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State Significant Infrastructure


Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works

Snowy Monaro Regional, Snowy Valleys

Current Status: Determination

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Exploratory works for the Snowy 2.0 electric storage and generation project, including construction of an exploratory tunnel and associated infrastructure.

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Consolidated Approval


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Bernard Cass
Talbingo , New South Wales
As it appears there will be some disruption of access to Talbingo Dam at
the spillway, this submission's focus is on ways to alleviate the loss
of this amenity to the economy of Talbingo.
I believe that a re-homing of the tourism aspects of the spillway area
to the boatramp and other parts of Talbingo Dam shoreline is needed.
Currently the spillway area is used for swimming in a safe area, with
a pontoon, pathway and bouyline to exclude boats. It is also used to
park boats while owners, family and friends picnic and is used to
launch non-powered craft such as canoes and kayaks.

If this capability were to be transferred to the boatramp area where
BBQ sites and toilet facilities exist, as well as creating suitable
picnic areas on other parts of Talbingo Dams's shoreline, the impact
on the town's economy would be lessened.
At the boatramp, a semi-immersed swimming pool at the BBQ area (south
of the boatramp) and boat moorings north of the boatramp would assist
in keeping tourists coming to Talbingo.
Identifying suitable picnic areas along the Talbingo Dam shoreline -
similar to the Tumbarumba Ski Club area - would reduce the
concentration of people at the boatramp.

Additionally, to enhance the tourist's experience of Talbingo, the
current SnowyHydro display should be revitalised, tours of T3 power
station reinstated and provide access to Jounama pondage.

With regard to Jounama pondage, even at maximum generation, the flow
rate of the water through the dam is negligible and rise rate is very
manageable. There is no valid reason to continue the prohibition of
swimmers and watercraft on Jounama pondage.
Environment Protection Authority
Queanbeyan , New South Wales
Please see attached
Heather Byatt
Talbingo , New South Wales
as per attached document
Russell Davies
Henty , New South Wales
I have an investment property in Talbingo, which l rent out on a
regular basis. Having owned this property for over 6 years and often
attending for maintainance and cleaning l have come to feel like "a
local". I have a lot of respect for the resident population that try
to advance the appeal of their town, working together with pride and
vision. I have also noted the lack of vision and positive input Snowy
Hydro have given to a community that deserve better. From an
organisation that promotes its virtues and commitment to communities
and people, the exact opposite appears to apply to the Talbingo
Community, many promises and failure to deliver. Whilst we are a part
of the Snowy Valley Council, communication and financial support
directly to this Council is not what anyone in Talbingo would consider
a consultation process...Fail. Discussions on a single day to one
local, from a contracted company, and visual assessments on two
occasions would not be a true indication or constitute an acceptable
representation of the actual use of Talbingo as a tourist or holiday
destination or the use of Talbingo Dam for recreational
Some years ago I mooted a proposal to hold a rowing regatta on Jounama
Pondage to promote Talbingo and assist the business community who
appear to struggle between the "Snow Season" and Summer Holiday
Season.Families, young and old from various city locations, first time
visitors on an annual basis. I was informed that it was highly
unlikely that this would be allowed by Snowy Hydro as they had
restricted any use of Jounama apart from the "Jounama Classic" fishing
competition held annually. Not only was this unlikely but l was
informed that history indicated that previously the Pondage had been
used for swimming and canoeing activities and these
activities were banned due to a very valid concern (sewerage
contamination) but would be "re opened" when the problem was
fixed...Still Waiting...Years on. A bit like the Tumut 3 Power Station
access for tourism....Still waiting...Years on.
Not one to give in easily , I pitched my proposal to a Snowy Hydro
employee but was given the "thumbs down". Whilst visiting Cooma I
again voiced my proposal to the manager he advised me he would discuss
it with upper management but felt it was not a viable proposal.
I may sound a little derogatory and disenchanted but history indicates
that unles it is to the benefit of Snowy Hydo they are not interested,
particularly when it involves a small community that has difficulty in
having its voice heard.
The fate of the viability of Talbingo township lies in the hands of
Snowy Hydro and the way they conduct their proposed T2 business
venture. They have the ability to re direct, restructure or compensate
with viable options, the impact that this proposal will have on
Talbingo. More than this they need to communicate with the people ,
discuss these options, listen to problems and perhaps alternative
solutions and get a result that is agreeable to all parties.
Concilliation is much preferred to confrontation.
I can't help but wonder whether the lack of constructive detail is
because one person has to much influence or a number of people have no
idea in what is going on. Is this management?
I wait with interest to see what will be...
Russ Davies
Dianne Smith
Talbingo , New South Wales
Please refer to the attached PDF
The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd
Sydney , New South Wales
Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find attached a submission from the Colong Foundation for
Wilderness as an objection to the so-called exploratory works for the
staged Snowy 2 proposal that will significantly degrade national
heritage listed Kosciuszko National Park.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Muir
The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd
Louise Moffatt
Talbingo , New South Wales
Please see attachéd PDF submission.
Name Withheld
Talbingo , New South Wales
I have included a pdf letter for my submission. Sorry it is in twice as I
was unsure it was working. Thank you

R. Shield
Mark Drum
Wagga Wagga , New South Wales
As a regular boat user we use Talbingo dam for both fishing and water
skiing. My family and i also use Talbingo Dam for kayaking.

My family and friends are frequent users of the spillway as base to
water ski from as on most occasions we can not ski from boat as we
have too many family members/friends.

Lobs Hole is also 4 day annual fishing/camping and it would be a shame
not to be able to do this in the future.

Talbingo Dam is an awesome water way which is one of the cleanest, and
most beautiful dams, and i hope it stays that way.
David Hooper
Merricks North , Victoria
Please see the attached submission.
George Thomas
WAGGA WAGGA , New South Wales
I am concerned that the EIS has been structured in such a way that
valued elements in the Lobs Hole Ravine area will not be adequately
One such example is the Ravine Public School site which is at risk of
destruction due to road works.
Full details of the extent of the site and its value are attached.
Joel Moller
Wagga Wagga , New South Wales
Please see attached submission
Bob Erskine
Talbingo , New South Wales
See uploaded documents
Bob Erskine
Talbingo , New South Wales
See uploaded documents.
Gary Bilton
TALBINGO , New South Wales
See Below
George Thomas
WAGGA WAGGA , New South Wales
I am concerned at the content of the EIS relating to the Eastern and
Western rock emplacements and the proposed bridge in the Ravine
Village precinct.
The attached submission provides specific information detailing the
apparent shortcomings of the proposals detailed in the EIS.
I am willing to clarify any aspect and prepared to attend site
I believe an independent body should be established to observe and
report on compliance with protective measures listed for adoption
Dawn and Bill Byatt
Talbingo , New South Wales
as per attachment
Talbingo Tourist Park
Talbingo , New South Wales
Please refer to attached submission
John Weckert
Talbingo , New South Wales
Our comments are provided in the file
Weckert response Snowy 2 EIS
Paul Lucas
Wa , New South Wales
· Financial impact of businesses in Talbingo
· Spillway very important to families who bring friends sharing one
· During drought and dry times, Talbingo has a higher visitor rate as
Blowering Dam can get very low
· Blowering Dam is the first to be drawn down, putting more boat users
on the Talbingo boat ramp & spillway area
· Closing the ramp on Talbingo Dam even for short periods will tend to
push visitors and tourists away knowing this will be going on for at
least 3 ½ years tending not to return
· Road out to Tumut 3 power station has increased cycle use over
summer periods
· The town grows to approx. 2500
· The Kosciuszko National Park will be receiving millions of dollars
in compensation to regenerate the area affected. Boat & dam users
should also at least get the same in compensation by expanding the
spillway area and creating other areas on the dam for them to use.


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