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State Significant Development


Luddenham Resource Recovery Facility

Liverpool City

Current Status: More Information Required

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  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Construction of a Resource Recovery Facility accepting up to 600,000 tpa of construction and demolition waste and commercial and industrial waste.

Attachments & Resources

Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition_30072020_101330

Request for SEARs (1)

J190749_SSD_Scoping Report_v1

SEARs (1)

Issued SEARs

EIS (22)

Appendix E - Economics needs analysis
Luddenham ARRC EIS SSD-10446
Appendix A - SEARs
Appendix B - Design plans
Appendix C - Mitigations table
Appendix D - Request for additional permitted use
Appendix F - CSES
Appendix G - Environmental risk assessment
Appendix H - Aeronautical impact assessment
Appendix I - AQIA
Appendix J - NVIA
Appendix K - Surface water assessment
Appendix L - TIA
Appendix M - Economics Assessment
Appendix N - Bushfire Assessment
Appendix O - BDAR
Appendix P - ACHA
Appendix Q - Land, soil and erosion assessment
Appendix R - Preliminary site investigation
Appendix S - Servicing strategy report
Appendix T - Landscape concept design
275 Adams Road, Luddenham - CIV Report

Response to Submissions (15)

Supplementary RTS request letter 161020
Request RTS
Appendix L CIV
Appendix K Addendum NVIA
Appendix J ACHA
Appendix I AIA
Appendix H CDFS
Appendix G Revised BDAR
Appendix F Addendum AQIA_Final
Appendix E Addendum TIA
Appendix D Updated ARRC design
Appendix C Preliminary concept design road upgrade
Appendix B Updated Statement of commitments
Appendix A Submissions register
Luddenham ARRC Submissions Report

Agency Advice (51)

Advice on SEARs (DPIE Water)
Advice on SEARs (EES)
Advice on SEARs (EPA)
DPI Agriculture Duplicate
Advice on SEARs (DPI Agriculture)
Advice on SEARs (TfNSW)
Advice on SEARs (LCC)
Advice on SEARs (Geological Survey)
Advice on SEARs (WSACO)
Advice on SEARs (DITRDC)
Advice on SEARs (Western City and Aerotropolis Authority)
Advice on SEARs (Sydney Water)
Advice on SEARs (RFS)
Advice on SEARs (FRNSW)
Advice on SEARs (Endeavour Energy)
Advice on SEARs (WSPP)
Advice on SEARs (Crown Lands)
Advice on SEARs (DPI Fisheries)
Advice on EIS (EES)
Advice on EIS (LCC)
Advice on EIS (DPI Fisheries )
Advice on EIS (EPA)
Advice on EIS (DPI Ag)
Advice on EIS (TfNSW)
Advice on EIS (HNSW)
Advice on EIS (GSNSW)
Advice on EIS (WSPP)
Advice on EIS (Western City Parkland)
Advice on EIS (WSACO)
Advice on EIS (RFS )
Advice on EIS (Sydney Water)
Advice on RTS (HNSW ACH)
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Advice on RFI Dec21 (EPA)
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Advice on RFI Dec21 (WSPP)
Advice on RFI (TfNSW) (17012022)
Advice on RFI Dec21 (WSACO)
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Advice on RTS (TfNSW 060821)
Advice on RFI (EPA - 27052022)
Advice on Precinct Planning May 2022 (LCC)
Advice on Traffic May 2022 (LCC)

Additional Information (26)

20210525 - TfNSW Response - SYD09-00807-15
RFI - 02062021
RFI-20967277_Response to TfNSW
RFI - 22072021
Attachment 1 (EPA advice on RTS)
Attachment 1 (Agency Advice on RTS)
Attachment 1 (WSPP advice on RTS)
Attachment - DPIE Comment on the RTS
Responses to RFI (14122021)
RFI - 22122021
Response to RFI (28012022)
Additional response to RFI (02022022)
RFI - 08022022
RFI Request for Additional Information - Addendum
Response to RFI (28022022)
Advice on RFI Dec21 (LCC)
RFI - 03032022
Attachment 1 - DITRDC and WSA Advice
RFI - 04032022
RFI 11032022 Attachment 1
RFI - 11032022
Response to RFI (WHA, FOD, Vibration)
Response to RFI_15062022
Response to RFI_16062022
RFI - 27052022
Land Reservation Acquistion Map - Aerotropolis


Showing 1 - 20 of 25 submissions
Leah Brueser
LUDDENHAM , New South Wales
I live in the suburb of Luddenham and only live a short distance from where you are looking to place the Luddenham Resource Recovery Centre.

This centre is only about:
1.5kms from Luddenham Showground

1.0km from Luddenham School. I have a child that attends this school. I do not wish for this Facilty to affect the students and teachers at the school with the dust, pollution and potential noise. This school is already a school affected by the airport let alone another noisy, pollutant centre in the close proximity. \

1.0km from Davids Fruit Stall which is where a lot of people from Penrith and surrounds purchase their fruit. This may decrease the amount of people who purchase great, local, fresh, cheap fruit due to the pollutants in the air.

1.0km from Luddenham Cafés and shopping strip. If you have not already been to this café it is always busy due to their great food, coffees and hospitality. Don’t ruin that by extra noise so close.

I purchased in this area some years ago due to the small housing and a lot of acreage. This is changing greatly for the people of Luddenham. Please don’t add another thing to one drop house pricing for the area, 2. The quietness of the area. The Zambi Wildlife Retreat is only a show distance from where you are looking at putting this Centre. Think of the great things this place does for the wildlife and would you could endanger them with. From where I live in Luddenham in the quietness of the night you can at times her the lion roar like it did on Anzac day right when the Last Post finished. That is something you never hear of.

Think of the children in the area or the people that go walking or running with the extra trucks. I already feel unsafe for children if they need to cross the Northern Road or go down Adams Road. I feel unsafe for myself when I was able to run down Adams Road for my daily exercise. I will have to sprint that road due to the trucks and a worry they will hit me. This is just an accident waiting to happen if you add extra trucks.

Please don’t put this in Luddenham. Think of the change already to the people living hear. Think of the noise, the air quality and the wildlife/animals in the area. we may have land but will diminish if you keep wanting to add waste facilities. There is plenty of land on the other side of the Airport to add this type of centre. Plus think of what overseas visitors will think when they arrive in Australia to see big centres like this around the airport. I am for one that takes note of what's around an airport when I travel. Its the first impression of a country or place.

Also, if you are thinking to add this why not look at the people in the local area as we are on septic. You can't even provide us sewerage, but happy to add all these disgusting waste facilities is a beautiful country town.

Think about what the Councils have already done to the town and the people. Think of the change, think of the pollution to this town, think of the wildlife, think of the lively hood of the occupants in the area, think of the damaging house pricing it could cause. Would you want to live near this facility if you purchased in the area not knowing.

Step in our feet, would you accept this facility near YOU!

I and my young family say NO to the Luddenham Resource recovery Facility (SSD-10446).
Name Withheld
LUDDENHAM , New South Wales
I wish to oppose the development of the Resource Recovery Facility in Luddenham. This development is in no way compatible with the new Sydney airport as has been stated in agency advices from Western Sydney Airport and Western City and Aerotropolis Authority among others. It beggars belief that a development of a waste facility so close to the airport and residential area is even considered. Residents and incoming/outgoing passengers would be subjected to this eyesore. State and Federal governments have the opportunity to do this right with planning and it seems already things are going in the wrong direction. Luddenham is a residential village that has already been the forgotten equation in planning and now we must defend our existence once again. It would seem reasonable that the Hubertus Club next to the proposed development would have been looking to expand as accomodation and entertainment for the airport but who would want to be next to a facility like this. There are two schools and residences in close proximity to this and air quality and traffic with heavy vehicles in the area are of concern. This is meant to be an agriculture/agribusiness area, NOT a dump area. There are already facilities and industrial areas in Kemps Creek and ErskinePark more suited to this as well as a proposed facility in the Penrith area.
I do not know who is to gain from this proposal but it should not be at the expense of the new airport, residents and prospective suitable businesses. Please let common sense prevail.
Name Withheld
LUDDENHAM , New South Wales
Please see attached submission.
Joanne Spiteri
Luddenham , New South Wales
To Whom it may concern

Peter and Joanne Submitting objection letter for the proposed development of the Resource Recovery Facility.


Joanne & Peter Spiteri
Name Withheld
Luddenham , New South Wales
See attached submission objecting to this project proposal
Biodiversity and Conservation Division
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please find attached EES comments
Luddenham Landowners Consortium
LUDDENHAM , New South Wales
Please see attached Submission.
DPI Agriculture
ORANGE , New South Wales
See attached letter
Sydney , New South Wales
Please see attached letter providing comments on SSD-10446. Generally, the EPA requires further assessment by the proponent before advice and conditions can be provided, as detailed in the letter.
DPI Fisheries
ORANGE , New South Wales
Please see attachment.
LIVERPOOL , New South Wales
Please refer to attachment
Nash pillai
LUDDENHAM , New South Wales
This resource facility is too close to my residence. We have family members who visit and have time in our backyard thats probably less than 2 kms away from the proposed facility. This facility will ensure that we wont have that time in our backyard with our loved ones because of the resource facility being in such close proximity and the smell bound to be in our homes. I also believe that in the future knowing this facility is in such close proximity to my residence this will affect the price of my house. Additionally we do enjoy visiting the Hubertus Workers club in Luddenham and have a meal and catch up with friends. This resource facility will ruin that existing business that gets the Luddenham community together and with patrons not visiting the club that will not only affect their revenue, but also jeopardise the survival of the business and peoples jobs who are working at the Club.

Department of Transport
Chippendale , New South Wales
TfNSW Response
Crown Lands
Crown Lands notes that the property boundary of the Luddenham Resource Recovery Facility proposed on Lot 3 DP 623799 is the upper reach of Oaky Creek, which extends both upstream and downstream of the property.

Aerial photos indicate that riparian vegetation is present on the eastern boundary of the property. Crown Lands expect that a riparian buffer is provided on both sides along the centreline of the creek at this location to retain vegetation and function of the creek.
Consideration needs to be given to setting back buildings and retaining walls of the development from the creek line to provide a buffer zone for aquatic and riparian vegetation along the creek.
Heritage NSW – Aboriginal cultural heritage (ACH)
Sydney , New South Wales
Heritage NSW ACH Regulation response.
Sydney Water
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
NSW Rural Fire Service
Endeavour Energy
HUNTINGWOOD , New South Wales
Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communication
Canberra , Australian Capital Territory
Western Parkland City
Parramatta , New South Wales


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State Significant Development
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Waste collection, treatment and disposal
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Liverpool City

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Jeffrey Peng