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Mount Owen Continued Operations

Singleton Shire

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james armstrong
singleton , New South Wales
director ,mining projects
department of planning and envrionmental
gpo box 39
sydney nsw 2001

i am an employee at mount owen mine in the hunter valley and a resident of singleton
i have worked in the mining industry for the past ten years and i am growing increasingly frustrated with the ongoing uncertanties in the planning approval process wich has resulted in many reductions recently
mount owen mine is currently in that process and i make this submisson in the positive for its approval
mount owen is not a green feild site we have never had any major environmental or resident complaints the subision is not to increase productivity levels but to extend life of mine, it provides much needed infrastruture upgrades in the area wich are attached to north pit acceptance, sure up jobs and flow income back into the community
we have seen a recent down turn in the industry and we have seen our local communities decline the closure of any more pits could severally affect the future of singleton and other local communities

in summary all environmental concerns have been adressed in the EIS with a strong history of performance on site in this area i strongly support the continuation project

James Armstrong

Denon McDonald
Singleton Heights , New South Wales
I support the Mount Owen Mining Operation due to the outstanding record of environmental controls and standards that are upheld and would like to see the mine continue to run to keep a high benchmark of quality environmental and community initiatives throughout the Valley.


Wayne Bartlett
Hunterview , New South Wales
I am in favour of approving the mine extension, I work at Mt Owen obviously in the mining industry and live in Singleton. We shop locally and support local business and community, we pay council rates and our children attend a local childcare and we intend them to go to local schools. The continuation of this project effects all the local businesses that we support and the rest of the people that work at the mine support. To reject this extension will mean that we'll likely need to move out of the area and be a huge loss of revenue from all the employees that support the local community.

Current operating systems used at Mt Owen with respect to noise, dust and vibration are highly regarded within the industry and the mine has won several awards for outstanding rehabilitation quality. It is the intent of the team on site to strive for the best quality in all aspects of the operation and reducing environmental impact is one of those areas.


Wayne Bartlett
Paulus Ruing
Singleton , New South Wales
Mt Owen Mine currently employs a good number of regional and local NSW personnel in the workforce. It helps the local and the regional economy by keeping people in the job.
The mine has some of the best practices to manage environmental impacts. Some of the highlights are:
(1) Dust management has practice, i.e. sufficient water is always made available to suppress dust.
(2) Pit mine water is effectively recycled for dust suppression and other general use. No mine water is discharged into the nearby streams and rivers.
(3) A system has been successfully established to consider wind speed and direction during blast. If the wind speed is greater then set speed and is blowing in the direction of the local communities, the blast on the day will be cancelled until wind speed and direction improve.
(4)The current management team is innovative in proactive safety measures such as the staff `visibility' and `planned task observations'. These approaches help to detect the hazards and unsafe acts and promote safe work behaviours and practices.

Hence, I support the mine life to be extended.
Kim Madden
Singleton , New South Wales
I fully support the Mt Owen Continued Operations Project because Mt Owen Mine is an integral part of the communities of Singleton, Muswellbrook and further afield. Mt Owen has been operating at the same site for almost 20 years and has a large workforce. This equates to a large contribution to local business, local industry, infrastructure, and royalties and taxes paid to the State Government. Currently, with the downturn in the mining industry, it would be very detrimental to the area if this project was not approved. I have worked at Mt Owen for over 11 years and in that time have been part of a very vital and community conscious project. Newcastle Port will also be affected with the loss of approximately 8 million tonnes of coal. The flow on effect of this project not being extended would be quite catastrophic. I believe that the Mount Owen Project is very environmentally conscious and has won many awards over the years. Mt Owen makes many large donations to local and national charities and this would be sorely missed as well.
Neil Coles
BULGA , New South Wales
I would like to make submission to support the continuation of the Mt Owen Coal mine. My wife and I have moved my family into the Hunter Valley, for a change of lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to gain employment at Mt Owen mine, some three years ago. In my role as the supervisor of drill & blast I am very aware of the responsibility I have not only to my work place, but all key stakeholders around the mine, and the community in general. We live in a rural setting, where my wife and daughters ride and breed horses, surrounded by coal mines. I am fully aware of the impact, that poor mining and blasting processes impose on the community.
I spend a great deal of my time ensuring that total compliance is delivered, for every blast. We continually strive to lower emissions, reduce noise and vibration, within the operation.
Looking at the impact on an already struggling economies, of Singleton and Muswellbrook, our small businesses, will continue to close, and suffer if we do not support this continuation application. A very high percentage of the workforce, live within these communities With children at schools, involvement in sporting and community groups. All employees support the local economies in various ways. With more people leaving these communities, due to the lack off employment, the amount of policing is being reduced, health providers is reducing in numbers thus the entire community suffers as a result.
I think it would be shame, to be a part of allowing our towns, and families to suffer. Due to this continuation application being refused.
Karin Stemmer
Singleton , New South Wales
Mt Owen mine has successfully operated within the local community for many years, supporting local organisations and providing employment opportunities for many individuals and families. The mine extension would only further enhance this & provide more Jobs!!! (exactly what the HV needs!)

Our incomes are spent throughout the wider Hunter Valley Community ... our children have employment opportunities with mines and their supporting industries ... business grows and infastructure in built .... it all makes perfect sense for the expansion to progress.

Sarah-Jane Bassett
Singleton , New South Wales
I support the Mt Owen expansion. Too many jobs have been lost in the last year or so and the Singleton community rely on the mines and their workers to keep the town sustainable.
Riley McLennan
Singleton , New South Wales
I support this extension as it will provide job security for alot of workers and create more jobs for the community..
Siobhan Cox
Singleton , New South Wales
I choose to support this extension for the purpose of creating more jobs and providing more security for those who are already in the industry.
Darlene Crouch
Rutherford , New South Wales
I am an employee of Thiess Pty Ltd who are contracted to operate the Mt Owen Mine. I support the continued operations of Mt Owen.
Mt Owen employs in excess of 400 people on site and countless other people & businesses in the Singleton / Muswellbrook / Maitland / Newcastle areas. With the recent downturn in mining the Singleton Shire is suffering. I have friends who have closed businesses in Singleton, investment has declined, housing prices plummeted & many who have lost their employment directly or indirectly.
Thiess are partnering with Glencore to implement sustainable, environmental practices resulting in the following:
1. Received the Hunter-Central Rivers Coal Industry Environmental Award for innovative practices to help conserve & enhance biodiversity in the Upper Hunter Valley (2005)
2. Recognised by the International Society of Ecosystem Restoration as being in the top 30 of all restoration sites across Australia (2009)
3.Selected by the NSW Minerals Council to conduct mine tours for community action groups as part of the Upper Hunter Valley Mining Dialogue (2012)
4. Committed to studying Spotted Tail Quoll populations in our rehabilitated areas to improve our approach to creating additional sheltering sites and foraging areas.

Further mine losses will have a vast impact on the greater Hunter community that we can ill afford.

Felicity moore
singleton , New South Wales
I wish to express my support for the Mt Owen Project.

I have worked here for 14 Years & was born & bread in Singleton - am now 40 & i support the local community by shopping locally, i live locally & so do the rest of my family.

If Mt Owen does not proceed, the impact on the Singleton, muswellbrook, cessnock districts will be devastating, as it has been gradually getting worse. The mine has a good relationship with our neighbours & actively support local businesses & charities.
Colleen Zapletal
singleton , New South Wales
I was born in singleton 65 years ago & have lived in Bulga/Singleton my entire life & have raised my two children in Singleton.

My husband has not worked in the mining industry, however as a local tradesman (painter) he has worked for many people who have been employed or supported by local mines.

I think if this is not approved, the affects will not be good for our community.
Russell Mitchell
Singleton , New South Wales
I support the Mt Owe Extention - i work in Newcastle, however live Singleton with my partner & her child - who have always lived in Singleton.

She works here & son goes to school here & we enjoy & support the local community

Tahnee Schofield
, New South Wales
As a Singleton resident and a Mt Owen employee, I strongly support the Mt Owen Continued Operations Project. Not only will this project promote the life of mine considerably; it will increase local jobs, inject funds into the community through donations and generate hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy. Singleton is suffering greatly from the downturn in the mining industry, and an extension such as this is the perfect opportunity to support the industry into the future. I believe the challenges, risks, environmental impacts and costs of the project have been accurately and adequately addressed and the benefits of the project far out weigh any negative concerns. Both the local community and mining industry need this expansion to survive.

T. Schofield
Tom Ernst
Singleton , New South Wales
Director, Mining Projects
Department of Planning & Environment
GPO Box 39

I am an employee of the Mt Owen mine and a Singleton resident. My family has resided in the local area for five generations and my partner and I are expecting to add the sixth generation this year. I fear that the loss of the Mt Owen mine would mean I would have to look elsewhere for employment not having the chance to raise our upcoming child in the community that we love. I am proud and greatful for what mining has delivered to our community and my family.

I strongly support the continuation of operation at the Mt Owen mine which supports a large employee base and many small businesses in the Upper Hunter. Being employed at Mt Owen I see first hand the care taken to minimise the sites impact on the environment and the contibution that it makes to the community.

With the current downturn in the mining industry there have been significant impacts on the Singleton community in which I reside. Many small businesses have closed or are struggling to remain open and there has been a major increase in the number of properties for sale and the number of vacant rental properties in town. All of these factors have had a significant impact on many local residents and the loss of the Mt Owen operation would almost certainly see another major collapse of the Singleton community.

I hope the major benefits of this project are considered and that the interests of the local community are put first.

T. Ernst
Jamie Crosher
Rutherford , New South Wales
Good Evening all,
As an employee of the Mt Owen mine and a local resident, I would like to see the operation continue well into the future. The Mt Owen mine has high grade coal and is highly sought after in our export market. The operation injects millions of dollars into the local community through services, flow on from employee wages and direct donation.
Natalie Crosher
Rutherford , New South Wales
I believe the Mt Owen Continuation project will assist in supporting the local community. The income the site puts into this growing community is needed given how many job losses there has been in the Hunter Valley.
Dean Leggett
Rouchel , New South Wales
I support the submission of the Mt Owen Continued Operations Project.Mining has played an integral role in the growth and development of the Hunter Valley for many years. The continuation of these projects are needed not just for the people directly involved but the much larger contribution that is made to the wider community through avenues such as support services, sponsorship, donations and charity.
Many business have been built around servicing the mining Industry which in turn support the local community.
The mining industry supports local sporting clubs through sponsorship of teams, donations of sporting uniforms and equipment.
The industry also donates to people and organisations in need.
Organisations such as the Westpac Rescue Helicoptor benefit greatly from the Mining Industry with employees of all mines across the valley donating 5 dollars weekly to the cause. This alone is a huge sum that would not be provided if the Mines did not exist. I believe that the project should be given every oppurtunity to go ahead.
Kerrie Macphail
Singleton , New South Wales
I support the ongoing mining in the Hunter Valley it provides jobs for locals and support for the local community. This has a flow on affect through to Newcasle and the Port many of which will suffer if the mines in the hunter do not receive approval to keep operating. I think mining is good for the area.


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