on a scale equivalent to a 40 storey building, without necessary separation.
It is unjustified for this scale of building and linkages from building to building to be based on the need for disabled access. Some lifts and ramps, as has been progressively added to buildings over past refurbishments, would suffice.
Breaching North Sydney Council's LEP, DCP and BHP is not acceptable to the community. The community and NSC has fought this on all previous DA's. Should not be allowed now, when those buildings are to be `re-built' - Junior School & Music Block.

Loss of significant trees, including Jacaranda (see photo attached) to allow for the building of Stage 1.
Fear of damage to the root structure of a very significant Morton Bay Fig tree adjacent to the gym building on Elamang.
No allowance has been made for any deep planting for mature trees to grow within.
Loss of general medium & large scale landscaping to provide shade into the future, or to soften the urban built form and ameliorate the scale of the built environment on the site.

50 YEAR CONTEXT - does not need 50 Year Site Plan
The 50 year timeline for this masterplan seems bogus, as you could not be planning now for the educational needs for 20-30 years hence.
The community was advised that the building would only take place after the necessary fundraising - hence the long time frame.
If funds come in more quickly, and all buildings are built within 15 - 20 years, is the community assured that the school will then STOP any further development on the site?

INCREASED Student Numbers
Community was assured by the Principal that the numbers were staying as they currently are - 1097 students. But the Application is for an additional 100 students to 1200 students, along with 2 additional teachers to 182.

Traffic management for the local streets is currently inadequate for the local community to bear, with both Loreto and St. Aloysius junior schools within blocks of each other, for the drop off and pick up on school days.
Add to that all the additional parents who help at the school during the day, the ancillary teachers - like music instrument teachers, who can't fit into the limited 105 parking places, all vying for parks on our streets, along with the senior students who drive.
Then the construction phase starts and the majority of the heavy truck movements for demolition need to occur during school holiday times.
Increased student numbers will only increase the already compromised road use and traffic for Kirribilli.

The community is extremely concerned at the introduction of yet another material, which is not seen within the context of the school or neighbouring streets. We would wish to have the existing light finish be applied to all new structures, as opposed to any `Liver' coloured bricks, as explained to the residents by the architect at out meeting.

Elamang House, the original house for James Milson, should not have its views to the harbour restricted by the proposed buildings. It should have clear view from Milson Park across Careening Cove, to the main harbour.

Thanking you for your consideration of this submission.
We request that there be a hearing.
Yours faithfully,

Jillian Christie
Chair, Milson Precinct,
[email protected]
0412 99 58 58

Thursday, 2 NOVEMBER, 2017 at 7.30pm
Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre
16 Fitzroy Street in Gallery

1. Welcome,
2. Introductions & SIGN-IN sheet for NSC - Nos: 31
3. Apologies: 9
4. Last Minutes - 5 October, 2017 Moved: VB Seconded: IH
5. Matters arising - still awaiting response from NSC

* Loreto School Redevelopment (Concept & Stage 1) SSD 7919 - Consent Authority Minister for Planning. Submissions till 17.11.17, can view plans at NSC or online @ NSW Service Centres or the link to Dept. of Planning
Plans will be available on the night, as well as representatives to discuss the project consisting of:

Ms Anna Dickinson, Principal Loreto,
Cian Fitzgerald Project Manager, Architect, Planner plus 2 others

Presentation by Architect showed the overview of the proposed Master Plan, given the orientation North South and East West, showing the campus core, discussing the issues of the constraints of the site, the topographical issues and lack of access and flow between different buildings on the site. Especially the lack of accessible access for any child with a disability, mobility issue, broken limbs, or parents with disabilities to access areas of the site.

This Master Plan is to be staged over many years, after funds have been raised.

Lightweight glass lifts are proposed to give access to the Chapel; from the main drive down to the hall and car park; from Learning Hub down to the gymnasium.

Other `infill' buildings are being proposed to give linkages between various buildings on the site, to improve access across the site as well as vertical connections.

Stage 1 - being demolition of B Block and creation of the Learning Hub with lift and connections from Tremayne (Marian Centre) on Carabella to gymnasium, on Elamang. Size of the building is about the same as the existing building footprint.
CONCERNS raised from the questions asked:
Increased student numbers, will lead to increased traffic. Concerns of residents, that current student pick up, impedes access to their properties currently, and it will only get worse.
Principal advised that the school was currently at 1097 students, and did not intend to increase student population.
* Please Note that in Ethos Urban Environmental Impact Statement Sept. 2017 \16205 on P.39, Section 4.5 Student and Staff Numbers:
* Loreto Kirribilli caters for K-12 with a total of 1,080 students enrolled and 180 staff. There is an existing approval in place for up to 1,100 students;
* Loreto school proposes to introduce an additional 100 students (10% additional on existing approval) and 2 staff to the side over the life of the masterplan (50 years), resulting in a total of 1,200 students and 182 staff.

View Loss - see the following link for detailed analysis

Loss of Trees, and substantive landscaping-
* a total of 10 trees are proposed to be removed to accommodate the Concept Proposal and Stage 1 works, including established Jacaranda in front of B Block and Gymnasium;
* one tree associated with Stage 2 works;
* an additional 31 high category trees and 15 low category trees have been identified for tree protection measures during construction work;
* The master plans does not show any new Deep soil planting for establishment of significant trees to provide future shade, as well as to soften or counter the increased built form and urban environment.

Dark red `LIVER' coloured bricks to be introduced onto the site at the request of North Sydney Council, for the new buildings, which appear to be dark / black / charcoal in colour on the plans.
* The local community feels it would be more appropriate that Loreto school continues with the light beige coloured rendered finish that has been used on all four buildings of the 1992 development - being the Gymnasium, Centennary Hall, Science Block and Music Block along Elamang frontage, as well as the Junior School makeover in the past 10 years, the Chapel building, plus the adjacent buildings to the Heritage Building - `Elamang'.
* This lighter coloured external fabric of the existing buildings should be carried through to all the new buildings, without introducing yet a different brick finish to those already in situ being Marian Centre (old Tremayne) and J Block.
* Liver bricks are alien and inconsistent with the existing streetscape and the urban environment.

HERITAGE: Elamang House should maintain a clear view to the harbour, from Milson Park in the North West, out to Fort Dennison in South East. As this was it's curtilage in 1852.

Stage 1 - being B Block, between Tremayne Building, now Marian Centre, and the Gymnasium to create The Learning Hub, with connections to the Gymnasium via lifts & stair access. This will be achieved by deep cutting into the sandstone bedrock of two - three floors, to be able to give accessible linkage to the gymnasium. There will be extension to the gym for offices, and external outdoor space, as well as elevated viewing space.

Traffic Management and hours of construction were discussed for Stage 1,
* Initially the main access will be from Carabella St. utilising the existing driveway down to B Block, between Tremayne and Junior school buildings.
* All Truck movements for demolition will be able to turn around down on the site.
* Once the site has been excavated, then it will be appropriate to utilize cranes from Elamang to lift building supplies onto the site. So as to share the burden of the construction impacts across the community & streets.
* It was discussed that the demolition and as much work would be started as soon as the exam period was completed, so that it would lessen the impact upon the traffic and streets, which are already at capacity during term time, vs holiday time.

Traffic Plan of Management needs to be designed to ameliorate the surrounding streets before, during and after the construction phase of the redevelopment of the school site, especially looking at the drop-off and pick up times.

Question asked:
Although this is a Master Plan for upto 50 years for completion, if Loreto is seeking under this masterplan for building envelopes that exceed the current Building Height Planes, LEP and DCP controls of North Sydney Council, for buildings in Eastern and Southern Precincts, that are NOT likely to be built for several years, will the community have a chance to say NO to those proposed increases, when a DA is put forward some time in the future?
Planner's response: NO, Loreto is seeking these building envelopes, and if approved, will then be able to build to those approvals.

MOTION: Milson Precinct would like to thank Loreto's Principal and five representatives of the development team for coming to present to us tonight. We appreciate your time and knowledge to be shared with the community.

MOVED: JC Seconded: VB Carrried

Concerns raised via email from those who were apologies: -
* 7 Storey buildings, West -being B Block in front of Tremayne building
* 7 Storeys in East Precincts, re-development of the music block - exceeds Building Height Plain, DCP & LEP, is higher than existing building with greater massing and bulk
* redevelopment of the Junior School block into a 6 storey block in the Southern Precinct, is higher than existing building, exceeding BHP, LEP & DCP of North Sydney Council.
* Each of these developments are higher than the existing building, as well as breaching the North Sydney Council LEP and DCP
* View losses will be a result;
* Loss of landscaping and mature trees, without provision for deep soil planting to provide future mature trees for shade and to soften the urban built form of all this additional building;
* impact on community of increased numbers of students,
* need more infrastructure (paid by council, with lack of rates by educational institutions, as `exempt', while schools in NS LGA keep buying up adjacent property, resulting in both the community and council lose of rates), while having greater demands, for outdoor open space, footpath and road maintenance etc.
* Increased traffic, more transport needs, more daily school drop off & pick ups, more tuckshop parents, uniform shop parents, reading parents all seeking parking on our local roads.
* On Feb 2017 - 486 car movements per hour acknowledged by Loreto Traffic study!
* Currently the drop off and pick up process closes down half of Carabella St. for some considerable time each day, which impedes normal local traffic, access out of people's driveways, let alone any emergency vehicles needing to access properties further down Carabella St or Kirribilli Avenue, eg. Kirribilli House or Admiralty House.

SUGGEST: That everyone who is concerned, make a submission, requesting a hearing by Friday 17.11.17 so that there are numerous submissions, to encourage that there be a hearing.

MOTION: Milson Precinct should make a submission to Minister for Planning, requesting that there be a hearing, due to bulk - 7 storeys, scale of infill, breach of LEP & DCP Building Heights, and loss of trees - Jacaranda. Potential damage to a Significant Morton Bay Fig Tree closer to Gym & Elamang. While appreciating the need to address the accessibility issues for the school.

MOVED: JC Seconded: TB Carrried
Transport for NSW
Mascot , New South Wales
See attached
Roads and Maritime Services
Parramatta , New South Wales
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Heritage Division, Office of Environment and Heritage
Parramatta , New South Wales
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B and J Melloy
Kirribilli , New South Wales
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