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Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works

Snowy Monaro Regional, Snowy Valleys

Current Status: Determination

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Exploratory works for the Snowy 2.0 electric storage and generation project, including construction of an exploratory tunnel and associated infrastructure.

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Name Withheld
Cootamundra , New South Wales
I am extremely concerned in regards to the impacts this project will have
on the recreational use of Talbingo Dam. Thousands of people use this
dam for fishing, skiing and general water sports 365 days a year.
My main concerns are;
1. Partial or full closure of the spillway for Snowy Hydro Barge
access & ramp.
2. Possible restriction on boat ramp.
3. Potentially 24 barge movements up the dam during peak periods.
4. Potentially treated sewerage being put back into top end of dam
from Lobs Hole workers camp.
5. Heavy traffic bringing in large equipment through Talbingo to
spillway barge.
6. Risk assessment on the barge movements will not be completed until
after the start of the project, leaving access of the dam up to Snowy.
wouter vochteloo
Cooma , New South Wales
II agree with the main issues flagged in the submission of Snowy 2.0.
However I have difficulties with the 5 stage individual approval
procedures, I would stress that at the review of each individual stage
the overall social, economic and environmental impact of the entire
project should be carefully reconsidered. Although I don't see that
the project will be torpedoed when a later stage presents major
environmental hurdles, this should be brought to the attention of the
public. In my opinion the project will be a goer as soon as the first
spade has been put in the ground !!
Fabrizio Fiorese
Charnwood , Australian Capital Territory
Hi I have included my submission below in PDF.
I have also forwarded this through to the Project team,
Nicole Brewer and it will go to the relevant Ministers.
Carol Talbot
Cooma , New South Wales
Please see attached.
Name Withheld
Talbingo , New South Wales
I am a permanent resident of Talbingo and I wish to make the following
comments in respect of the proposed Snowy 2.0 project. This project
has my full support. As with any project, I am aware that there will
be issues that arise during investigation, construction and ongoing
management phases. I am confident that any such matters will be dealt
with in an appropriate and timely manner.

I have just attended a community meeting (with Snowy and Tumut council
Representatives) and I note, of the thirty plus people in attendance,
there was only one person who did not want the project to proceed. The
Snowy representatives were worth their weight in gold! There were
concerns raised by local business people about the negative impacts of
the spillway being "out of action" at times on the tourist trade
(which provides a sizeable income for local businesses). This seemed
to be the major concern.

From my perspective this risk could be mitigated to some extent by the

- clear communication as to when (dates and approximate times) the
spillway will be unable to be accessed by the public. This could be
achieved via the Snowy Website, ads in the local paper, road signage
(near the township). People tend to fear the uncertain.
- ongoing consultation with the community to effectively manage
expectations and to "sell" the positive spinoffs (as an example,
better roads to access the spillway), better access (after
construction of Snowy 2.00) to the water as a result of any structures
that will be needed for the barges etc.

The positives of a potentially higher population in Talbingo and the
surrounding area is also a clear winner for businesses. The population
growth (depending on the size of the growth) may result in more
infrastructure for the region in terms of roads, health, education and
services (and we may eventually get a new hospital!)

A suggestion is that Snowy Hydro continue to "walk the talk", and, in
concert with the local council), invest in some initiatives to
encourage tourism into the area. These initiatives could include:

- fixing the walking track between Talbingo and the Snowy Highway to
remove trip hazards and to make it easier to traverse;
- Investigating whether it is feasible (in terms of risk mitigation
strategies) to allow non powered boating access (and swimming) to
Jounama Dam. Look at a boom for any exclusion areas above the
generator intake and the spillway gates. If the relative risk remains
high after such strategies are investigated, have a clear
communication channel with the public.
- Update the Talbingo Snowy Visitor display to make it more appealing
to the public. Consider having tours of the Snowy Power Station (T3)
during peak tourist times (as an old, ex Snowy worker, I would love to
be able to show my grandchildren what my partner and I were a part of
in the 80s). The Snowy has a proud history of initiatives in Australia
in terms of construction and safety...get the locals on board and they
will sell it.

Yours sincerely
Sharon Cass
1 Morris Street
Talbingo, NSW, 2720
Michael Measday
Talbingo , New South Wales

PURPOSE: To provide a number of options in relation to the proposed
limited use of "Talbingo Dam Spillway" during Snowy 2.0 exploratory
work and construction.

BACKGROUND: On 8th August 2018, at a community information meeting it
was confirmed that access to "Talbingo Dam Spillway" (the spillway)
would be severely restricted (including temporary, full or partial
restrictions) during the exploratory work and construction of Snowy
2.0. The restrictions were identified as having a high likelihood of
detrimental effect on the township of Talbingo, NSW, for residents,
community and local businesses. Talbingo is extremely reliant on
tourism, hence the anxiety expressed by the businesses and holiday
rental home owners which rely on tourism in Talbingo. In peak seasons
(i.e. Christmas through to January and Easter periods) the spillway is
also used extensively by water skiers and boat crews as there is not
enough space at the boat ramp area for all the boat traffic. The boats
of course have to be launched at the boat ramp and then the skiers and
crews used to either travel by boat or road to the spillway. Many
boats and crews will simply travel across or up the dam and try to
find a clear area for the day's activities. Many locals and visitors
also use the buoyed section as a safe swimming area.
The Talbingo community recognises that the spillway is a vital part of
the plan for Snowy 2.0 and that Snowy has every right to use this area
as necessary.


* That Jounama Pondage (part of current Snowy Hydro system - Tumut 3)
is unavailable for any additional public use, especially swimming and
other aquatic activities including boating;

* The sealed access road to the boat ramp will not be affected by any
road closures during construction;

* The current boat ramp and car parking facilities are first class,
and, except for brief periods in peak times, provide a safe and
convenient area for a substantial number of cars and trailers.

* The area adjacent to the south of boat ramp is user friendly as
Snowy has previously provided serviced garbage bins, toilet
facilities, two covered picnic tables and a serviced gas barbecue.
This area has several problems however as it is a relatively small
area (approx.. 100 meters long) and the base where the boats are tied
up is very rocky which can be dangerous for boat hulls and for people


1. The existing area adjacent to the south of the boat ramp be
extended around the bay to include a buoyed off, safe swimming area
with a pontoon (to account for dam level fluctuations and provide
similar features to the current spillway site). I see this swimming
area to be between the existing area ( ie.. the natural corner of the
bay), and the proposed extension around the bay (below);

2. This area be extended around the bay to facilitate at least as many
mooring spots as are available now with corresponding recreational
foreshore. To address the safety aspect, this area is already subject
to a 5 knot speed zone.

3. The base of the mooring area be substantially improved so as to be
suitable for mooring and disembarking. (Perhaps crushed gravel or, in
a perfect world, sand.)


1. The provision of an effective alternate site would enable the
current spillway to be solely utilised for the purposes of Snowy 2.0
exploratory work and construction which would be far safer and more

2. An alternate site would minimise any disruptions for the Talbingo
residents and visitors alike;

3. Enhancement of the current boat ramp area would be a lasting legacy
after project completion and would assist in engendering good will
amongst the Talbingo Community and add to the tourism appeal of
Talbingo Dam.
Bruce Duff
Talbingo , New South Wales
see attachment below
Allen Moffatt
Talbingo , New South Wales
Thank you for the opportunity to comment and submit ideas on the closure
of the Talbingo Dam spillway.

Firstly, the whole Snowy 2.0 plan is brilliant and must go ahead so as
to secure an improved power supply to NSW. The closure of the
spillway, while inconvenient to tourism and the village of Talbingo,
is a necessary means to introduce the infrastructure to complete the

While Snowy Hydro are trying to accommodate the idea of a limited
public access to the spillway, in reality, the very limited space for
large machinery (cranes, forklifts, prime-movers etc) and the public,
just won't work, and present an increased risk for accidents. Just
close the spillway and get the job done sooner.

FYI, I am a regular user of the spillway throughout the summer, so I
have a vested interest in getting the spillway re-opened when the job
is completed..

By way of compensation, I wish to propose some additions to the
existing infrastructure on the boat ramp side of the dam. What are
required are:
1. Boat mooring areas
2. Improved safe swimming areas
3. More BBQ's and toilet facilities

Some people with boats will move away from this area to points further
up the dam (as they do now), while others may still water ski near the
dam wall. Those who do not have access to boats will find that the
swimming and facilities around the boat ramp far exceed those
currently available at the spillway.

Two very large floating & anchored pontoons on either side of the ramp
will provide safe access to the water. Please see attached mud map.
John Taber
Menangle Park , New South Wales
I have been a visitor to Talbingo since i was a child residing at The
Rock NSW 2655.
The purpose of our visits was either fishing or water skiing on
Talbingo Dam with my Mother, Father, Brothers and Sister.

I am 42 years old and now married with four children of my own aged
between 12 and 17. We reside on the outskirts of Sydney in the suburb
of Menangle Park.

We have closer amentites for water skiing such as the Hawkesbury
river, but choose to make the 4 hour journey to Talbingo at least
twice a year for water skiing on Talbingo dam.
We thoroughly enjoy the pristine nature of the dam, along with the
limited access makes it ideal as overcrowding is not an issue.
We usually stay in the caravan park as we book a year in advance for
the Christmas period but also stay in rental houses and at the country
club from time to time when availability is limited at the caravan

With the proposed works due to proceed, if the boat ramp or spillway
were to be closed either partially or fully, we would have to
reconsider our travel plans to Talbingo.
This would certainly affect the tourism operators of Talbingo as we
are one of many families who return to Talbingo every year.

If the water quality is affected by human or construction waste this
also would affect our decision to return.

Widening the spillway at the northern end could be a possible solution
allowing the barges to proceed, unhindered and allowing water users to
carry on enjoying the pristine waters of Talbingo dam as they have
done for generations.
Owen Bennetts
Talbingo , New South Wales
I fully support Snowy 2.0 Proposal as it has been been investigated to be
included into the hydraulic system for many years as the water can be
reused on both sides of scheme being pumped back up diverted through
the portal back to Eucumbene and used down the Murray System or back
through the tumut side. The only issue that I see that will have some
impact is not of any environment impacts as they all all be covered
off especially as SHL are working Closely with the National Parks The
major issue that I see is the spillway access to the public for
revenue from boaters and campers to the town. People don't realise
that spillway was built for a purpose and would be an operational area
and can be shut down by SHL at any time.They also don't realise that
Talbingo Dam is a High risk dam and is inspected every day and could
be shut down at any time if some kind of fault is picked up from the
data from daily inpections The spillway does not get used by vistors 8
months of the year and boat ramp also does not have much traffic for
that Time So possibly to over come some of the concerns of a some of
businesses in town not the Progess association as it seems to me they
are just using this to get back at Snowyhydro to open Jounana Dam
which Iam also pleased to see a definite decision should put an end to
as over half the people in this town did not want it open. The boat
Ram was built nearly 50 years ago and accommodated all traffic but
with the increased of these large ski boats these day the need a good
ramp and parking area which talbingo dam does not have and to take a
boat to the spillway they are still supposed to launch at the Ramp .So
if the Ramp area was widened the toilet bbq area extended possibly
around to the point with a swimming area barried of in between it
possibly could solve all their problems. Snowy hydro has 8months of
the year to move all the equipment with hardly any traffic only 4
months to manage barge or transport movements and some possibly could
be done at night. Snowyhydro sponsors the main events that bring good
income to our club which is nothing to do with Talbingo Dam. The shop
and Garage current do well from Snowyhydro. Jounama dam was very low
in the summer months for air space for high generation if it was open
to the public what would SHL have to put up with it the tourists all
turned up with their non motorised crafts to find no water and full of
mud. All other towns in Snowy Valley Shire have swimming pulls in
their Towns Khancoban just had $500,000 spent on it
Tumbarrumba.Batlow, Adelong and Tumut Towns all have one except
Talbingo which may be another proposal Thank You At the meeting the
other Day only 1 person put his hand up to say he was against Snowy
Brian McIntosh
Bonegilla , Victoria
My family and three other families, a total of 23 of us, travel to
Talbingo every Christmas for a minimum 7 days to water ski only on
Talbingo Dam. We also regularly do weekend trips to ski on what I
believe is the most pristine waterways I have ever skied. During the
last 10 years of traveling to Talbingo, it has become evident that
without the huge influx of visitors to the area during these times,
the viability of the small businesses within Talbingo would not
Recently I was notified that the potential exists for the closure of
the Talbingo Dam access ramps and spillway area due to proposed
exploration works for the Snowy 2.0. I am concerned that this will be
extremely detrimental to the Talbingo Dam users and ultimately the
small business community of Talbingo Township. I am concerned that
once these business are lost to the area, they will not return.
Without access to Talbingo Dam our group will not travel to Talbingo.
During the proposed works access for Talbingo Dam users must be
maintained, and works programmed to operate outside of the peak user
Fire and Rescue NSW
Greenacre , New South Wales
Please see attached.
Matthew Moloney
Brucedale , New South Wales
Firstly, I support the investigation works in principal but I object to
the impacts on waterway users and the township of Talbingo . If those
concerns cannot be addressed, then I object to the investigation works

My family and friends are regular users of Talbingo Dam (It is not
uncommon for us to have 4 generations of my family camping up there).
We use that waterway for skiing from September to May each year and
visit on average every two weeks over that period.

My submission is in relation to the proposal in the application / EIS
to limit or restrict access to the Spillway on the western side of the
dam and also restrictions to access to the boat ramp opposite the

The boat numbers assessed under the EIS are not a true reflection of
boat traffic due to the timing of the survey. For the period from the
start of October to the end of March each year numbers increase

At present there are only three usable boat access points to the dam.
The main ramp at Talbingo Wall takes by far the majority of that
traffic (two lane boat ramp with significant trailer parking area (and
that gets very busy or full at peak times), Lobs Hole (small fishing
boats only with 4WD. Minimal traffic and it will go under Snowy 2.0)
and Sue City at the southern end of the dam which has a very small
single concrete ramp that is more often that not unusable due to water
levels and has very limited trailer parking due to the camp site being
well supported.

If access to the main ramp at Talbingo wall is restricted in any way,
that will have the following effects:

1. That boat traffic will either cease or move to another waterway.
The EIS refers to Blowering Dam as a likely option. The two issues are
that in drought years the water levels over summer can be very low and
secondly, the foreshore at Blowering cannot possibly cope with
additional users coming down from Talbingo. Talbingo is popular due to
more consistent water levels and safer boat access. If Blowering is
too low those users often travel up to Talbingo Dam. If Talbingo ramp
is restricted and Blowering water is too low to use the ramp or it is
too crowded to access or from a safety viewpoint, those users will
leave the area. A large percentage of the users travel between 1.5 and
2hrs to get to the dam. If access is not reliable, then they will not
make the journey.

2. Some of the boat traffic may try to access the dam from the
Southern End at Sue City. That will put enormous pressure on the
facilities at O'Hares Rest Stop and the boat ramp there. That camp
site is often full at the busy times of the year and there is no
capacity to expand its size. That means families cannot camp. Sue City
end is a very small single concrete ramp that is unusable when the
water level drops. The Southern end of the dam is much narrower and an
large influx of boat numbers at that end of the dam will present
significant safety issues.

3. If the boat traffic moves away from the area, the township of
Talbingo will be decimated. The amount of money that is fed into that
small community via the boaters and fishermen that use Talbingo Dam is
enormous. If those users cannot access the dam they will find other
locations and may not return. This would be catastrophic for those
whose livelihoods depend on that tourism spend (accommodation, meals,
fuel and the jobs that stem from that). Even the proposed restrictions
over the investigation phase will have a massive impact on tourism.
The town would never recover. The township has a population of 239 per
last Census. That swells to 2,500 over peak times and a large amount
of those people use the dam. There is also the impact on Tumut where
people often buy supplies and fuel on the way to the waterways.

If access to the ramp at Talbingo is not disrupted but access to the
spillway is completely closed to recreational users during the
investigation phase that will also drive users and tourism away. Over
the warmer months (especially holiday season) it is not uncommon to
see up to one hundred people on that site. There is nowhere else on
the dam that is suitable to beach a boat so other users can swap in
and out. Families use that area and set up shade structures and BBQ's
etc and spend the day on the bank and ski from that side.


1. Access to the Talbingo Boat ramp should not be allowed to be
impacted during the investigation phase or construction phase of Snowy
2.0. The ramp on the spillway for barges etc should be used to launch
all boats and equipment relating to the project. If restricting access
to the ramp is an absolute necessity operationally, then please
consider replicating public ramp access on the Spillway side of the

2. The spillway should not be closed to public access. I accept the
need for barge ramp and project access from that side, but I submit
that it should be a shared area with the project requirements taking
up the Northern end of the spillway and public access available on the
Southern end. If there is insufficient room to accommodate the public
access, then excavate the Southern end and make some more room (some
facilities over there would be pretty handy - toilets, boat ramp,
tables etc similar to the Eastern side of the dam). I am certain that
other respondents will have photos showing the number of people that
use that site.

From my perspective the financial impact on the township and the
potential loss of connection for the families and their friends that
frequent the dam is more important than the power storage than will
eventuate. That being said, it is easily possible to achieve both
aims. Facilities can be provided and recreational access can be
allowed during the different stages of the project. That would also
provide lasting infrastructure for those who benefit from the use of
the dam.
Bob Erskine
Talbingo , New South Wales
Submission uploaded.
Richard Poll
Tumut , New South Wales
To Whom it may concern,
The snowy 2 project is a great thing, but i have concerns about the
public access to Talbingo Dam, once the project has started.
I have heard that there will be a barge running up the Talbingo dam
from the spill way side of the dam and that access will be closed to
the public, is this going to be a permanent thing, like the closing of
the power station at Talbingo, was suppose to reopen to the public but
never did.
There are a huge amount of people that use the Talbingo dam in the
summer time especially, i have seen the car park that full at the dam
wall that you cannot find a park.
If the dam is closed to the public, all the people that come to
Talbingo and stay at the caravan park & the other rental house ect and
spend money in the local community, this will be all lost and then
what do the people of Talbingo do.
Fair enough if the access to the dam is limited for sometime but don't
close it to the public full time, there needs to be more answers,
Why is it that there are meetings at Cooma about the project, but not
at the heart of where thing are going to be happening and are going to
be affecting a township, half the people that sit in offices making
these decisions, wouldn't even know where Talbingo was, maybe they
should get out of their office and take a drive and come visit and you
would see how beautiful the town is.
It will be good to see this project go ahead, but some serious
consideration should be give to the people, businesses and Towns
affected by it.
Doug Gibson Electrical Contractor
Talbingo , New South Wales
As a contractor in Town and have accommodation for rental I would love to
see this project go through.I am president of the country club,
treasurer of the Fishing club, own a ski boat and a fishing boat.I am
fully supportive of Snowyhydro as I contract also for them their
safety systems and environmental policies make sure that all us
contractors carry out our work to a high standard to meet all safety
and environment requirements. The subject of Talbingo Dam spillway and
barge movements I can not see too much of an issue if few things are
changed up there. my family and grand children plus all their friends
ski there when ever they are here. The barge size that are going to be
used are not much bigger than a Large murray River Paddle Steamer
about the same length but a bit wider. If the Boat ramp was widened as
in full boating season we have trouble now and all boats are supposed
to be launched there even if they do travel accross to the spillway.
If the parking are was changed and the toilet block area was widened
people would not want to even take their boats over the other side as
at present they have to unload their cars and transport all their gear
to the other side and the only reason for that is no room on that
side. A lot of boats take their families up the lake as there are
areas up there skiers can use
. There is a lot of negativity amongst a group of people in town
instead of being proactive. Most people that are against these works
going ahead do not have a boat and do not swim and in general do not
go near the place and have not been speaking on behalf of of the Town.
The spillway is only used in swimming and boating season which is
mainly Xmas and new year holidays and weekends even in the peak skiing
periods the boats mainly come into town on weekends or holidays A
round from the boat ramp if you had a large dozer ,excavator and a
couple of tip trucks you could largen the area without too much
trouble and include a swimming area. I read in the local paper where
Head of SHL has made it clear that Jounama Dam will not be opened I am
glad that a decision is now clear because most of the town are sick of
listening of issues 50 years ago .
Name Withheld
Wagga Wagga , New South Wales
Blowering Dam is the first to be drawn down, putting more boat users on
the Talbingo boat ramp & spillway area
* Closing the ramp on Talbingo Dam even for short periods will tend to
push visitors and tourists away knowing this will be going on for at
least 3 ½ years tending not to return.
* Road out to Tumut 3 power station has increased cycle use over
summer periods
Bob Erskine
Talbingo , New South Wales
Socio-Economic Impacts - Workforce:
Assessed across a whole Shire, which for SVC suggests a workforce
spread between Brindabella & Khancoban!
Meanwhile, the town most likely to be impacted, Talbingo, is ignored.
The impact of about 40, with the possibility of many more, across a
community of about 200 adults, is substantial, and should be so
Talbingo Supermarket
Talbingo , New South Wales
Our business comprises 4 full time employees and we have started putting
casuals in the last 3 months, all the owners come from professional
backgrounds prior to purchase of this business back in 1989 and still
utilise the knowledge that had been gained in the individuals
professions in the operation of todays business. We believe that 29
years of operating this business and living in the Talbingo community
puts us in the correct position to make accuratre comments in regards
to the proposed Snowy Hydro 2.0 Explority works and beyond how it
would impact on our business.

With the proposed works due to start late 2018 through to mid- late
2019 on the Talbingo spillway site and the proposed works to the south
along Talbingo Dam we anticipate extra business trading and
opportunites that can create more employment in our business as well
as creating new business post explority works that would continue on
in the township.

We have noted as discussed the various restriction that may apply to
the navigation on Talbingo Dam while barge moments are happening and
acknowlege Snowy Hydro in offering the perhaps replication of the
existing swim area to new location to offset public access to areas
with an open community support mechanism ie help with new assets and
or infrastucture in our township. ie refurbishment of walk path and
trails to minimise pedestrans on roadways; assistance in NBN
infrastucture, passive health and exercise equipment for community and
visitors, establishment of a post Snowy 2.0 tourism campaign to help
negate any unforseen downturn in local tourism. Post 2.0 construction
of the swing bridge to cross Jounama pondage would open up massive
opportunity to all year round outdoor pursuits in areas to our West.
At the end of the day the businesses in our community are driven by
tourism all year round.
These would be the positives and outcomes needed for our town to
In conclusion we are in favour of the chance to be part of Snowy Hydro
expansion as we move forward to bring opportunity to the next new
players in our business.
Bob Erskine
Talbingo , New South Wales
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