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Peninsula Solar Farm

Forbes Shire

Current Status: Response to Submissions

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Development of an 80 MW solar farm with battery storage and associated infrastructure.

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Laura Tandy
EUGOWRA , New South Wales
We live in the house closest to the abovementioned submission. We are under the impression that from our house we shouldn't be able to see the solar panels. We are concerned that if the project goes ahead the Southern and eastern sides of the project will be developed and that will mean we will have to see the solar panels from our house. It would be an eyesore, and would impact our view, and potential property values around our area. The visual impact of the panels on this area, being pristine farming land, will change the landscape and as we drive, exercise, ride horses past every day.

We are concerned about the potential impacts of noise from the Solar panel farm, not only while it is being built but also from the panels/setup while they are generating electricity. Not only that, what impacts does this have on human health? We are concerned about the unaccounted health risks of living near a solar farm. What will be the impacts on the water systems surrounding the farm? There is a nearby creek in the area that is downstream of the Peninsula where water would from directly from and into the creek.

We are concerned about the increased traffic, especially trucks and heavy vehicles will impact the single lane road, which is currently the only high and dry road between Forbes in Cowra that people use when the Lachlan River is flooding. It is not in good condition and increased heavy vehicles would only further deteriorate the road.

It is also a designated School Bus route. It is dangerous enough for cars being single lane, and when passing another car it is necessary to drop one wheel off the side so you can both passs, but for a school bus coming across numerous trucks and heavy vehicles carrying equipment, this impact could be catastrophc for our local community.

We believe the negative impacts of this project would far outweigh the benefits.
Janelle Norrie
Please see attachment
Robert Norrie
PAYTENS BRIDGE , New South Wales
Please see attachment
Adam Norrie
Please see attachment
I object to the Peninsula Solar Farm.

Firstly, let me say I am pro alternate electricity/power generation but it should not impact on the surrounding environment including permanent private residences.

The location of the solar farm significantly impacts my private residence. The solar farm will be within 300m of my house and in clear view. I will look out my kitchen window or sit in my BBQ area and the prominent feature will be the solar farm. While working on the farm and particularly the sheep yards the prominent view will be the solar farm. Indeed, it may make handling the sheep in these yards difficult. Also, I camp regularly on my farm with family and friends and one campsite is within 20m of the solar farm and the other about 400m. I also have a shed with stored combustible material within 100m of the solar farm. While my farm is a business, a big part of why I stay, and live, here is the lifestyle. This rural lifestyle will be shattered. My house is located north west of the solar farm I fear reflection, even with anti-glare coatings, will be significant and off course the vista destroyed. I have seen another solar farm on the Monaro Highway where a residence to the north of the solar farm, possibly 500m, has been abandoned.

The parcel of land selected for the solar farm is predominantly a very narrow, long piece of land with no other land belonging to the owner to the north, east or west. This means the solar farm will impact the two neighbours on these 3 sides. It seems the land owner and solar farm developer has selected a parcel of land that does not impact the owner or his residence at all. The owner also owns land elsewhere which might be suitable but does not impact private residences.

One of the reasons given for the selection of this location was the land is of low agricultural value. A point I cannot agree with given the land value and agronomic value of the land is the highest in the Forbes Shire (apart from irrigation land along the river). Recent local land sales will certainly support this.

The solar farm project is planned to cover a major water course. This water course will impact the northern one third of the project. Will the solar farm impact the flow of water or indeed change to course of water flow to impact other adjoining areas? I would think electrical/solar components standing in water is less than ideal. Just recently there have been several flows through this water course up to 30cm deep and 200-300m wide. A significant amount of water which joins the Mulyandry Creek some 700m further on.

The access road to the planned solar farm site is via Paytens Bridge Road which is a single lane road with entry on the crest of a hill. Even if the approaches are upgraded to allow for major traffic flow changes, it won't fix the amount of traffic on a single lane road. For those not familiar with single lane roads, it requires both vehicles whether passing or overtaking to put their left-hand wheel off the sealed surface, something rarely done by non-local vehicles. This makes the road for local users very dangerous and perhaps the entire length of Paytens Bridge Road needs to be upgraded to twin lane road.

In summary the reasons for my objection to this project are:
• Extremely close location to my private residence
• Effects on my working environment and lifestyle
• Use of land which has a high agriculture value from a production perspective
• The solar farm built on a water course
• The safety issues of locals and other road users given the road type and location
• The apparent complete disregard to very close neighbours while not impacting the land owner except for financial gain.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts.
Steve Welsh
Forbes Shire Council
FORBES , New South Wales


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