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State Significant Development


Sikh Grammar School Rouse Hill


Current Status: Determination

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  2. Prepare EIS
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  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Construction of a new School for students from Kindergarten to Year 12

Attachments & Resources

Request for SEARs (4)

04 - Proposed Master Plan_Section
03 - Proposed Master Plan
02 - Survey Plan
01 - SEARs Request_Sikh Grammar School

SEARs (1)

SSD 9472 SEARs

EIS (45)

Environmental Impact Statement
Appendix 01 - SEARs
Appendix 2 - Clause 4.6 Variation Request_151-161 Tallawon
Appendix 3 - Blacktown City Council Growth Centres Develop
Appendix 4 - Environmental Risk Assessment_151-161 Tallawo
Appendix 5 - CIV and Quantity Surveyors Report_151-161 Tal
Appendix 06 - Survey Plan_151-161 Tallawong Road, Rouse Hil
Appendix 07 - Subdivision Plan_151-161 Tallawong Road, Rous
Appendix 08 - Architectural Plans_151-161 Tallawong Road, R
Appendix 09 - Construction Staging Plans_151-161 Tallawong
Appendix 10 - Indicative Stage 1 Construction Plans_151-16
Appendix 11 - Architectural Design Report_151-161 Tallawon
Appendix 12 - Landscape Design Report & Plans_151-161 Tall
Appendix 13 - Civil Engineering Drawings_151-161 Tallawong
Appendix 14 - Tailout Civil Engineering Drawing_151-161 Ta
Appendix 15 - Concept Stormwater Management Plan and Preli
Appendix 16 - Geotechnical Engineering and Salinity Assess
Appendix 17 - Preliminary Site Investigation (Phase 1) Con
Appendix 18 - Preliminary Site Investigation (Phase 1) Con
Appendix 19 - Traffic and Parking Impact Assessment_151-16
Appendix 20 - Construction Traffic Management Plan_151-161
Appendix 21 - Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment_151-16
Appendix 22 - Odour Advice_151-161 Tallawong Road, Rouse H
Appendix 23 - Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology Assessment_1
Appendix 24 - Waste Management Plan_151-161 Tallawong Road
Appendix 25 - Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Repo
Appendix 26 - Bushfire Assessment Report_151-161 Tallawong
Appendix 27 - Social Impact Assessment_151-161 Tallawong R
Appendix 28 - Site Infrastructure Assessment_151-161 Talla
Appendix 29 - Ecologically Sustainable Development Report_
Appendix 30 - Fire Engineering Report_151-161 Tallawong Ro
Appendix 31 - Access Report_151-161 Tallawong Road, Rouse
Appendix 32 - Structural Engineering Letter of Support_151
Appendix 33 - Mechanical Strategy_151-161 Tallawong Road,
Appendix 34 - BCA Report_151-161 Tallawong Road, Rouse Hill
Appendix 35 - BCA Capability Statement_151-161 Tallawong R
Appendix 36 - Government Architect NSW Meeting Minutes_151
Appendix 37 - Operational Management Plan_151-161 Tallawon
Appendix 38 - Development Contributions Plan Letter_151-16
Appendix 39 - Lighting Design Statement
Biodiversity Certification Order_151-161 Tallawong Road, R
Letter of Authority_Owner's Consent_151-161 Tallawong Road
OEH Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report Cover L
Applicant Checklist for Lodgement of EIS - new

Response to Submissions (18)

RTS Planning Report
Appendix 1 - Response to submissions
Appendix 2 - Operational Plan of Management
Appendix 3 - Arboricultural Impact Assessment
Appendix 4 - Architectural Plans
Appendix 5 - Architectural Design Report
Appendix 7 - Landscape Plans
Appendix 8 - Tree Canopy Cover Study
Appendix 9 - Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix 10 - Green Travel Plan
Appendix 11 - Stormwater
Appendix 12 - Civil Engineering Drawings
Appendix 15 - ESD Report
Appendix 14 - Detailed Site Investigation
Appendix 17 - Traffic Impact Assessment
Appendix 16 - NSW DPIE Correspondence
Appendix 6 - Apartment Design Guide Assessment
Request RTS_22112019_012649

Agency Advice (8)

Endeavour Energy comment on EIS
EPA comments on EIS
RMS comments on EIS
EES comments on EIS
TfNSW comments on EIS
RFS comments on EIS
Industry comments on EIS
GA NSW comments on EIS

Additional Information (14)

Site Plan- Level -1 (Basement)
RFI Request for Additional Information_12112020_042609
RFI Request for Additional Information_04122020_035605
Site Plan-Level 0 (Ground)
BASIX Certificate
Proposed Sikh Grammar School Rouse Hill CTMP_
PT18022DA01 Model (1)
04122020 - Formal Response to DPIE
Appendix 5 - Architectural Design Report_reduced
Appendix 1 - Addendum Traffic Report
Appendix 2 - Site Functions
Staging Plan Cover Letter
Appendix 4 - Draft Plan of Subdivision
Appendix 3 - Community Use of School Facilities

Recommendation (2)

Assessment Report
DRAFT Conditions of Consent

Determination (5)

Assessment Report
Conditions of Consent
Notice Of Decision
Approved Plans
Appendix D

Approved Documents

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Showing 1 - 20 of 31 submissions
Name Withheld
ARTARMON , New South Wales
I just got this project notice letter yesterday. I am not objecting this project, as I am one of the owners will live there and I need to make sure any future developments are suitable for local residents first. Therefore, there are some items need to be more details.

1) Size of the school

Traffic---It mentioned it will be a school for 1260 students and 120 staff, this area is a mainly new developing residential area with middle and high density residential building. Looking at local roads and traffic condition, such a big school will get more people on the road and more traffic time for the local residents, especially the morning peak time.

Building Size---We have been advised that we only could have two stories building for us, why they are able to build three stories buildings.
For a school with 1260 students and 160 staff, and a early learning centre for 89 children, dam, 357 car parking space, is there enough land for all facilities and room for each person using the land. Is it too crowed for everyone?

2) Size of Worship, Time of Worship, concern about noise and traffic affection.

a). what is the size for this worship, will it be extended or changed to bigger size in the future.
b). what is the total allowance amount of people this worship will build for.
c). when will it be using as a as worship? Monday to Friday or including Weekends?
d). When it will be a worship, from 7am to 6pm? any other time?
e). As it will build 357 car parking spaces, so I guess it will be for the weekend worship parking, is it correct?
f). Noise control, no any detailed information about the level of noise/music/speech and how to manage it, which I concern most.
g). All local residents sharing with this school to use Tallawong road, which is only four lines road. If this worship is designed for more people, how to manage car parking and roadside parking when people coming to this worship. I did see a lot of cars parking illegally and arbitrarily outside the worships at some other suburbs, even parking on some private properties.

As I mentioned before, I am not objecting this project, to make a nice living area with everyone in this local area, we need to think about each other and make others feeling comfortable to live together in this area.

Thanks for your understanding.
Name Withheld
SCHOFIELDS , New South Wales
I strongly object to this project because there are many schools in the Rouse Hill, Schofields, Riverstone area already. Adding an extra school would increase the traffic making it difficult to get home and increase accidents on the road specifically with kiss and ride and drop offs. The entire process of building a new school would see only specific teachers being allocated jobs therefore not allowing jobs for other groups to attain positions. There are already a number of schools for these students to attend- therefore this Sikh Grammar School is not needed in the area.
SYDNEY , New South Wales
The proposal does not constitute a Scheduled Activity under Schedule 1 of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. EPA no interest letter attached.
Name Withheld
SCHOFIELDS , New South Wales
This is one of its kind school which the Sikh community planned for in Australia. I fully support this community school as it develops a diversified school which I believe helps the community in getting more balanced multi-cultural society.
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Thank you for allowing WaterNSW the opportunity to comment on SSD-9472.
The proposal is not located near any WaterNSW land, assets or infrastructure, therefore we have no particular comments or requirements regarding the proposal.
WaterNSW requests the Department continues to consult with WaterNSW for any development that may impact on our assets, infrastructure or land, using the email address [email protected]
Department of Primary Industries
The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has reviewed the proposal and advises that:
* Any fish must be removed from the dam before it is completely emptied of water.
* Any exotic or pest fish species must be euthanised using iced water or clove oil. Refer to the Guide to Acceptable Procedures and Practices for Aquaculture and Fisheries Research (available on the DPI website).
*Native endemic fish must be relocated to a suitable nearby waterway.
For more information please contact Sarah Conacher via [email protected]
Name Withheld
TOONGABBIE , New South Wales
Hi, i am supporting the school development but not the boarding school, hostel and Gurudwara. The boarding school and Gurudwara will create parking and traffic congestion of all time also will add nuisance in community. i would be living near this development shortly and oppose Gurudwara, Boarding shcool and hostel. Thank you.
Name Withheld
TOONGABBIE , New South Wales

We would be living near this project area soon, i oppose the development for Gurudwara, hostel and boarding school as this will add traffic and parking problems and nuisance in community. i have no objection in grammar school development.

Thank you.
David Tunnicliffe
SCHOFIELDS , New South Wales
We would like further information regarding the proposed road at the south east of the site. There is little to no information about the plans for this thoroughfare, it would significantly impact a residential area making the suburb congested and difficult to navigate during peak hours.

Kind regards,
Dr David Tunnicliffe
Name Withheld
ROUSE HILL , New South Wales
I will become a resident of the area very soon, I do not wish to have people who does not belong to the community to be constantly visiting my neighbourhood and create disruptions. Due to the nature of a private school, anyone, including those who does not live around the area can enrol into the school. Thus anyone from anywhere will be coming to my home and places near my home constantly. I believe this will create inconvenience to me as a resident.
Name Withheld
ROUSE HILL , New South Wales
I am a resident of the area, by having a private school built around my neighbourhood will mean that the people living outside of my neighbourhood will be attending the school. I do not wish to have many people visiting my neighbourhood especially if they are not from the area. I believe this will create a major inconvenience for me and my family and possibly affecting the safety of my children.
Castle Group
KELLYVILLE , New South Wales
Attached submission regarding SSD-9472 Sikh Grammar School. We make this submission on behalf of the adjoining site to the north at 141 Tallawong Road Rouse Hill, in addition to 95 Tallawong Road, 114 Tallawong Road, 105 Cudgegong Road and 119 Cudgegong Road as well as the Rouse Hill Residents Action Group.
Rek Developments No3 Pty Ltd ATF REK Developments No3 Unit Trust
OAKVILLE , New South Wales
Please refer to the attachment
KMA Developments no 6 Pty Ltd ATF KMA Developments no 6 Unit Trust
OAKVILLE , New South Wales
Please refer to the attachment
129 Cudgegong Road Pty Ltd
OAKVILLE , New South Wales
Please refer to the attached submission
CDG No4 Pty Ltd ATF CDG No4 Unit Trust
OAKVILLE , New South Wales
Please refer to the attached submission
GG Dev Pty Ltd ATF GG Dev Unit Trust
OAKVILLE , New South Wales
Please refer to the attachment
Rouse Hill residents Action Group INC
SCHOFIELDS , New South Wales
Please refer to the attachment
EES response attached
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
See attached response


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