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State Significant Development


New Primary School at Murrumbateman

Yass Valley

Current Status: Determination

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Construction of a new primary school

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Steven Broussos
GREENACRE , New South Wales
Please build new schoools away from major roads to avoid the impact of school zones upon motorists
Biodiversity and Conservation Division
QUEANBEYAN , New South Wales
No Biodiversity comments as there has been a BDAR wavier completed and there is no significant native biodiversity present on site, therefore at this stage we have no comments to provide. We thank you for your consultation.
Ben Hewlett
Thank you for the opportunity to submit our comments on the proposed development of the New Murrumbateman Primary school. I offer the following comments for your consideration in assessing the proposed development:

I welcome the proposed development and believe that it will contribute positively to Murrumbateman community both from an social and economic viewpoint. Not only will the school provide a benefit to the broader community but it also has the potential to make a positive contribution to the immediate precinct.

As the existing precinct incorporates Early Learning, Medical uses and Retail and Commercial premises about to be commenced for construction, it would be beneficial to integrate the proposed new primary school into the urban framework of the existing precinct. Currently, the school is separated from the existing developments located on the western side of the school. I do appreciate that some level of separation would be appropriate, however there are also benefits in facilitating some degree of coactivity with the existing development framework. Currently, the separation minimises the opportunity for the school to benefit from the proximity of the existing and proposed development. As the existing precinct accommodates an existing Early Learning Centre (ELC) , there may be instances where parents would have children attending both the Early learning Centre and the Primary School. If that were the case, then parents would not have easy access between the ELC and the Primary School. Parents would need to drive from one carpark to the other, ( which may be congested at drop off and pickup times) or would need to walk along Rose Street and Fairly street to drop off their children.

The approved commercial development, to be situated between the Medical Hub and the ELC, will incorporate facilities that that may be used by parents such as café, gym, hair salon etc. If the existing and proposed activities could be better integrated with the proposed new Primary school, then there would be potential mutual benefits for the school and for the existing and proposed development, including a safer path of travel between the school entrance and the early childhood entrance The intent is not to open up the school in its entirety to the adjoining development, however a degree of controlled connectivity between the new school and the existing precinct could be beneficial to both the school and the existing infrastructure.

With some minor modifications to the landscape design and entry concourse into the proposed new school, then opportunities offered by better integration could be realised. If there was better connectivity between the school entry and the existing commercial development which is about to begin construction, then this would result in an augmentation of social benefit, community benefit and economic benefit for users of the precinct and the greater community of Murrumbateman. From an urban design perspective, amelioration of the connectivity between the school and the existing precinct would result in a area that has greater accessibly, is pedestrian friendly and at a social level, encourages integration of the school within the social and urban framework.

I ask council to consider the above comments when assessing the DA for the proposed Primary School. Incorporating a relatively simple adjustment to the landscape design, at the entry concourse, of the school would result in an educational facility that has a more appropriate fit into the existing urban network and provides opportunity for augmented integration between the school and the broader community of Murrumbateman.

Thank you for considering our submission. Any questions please direct them to Ben Hewlett 0417 257 467 as the owner of the commercial site to the immediate west of the school.
Yass Valley Council
YASS , New South Wales
See attached
NSW Rural Fire Services
See attached.
Transport for NSW
TfNSW/RMS comments as per attached response
Heritage NSW – Aboriginal cultural heritage (ACH)
Sydney , New South Wales
Heritage NSW advice for Aboriginal Cultural Heritage matters attached.
Environment Protection Authority
Please find attached the EPA's comments on the proposed development of Murrumbateman Primary School


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