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State Significant Development


Silverleaf Solar Farm

Narrabri Shire

Current Status: Determination

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Development of a 120 MW solar farm and associated infrastructure.

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Kirsty OConnell
ABERDEEN , New South Wales
It is essential that we take urgent, serious action on climate change which includes a sensible transition away from fossil fuels. As such I wholeheartedly support this project, which I believe will help to position the rural shire of Narrabri well for the future.
Proposal not scheduled for POEO Act purposes. EPA has no comment.
Douglas Bennett
RIVERWOOD , New South Wales
I wish to submit my support for this project. Renewable energy is sorely needed in this State and the NSW Government should approve this project (subject to review of all accompanying documentation). A project of this scale would bring long term employment opportunities to rural communities and bring a new source of clean energy to the NSW electricity network. I strongly recommend that this project is approved.
DUBBO , New South Wales
Hi Rob
Biodiversity and Conservation Division's response is attached. Thank-you for agreeing to the extension for submission.
If you have any queries, please contact me.
Liz Mazzer
Janet Dampney
NARRABRI , New South Wales
1. We adjoin the proposed solar farm project on the south eastern side – NOT Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) as on map (see attachment red outline Mirrabooka). We have not had invitations to meetings to discuss possible issues. The only contact has been two phone calls by ourselves to a representative of Silverleaf where we were assured that an onsite meeting would be organised to explain the project before the EIS – this has not happened.
2.Water flow directions on EIS map- figure 2 catchment delineation- legend Drain, is shown to be flowing in the opposite direction to what it actually does – see attachment (Drain) have arrowed in red the flow direction. This drain has not been maintained by the owner (Logan’s). For it to be operational this drain must be maintained at all times. Eg cleaning of silt build up, bank deterioration, regrowth, etc.
3. Security mesh Fencing 2.1 metres high, of the project is completely unacceptable. The reason being that water will not be able to flow through this mesh fence because of debris build up, e.g., vegetation will create a blockage of the path of water through this fence – the result being that the water will build up to a certain height and either demolish the fence for the water to continue on its normal path/direction or divert in a different direction (the fence would be acting as a weir, if the fence is demolished severe erosion would occur). Looking at map provided, the security fence appears to be very close to the centre of the creek and also crossing the creek on two occasions. Where the fence is close to the creek, when in flood it spreads beyond the perimeter of the fence. EIS Water estimate flows are questionable (see as attached Sinclair Knight partners report) studies done before our irrigation development and our experience has shown these figures to be reasonably accurate. Our experience with flood water is that a mesh fence this high would create many problems. The creek needs to be let flow in its natural course.
4. As we grow many different irrigated crops including cotton, we use aircraft to apply many chemical applications and fertilizers– for this to occur we use a SE breeze to take any drift away from highway and town. With the development of the solar farm on our boundary this may take away our ability to do this.
5. We are not in favour of the transmission line that will be built close to our boundary this would impact on our farming operations. There is an existing power line through our property that runs through the proposed solar farm, in the EIS report this line is to be moved from the solar farm site, will this line be moved off our place?
6. We see in the EIS proposed planting of screen trees. These to be planted around permitter of solar farm. It would be detrimental to our farm if planted within a 100 metres of our boundary due to roots penetrating irrigation structures.
7. The proposed ARTC Inland rail route Narromine to Narrabri N2N – the final corridor as signed off by the government will not come the way as in your EIS.
8. Attached Shire rates notices (attachment Mirrabooka rates notices) which clarify our property Mirrabooka and lot no’s as adjoining proposed solar farm site. We acquired these two properties in 1977 and the 2nd 1983. Over that time we have developed these properties into a highly productive and valuable business. Having a solar farm operating next to us will devalue our two properties. Property Lot 1 DP566857 is separate title which is a saleable lifestyle block
Phillip Smith
Narrabri , New South Wales
See attached
Name Withheld
NARRABRI , New South Wales
1. The said development has the potential to reduce adjoining farmland values.
2. Glare emitted from large concentration of solar panels.
3. Height of solar panels would impede view from surrounding farmland.
Department of Primary Industries
The Department of Primary Industries has reviewed the proposal and has no comment.
Roads & Maritime Services
Parkes , New South Wales
Heritage NSW
Parramatta , New South Wales
Hunter New England Health
Wallsend , New South Wales
Advice attached
Transport for NSW
Haymarket , New South Wales
Sent reponse directly to Rob Beckett via email on the 29/09/2019
EASTERN CREEK , New South Wales
RE: 2019-396 - Silverleaf Solar Farm (SSD-9358) - Environmental Impact Statement

Lot 21 to 23 in DP 1174848, Lot 2 in DP 586990

Thank you for advising TransGrid of Silverleaf Solar Farm (SSD-9358) Environmental Impact Statement.

Please be advised TransGrid is actively working with the developer to finalise the Silverleaf Solar Farm connection to TransGrid’s transmission network. A Connection Enquiry has already been completed and Connection Processes Agreement has been executed between parties in order to finalise the connection works.

If you require any further information, please contact John Psarologos (02) 9284 3441 or [email protected]

Kind regards,

Lauren Player
Narrabri Shire Council
Narrabri ,
Hi Rob,

Thank you for your time on the phone yesterday regarding the proposed Silverleaf Solar Farm Project located in the Narrabri Local Government Area.

Council previously reviewed the Preliminary Environmental Investigation and the Draft SEARs and provided the following comments for consideration:

• How does the proponent propose to mitigate the damage to Council’s existing unsealed road in Logan’s Lane resulting from construction traffic?
• What actions does the proponent propose to mitigate additional dust created as a result of the project on the residence located on Logan’s Lane?
• How does the proponent propose to control potential noxious weed growth?
• It is unclear if the project involves earthworks of any kind. If earthworks are proposed as part of this proposal details are required to ensure resulting stormwater is managed adequately.
• The following provisions of the Narrabri Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP) are required to be addressed within the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS):
 Clause 6.2 – Flood Planning
 Clause 6.5 – Essential Services
• Whilst the site is not currently mapped as being bushfire prone, the change in land use has the potential to create a bushfire risk both through activities on site and change in land management practices. It should also be noted that the NSW Rural Fire Services’ Guideline for Council to Bushfire Prone Area Land Mapping has introduced a new Category 3 into the Bush Fire Prone Land System. Category 3 includes grasslands, which may include the site and/or its surrounds. Therefore, consultation with the NSW Rural Fire Services is requested prior to lodgement of the EIS.
• It is considered that rehabilitation of the site should be addressed as part of the EIS to demonstrate the site can be made suitable for return to agricultural land use, including addressing any potential contamination that may have occurred throughout the operation of the development.

I have reviewed the current EIS and now make the following comments for consideration;

• The EIS states that “If required, Logans Lane would be upgraded prior to construction to accommodate large trucks required for deliveries and construction equipment”. Council would like to know what the proponent is relying upon to trigger the “requirement” to upgrade Logans Lane?
• The proposed earthworks, more specifically the “Earthworks would be required in the northern part of the proposal site in order to level the ground in the location of an existing borrow pit used by the landowner…. Some earthworks would also potentially be required to fill any existing dams on site that are not to be retained” have the potential to negatively affect stormwater and any future flood waters at and around the site. As such these impacts should be investigated further.
• Clause 6.2 Flood Planning and Clause 6.5 Essential Services of the Narrabri Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP) are still not addressed within the EIS.
• Council previously requested that the proponent consulted with the NSW Rural Fire Services prior to lodgement of the EIS. However, the EIS states only that “A bushfire management plan would be prepared in consultation with the Rural Fire Service”.

On behalf of Council I would like to thank you for the opportunity to provide further comments on this proposal. We are extremely grateful for your Department’s assistance in maintaining transparency and open lines of communication with Council for these projects.

If you have any queries on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Town Planner, Cara Stoltenberg, on (02) 67996855.

Kind regards,

Cara Stoltenberg
Town Planner (Mon,Tues,Wed)
Narrabri Shire Council
Rural Fire Service
COFFS HARBOUR , New South Wales
Division of Resources & Geosciences
Maitland , New South Wales


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