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Parramatta Metro - Over Station Development

City of Parramatta

Current Status: Response to Submissions

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Concept Development Application for the establishment of building envelopes and associated parameters for development above and adjacent to Parramatta Metro Station.

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Name Withheld
EPPING , New South Wales
My comments are contained in attached PDF files
Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue
BALMAIN , New South Wales
We are strongly supportive of Sydney Metro West, which will have a transformative impact on both Sydney Olympic Park and the Parramatta CBD.
The station precincts present an important opportunity to ensure there is an appropriate balance struck between delivering optimal commercial outcomes for the NSW Government, off the back of its substantial investment in the Metro network, and providing taxpayers with a lasting social dividend from the project – in the form of high quality places and the provision of diverse housing typologies.
The Dialogue has a long-standing position in favour of 30 per cent inclusionary zoning targets (for social and affordable housing) within a 1km walk-up catchment of new metro and heavy rail stations. In the case of these two Metro station precincts (Olympic Park and Parramatta) we believe this target should be mandated, with commercial incentives for proponents to provide above-target sub-market housing typologies and a higher social housing component within this.
We note that in recent years, the community housing sector in NSW has substantially elevated its commercial sophistication and ability to structure transactions and manage projects in partnership with government, top-tier developers, private capital and government-backed institutional finance. As such, we would encourage the NSW Government to require bids to develop these station precincts to include a tier one CHP as a joint venture partner to engage requisite finance and manage the above-mentioned social and affordable housing component of the project.
The twin crises of housing affordability and acute shortages of social housing are well documented, as is the urgency for action. These two large scale government owned renewal precincts provide an ideal opportunity for the NSW Government to meet the growing community expectation to provide new well located social and affordable housing.
The Dialogue makes the following recommendations:
1. Mandate a minimum 30 per cent of residential development within the Parramatta and Olympic Park Metro station precincts be designated social and affordable housing.
2. Provide incentives for tenders to deliver above the abovementioned 30 per cent mandate, and to deliver a higher social housing component within this.
3. Require tenders for the station precinct developments to include a community housing provide as a joint venture partner to deliver/manage the abovementioned social and affordable housing.

To discuss any of the above in more detail, please contact Luke Turner ([email protected]).
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Please refer to the attached letter outlining our submission.
Kim Riley
WESTMEAD , New South Wales
While supporting this project
I am making the following comments on Significant Designed features that lowers its Public value:
1. The Inclusion of public space in this redevelopment for the metro site is commendable.
2. The lack of Open space in Parramatta CBD is substantial. The lack of Green space is a Major issue. The redevelopment does in no way address this community need.
The areas provided are paved HARD surfaces as documented. {creating a HOT City environment ] The project brings the opportunity to address this significant deficit. Highly recommended that More green space was part of the delivered project as is FAIL.
3. Access to Metro station by active transport users. The Traffic and parking documentation infers that Use of metro will not include access to Cyclists to use this public transport facility. By way of baring access by Design. BAD against the Active NSW campaigns. FAIL
4. Poor treatment of Heritage item - The row of 3 Heritage Shops -
I703 Shops Local 41-59 George Street Two storey sandstone shopfronts; an early commercial/residential building and is possibly the oldest commercial building in Parramatta and Sydney.

The Shops are sited right next to the Entrance to the basement of Towers A& B. its a 6 Metre gap between this Building and the adjoining building site. It will be a Two way truck entry as well as cars.
The site of the Entry /Exist really DEVALUES this Significant Historical building.
See the attached document -Submission Further information to item 4
Urban Taskforce Australia
Sydney , New South Wales
Please find attached a submission from Urban Taskforce Australia on the proposal.
simsoncorp pty ltd
WESTMEAD , New South Wales
My Name is Simon Elias, Director of Simsoncorp PTY LTD and Owner of 240 Church st Parramatta.
My Property sits on the boundary on church st where the New Metro station and development is proposed.
In relation to the brochure"Have your say on plans for over and
adjacent station development at
Parramatta metro station " i would like to comment on the following

1. In relation to my building i feel i will be landlocked. My neighbor to my right sits on a large parcel of land and is able to develop by them self, and impossible to deal so wont be an option for me. My other neighbor is Sydney Metro, of which I am wanting to explore with you at least one or 2 of the options listed below as i am looking to develop my property and what your doing or proposing is crucial to my design and what i Do with my parcel of land. My intention is to develop my land with a suitable tower commercial and or residential, and i feel that its important that i am able to join and or talk with Sydney metro about my options so that my new building is in Sync with the new vision and development proposed above the parramatta metro site. Obviously there would be alot of commercial and legal terms and conditions that would need to be discussed but first and foremost is to come to an agreement of what Sydney Metro is willing to consider and or discuss further, as well as what i am asking of you.
1. Is to amalgamate and or purchase the 5m strip directly next door to me so 238 church st . I will then do my own development keeping with the same feel and character of the whole master plan. If this option is taken i would like to be part of the master plan as well. This looks like a 1-2 story building and happy to discuss sydney metro needs if i was to acquire this to maintain pathways and shops etc with your current vision for this space
2. Is to amalgamate and or purchase the entire part known as building B and reconfigure building B to be larger and more over the both sites. Again if this option is taken i would like to be part of the master plan. so maintaining pathways and access points etc to the new proposal
3. allow me to join basements only with you guys with right of access way. I can then utilize underneath for parking and create my own little pencil tower on my own property. By you giving me right of way we can then eliminate the need to give me direct access by car to my building. Considering your looking at walkways and pathways this might be a sensible option to avoid traffic in unwanted areas. Again if this option is taken i would like to be part of the master plan. With the basements i would like to see them go deeper and inline with the metro station platform as another labyrinth or underground network of buildings/shops to connect to the new metro station.
4. Just simply be added to your master plan where i would seek a slim tower on my land as part of joining your development. You would maintain and address everything else and i would then continue to get a da approval after the building height form of my own building is agreed upon.
If some or none of the options are available above i would like to get more information about what is proposed directly next door to me . It looks like a small 1-2 story building and then at least i can go on with my own development on asap basis. I would also need to know future road access point into my building as well so we can design the driveway location. At the moment we are completely left in the dark and cant work out anything.

Finally and just in general in relation to the development i think it is a massive underdevelopment. If your serious about building a city and a second CBD then you would need to think alot bigger than that for such a large land parcel the proposal is very underwhelming.
I think building ABC and D should be increased in Height to the maximum allowable subject to Solar effects. But something like building A should be at least 60-80 levels without impacting solar plane, and all the rest at least another 10 story to make any form of significant impact.

I look forward to your response and look forward to working together with you in the future with one of the options above or similar to benefit both parties.
Simon Elias
c/o Simson Corp pty ltd
Name Withheld
ERMINGTON , New South Wales
We have reviewed the plans and documents provided and have put together the following summary of our concerns:

- The proposed development does not fit within the established character of the area and is considered out of context for the locality. The proposed development destroyed our local environment and local people’s benefits. None of us need a metro coming close to our family house to destroy our peaceful day by day life. To minimize the impact, we highly recommend to change it underground otherwise CANCEL it!

- The proposed development results in a substantial impact on the privacy of our house. Increased passengers will walk nearby our house which totally break the privacy and quiet for our local area, and cause obviously safety issue. And I didn’t see any security enhancements have been added in your plan especially so many children have lived down the road!

- the proposed development destroyed our living environment by demolished our neighbors family house but replaced by a station. And it also make our family house right next to the noisy station which totally change our living environment. The place when we bought was nice and quiet, but your plan changes it to the station without any compensation! Have you ever consider the impact for residents just next to the construction site at all that we have to suffer many years construction noisy and the impact for our children’s childhood and our living environment will be changed permanently?!

All in all, we object the current development plan, and we totally disagree the station to be built next to our house!

Feedback look forward to hear as below:

- re design the station and metro underground to maintain residents living environment, or CANCEL the development plan

- security enhancements plan to be added in it

- Compensation regarding the living environment been changed and the construction noisy and inconveniences for local residents, especially our house is just right after the site!!! Or Just pay enough to demolish our house too!!!!

Look forward to hear from regarding above points!
David Hoffman
HARRIS PARK , New South Wales
I am grateful for the opportunity to make a submission on the overground development of the Sydney Metro Parramatta site. I certainly hope that community voices are heard, listened to and are given weight to decisions made. After all is the community that is most affected by such an enormous development.

This was very sadly not the case for a recent major development in Parramatta. I can only urge you to not make the same mistakes City of Parramatta and Walker Development made with Parramatta Square. What was to be a new centre and new ‘city heart and soul’ for Parramatta is a soulless, bland, corporate wind tunnel that probably will never serve the purpose it was meant to provide. The original plans were exciting and considerate of all city centre elements that make for a lively community-centred development. However, visions were compromised and corporate interests took control. Parramatta lost its identity and a chance to gain an iconic community and tourist hub with this development.

Parramatta cannot afford to have another development like Parramatta Square. It is vitally important the Parramatta Metro overground (and dare I say it – underground connections) development need to fulfil the original intention and potential of Parramatta Square. I.e. to become the social heart and soul of the city.

I would urge Metro to be highly creative and innovative in its design of all aspects of the development. It cannot be left to one or even two major developers. A variety of architectural voices that know and understand Parramatta should be heard. Before the massive development of Parramatta commenced 10 years ago the city and its surrounds had a several styles of buildings and urban landscapes. The building and city landscape has become sanitized and extremely bland. The Parramatta Metro development MUST bring some human scale design and building interest that will make for a comfortable, welcoming but exciting pace to visit – and stay. There is no reason a set of towers can contribute rather than detract from placemaking design. It is very much about listening to the place, to the people, not imposing incompatible ideologies on to a place.

Metro also needs to look at the post-Covid business world. Do you need to build three enormous office towers? Who will occupy them? Is this the best purpose for new towers in the heart of Parramatta? How does the City of Parramatta see its future? What will best serve the city in this location? What are the alternatives to only commercial and residential towers?

With the demolition of all the shops on Darcy St, Macquarie St, George St, Horwood Place and Church St the people of Parramatta have lost small, boutique, specialised shops that also were affordable to small businesses. Several shopping arcades have been lost. These arcades, smalls businesses and community services were part of Parramatta’s identity. The Metro development must aim to re-gain small businesses and services into the city centre to ensure a vibrant city. I would ask that you include arcades and many small-scale affordable shop fronts in the development to ensure a livable place and destination.

Parramatta has been the recipient of many different, even disparate developments and transport development options that have lacked an overall coordination. Thus, sadly the current Metro plan has no direct link to all other transport options and Parramatta has missed out on having a single transport hub. This is not good planning for a city the NSW Government is trying to make a major commercial and residential hub. I believe this can be alleviated by ensuring a direct underground link from the Metro to escalator exits on Macquarie St (for the Light Rail) and at the Parramatta Square entrance to Parramatta Station Western Concourse. Without any such links Parramatta will not be a have no direct links between its Rail, Light Rail, Bus, Ferry and Metro transport options. It will not have convenient access or connectivity for passengers changing from one transport mode to another.

Thus, I ask of you to:
• Include as much Darug and Barramatta design and references as possible as this has been completely lacking in all recent developments in Parramatta.
• Use the Government Architects Office ‘Connecting with Country’ and ‘Designing with Country’ principles for the entire develop.
• Break up the massive bulk of Building D, Building A and even Building C into a series of thinner, smaller buildings and allow Parramatta to ‘breath’
• Not repeat the oppressive bulk, colouring and sanitized landscaping of the Parramatta Square development.
• Not create another wind tunnel from grid aligned, hard edged buildings.
• Pay greater attention to environmental factors (wind, sun, heat, rain) and design and develop for climate changes.
• Have several different architectural voices, that can soften the high-rise visuals of Parramatta.
• Look to the excellent City of Parramatta PHIVE building and Parramatta Mission The Gathering Place for creativity and innovative design and place-making.
• Look to Sydney city that has some wonder examples of creative and innovative towers – Parramatta needs the same level of creativity and innovation.
• Learn about the favourite shops and spots that have been recently demolished.
• Understand Parramatta’s history and design to it, not just learn about it and make a passing acknowledgement.
• Take influence from the styling, vibe and scale of interaction of Parramatta’s current streets.
• Have arcades and affordable street level shops and office entries on a human scale.
• Surround Kia Ora on Macquarie St and the beautiful early Victorian sandstone terraces on George St with open spaced landscaping to let them ‘breath’ and celebrate their heritage status.
• Ensure Building C podium is design to respect The Roxy.
• Include beautiful public art that is appropriate to the place.
• Ensure there are escalator exits on Macquarie St (for the Light Rail) and at the Parramatta Square entrance to Parramatta Station Western Concourse for transport interchange connectivity.

Thank you
David Hoffman
Name Withheld
I choose the first original plan, avoiding park land and utilizing Sanctuary owned land.
It is more practical and it doesn’t interfere with my property and environment.
Name Withheld
NORTHMEAD , New South Wales

I would like to say it is great idea to have buildings above the Parramatta Metro Station. I recommend to design in such a way that the 4 buildings have internal connection with each other. This will see people thoroughfare between these buildings.

Also I would like to add if you can integrate an underground concourse from the Metro Station. This underground pedestrian link will provide a connection between Metro platforms to Parramatta heavy rail trains, buses, light rail services. This will give customers a fast and clear path to move between different modes of Public Transport. Hope you take this into consideration.
Name Withheld
Parramatta , New South Wales
I'm concerned about the lack of green space proposed in the new development - with population growths speculated in the economic assessment (EIS) and as a current resident of the Parramatta CBD and working in the Parramatta CBD, green space is so vital. In this particular section of the CBD there is no green space nearby. To promote general wellness and connectivity with place, Building B could become a green space with Aboriginal heritage components and sustainable/green products (e.g. recycled benches) - where office workers can enjoy their lunch in the shade and fresh air. Right now for offices here there is no where for staff to walk to enjoy their lunch outdoors. Since you are creating new space it would generate a positive community atmosphere and good reputation for Metro if this could be achieved. There is an oversupply of apartment buildings in Parramatta, with more people favouring a house and moving away from the Parramatta CBD - this further supports removal of Building B from the plans.

What's the forecast demand for office space? There's currently so many vacant office buildings in Parramatta, it seems like a large amount of space when most people will be working from home. Lower building heights for A, D and C would be more suitable.
Macs Pty Ltd
Narrabri , New South Wales
As the owner of 198, 210-214, 216-218 Church Street and 40 Macquarie Street, Parramatta I am making an objection to the disruption to my tenancies over a very long period.I both support and object to the project. I am surrounded by the Light rail, Metro rail and now 4 towers on top of the Metro rail. I have already lost 3 tenants and rental growth has stagnated. We are an island surrounded by devastation. Our shops will be affected for at least another four or five years whilst construction takes place. We have and will have jack hammers, excavators, rollers, tunnel borers and other heavy equipment banging away outside our shops for a total of approximately nine years. The tenants are not happy and while I concede that this is for the public good it definitely is not right for my tenants. I think some form of compensation should be paid.
Yours sincerely,
Michael Winston-Smith
Name Withheld
Parramatta , New South Wales
Noting the location of these developments, all these buildings should be at least 40 storeys high and have at least 20% more GFA. More than 18,900m2 of GFA needs to be allocated to residential accommodation to help with the lack of housing supply in Sydney. The inclusion of key worker housing would be useful as well.
Peter Retallick
FAIRFIELD , New South Wales
Hi, I am providing comments on the Civic Link next to the Roxy Theatre and the new Parramatta Metro West Station. In earlier documents it was stated there should be an approach that is consistent with existing styles. Since the Roxy Theatre is an example of Inter-war Spanish Mission architecture I think features along the Civic Link should reflect that style. For instance it would be nice to have a fountain and adjacent bench seating. The Civic Link is not very wide so a side or wall fountain might be appropriate. These can range in size from the very small to something much bigger. The use of colourful ceramic tiles is also a characteristic of Spanish architecture. I have completed a Master of Design at UTS and UNSW. Since then my research of choice has been Spanish Revival Architecture. I have visited Spain, Mexico and Southern California - and would be happy to provide advice.
City of Parramatta Council
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Peter Retallick
Dehsabzi Enterprises Pty Ltd
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales


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