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Sydney International Speedway


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Construction and operation of a new speedway (Sydney International Speedway) including a clay-based racetrack, support infrastructure for competitors, support infrastructure for spectators and ancillary infrastructure and services.

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On 22 May 2023, NSW Planning issued an Official Caution to Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure Pty Ltd (Abergeldie) for not complying with the Flora and Fauna Management Plan for the Sydney International Speedway project. Abergeldie was required to install nest boxes prior to clearing of habitat trees; however, nest boxes were not installed prior to clearing activities. Abergeldie has since installed the next boxes to replace the hollows that were cleared.

Note: Only enforcements and inspections undertaken by the Department from March 2020 will be shown above.


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James Baker
HAPPY VALLEY , South Australia
Looks great, please proceed.
Steven lopez
MINCHINBURY , New South Wales
Hi, I have seen the plans for the new speedway. As a long time spectator at the current speedway can I suggest if it is not in the plans already that a hill type spectator area for families with children be included on the grounds as well as grand stand seating as i know when i go my 4yo son likes playing on the hill with his friends while watching the racing. Thank you for your time in reading this suggestion and I look forward to seeing the final product whem the speedway opens.
Name Withheld
This facility is pivotal in not only keeping speedway in Sydney but will reinvigorate a sport that has a step history in NSW. I did notice that there was no Speedway Bike track depicted in the online virtual plan. Speedway Bike racing was born in NSW and whilst producing many world class riders & world champions all Sydney Metro Speedway bike tracks disappeared. We have some great talented riders currently riding professionally in Uk & Europe and having a dedicated bike track in the inner field would be a huge opportunity for the sport to grow to the levels as it was when there were facilities in Sydney Metro. Junior speedway is seeing growth and this facility will also showcase the sport to new riders increasing the talent and ensure Australian riders keep competing at the highest levels both nationally and internationally.
Shane Beresford
COMO , New South Wales
Hi Major Projects,
I'm Shane Beresford a member of many drifting car clubs in the Sydney area and also the circuit designer for Luddenham Raceway.
I think it's great to be further developing the facilities at Eastern Creek. I do have some suggestions, There are many other motoring discplines that are not catered for in the Sydney area. One of them is Drifting, What I want to suggest is to have one of the many new carparks to be modified to a multipurpose short circuit to accommodate regular drifting events and other motoring clubs. From competition level all the way down to club level events. The area I believe best suited is the middle carpark against the hill and away from the boundary. This location (refer to key map) would be best for insulation of noise and dissipation of smoke before reaching the public roads. The venue would create tyre smoke and noise from the spinning of tyres. Using the natural hill between the 2 carparks would be developed into some spectator viewing overlooking the venue and allowing for a small control office to overlook the venue. Drifting is similar to the speedway in regards to spectator attraction and would bring audiences to the area for those events aswell. I've attached a design that I've created for the carpark. The main changes to the carpark would be off venue lighting, developing the hillside, creating ripple strips, providing protective barriers around the perimeter and gravel run off zone. When not it use the area can still be used for carparking and other purposes. Please feel free to contact me further about this potential.
The Art of Speedway
RIVERSTONE , New South Wales
Hello there,
I am Gavin Skene from The Art of Speedway. I am the 2019 Speedway Australia Photographer of the Year and have also been a previous employee of Valvoline Raceway, Toowoomba Speedway and Murray Bridge Speedway in every roll, from track prep, general maintenance, grounds keeping, Advertising, Art direction, photography, videography and sales and marketing. Since 2016 I have been running my own small business in Motorsport Photography and Design across Australia from Speedway to TARGA Rally, human obstacle course racing and also studio photography. I have worked in motorsports my whole life from the magazines to now with the manufacturing of parts for racecars (had to adapt due to COVID). I am just wanting to make a suggestion as the SGP (Speedway Grand Prix) and other venues (WSID when I was there) have been at photographing have had the best results for us photographers with having a Media Room. Valvoline Raceway and other tracks to not have this however it is great for those making the sport look as amazing as it is to work without the worry of leaving their gear on the infield. During rain nights if I am in the pits and my gear is on the infield it is dangerous to cross the track while very wet to get your equipment then to try and get back out from the infield is also a challenge,plus it can be costly to the fear of losing thousands of dollars of equipment and computers. Also the scare of it being stolen. When the SGP was at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne they supplied the photographers with a secured media room, power and internet access to relay the work on the night of the event and fridges with water and food. It was something that I tried to implement in the Made Too Go venues but it was not looked at as it would have been a cost to setup. I would like to just give a suggestion that with this venue becoming a world class stadium arena for the greatest show on dirt and also with the return of the bikes to Sydney that it could be a great opportunity to work with those who are there to promote it and have thousands of dollars worth of equipment to be able to work worry free on the nights of the events. I hope this is taken into consideration with what I believe is going to be the best thing for this sport to make it go forward and also generate tourism back into Sydney with having somewhere to host the SGP (which had 25,000 people attending from all over the world in 2017). If there is any further we could discuss please do not hesitate to contact me on 0414 327865. Thank you.

Gavin Skene
The Art of Speedway
Bradley Anstis
CLOVELLY , New South Wales
Hi, the plans look fantastic and this will be a great facility for speedway in Australia.
However, with all the effort you are going to, can you also consider putting in a smaller/shorter track on the inside of the current larger track, you could then run even more classes of speedway vehicles including the classes where kids can come up through the ranks. Classes such as 1/4 midgets and go-karts are what I am referring to. A total track length of anything up to 320 meters would be ideal, and has been done at many other tracks, can be on the inside of an existing track. The NSW Outlaw karts site has a good description of the ideal track here:
So these classes could be added to a main night, or run as separate events on a Sunday afternoon for example, further expanding the family aspect of Speedway.
Thanks in advance for your consideration of this idea.
Edward Hewer
TOONGABBIE , New South Wales
Please build the track to the same dimensions as existed at Granville site.

When Eastern Creek Grand Prix circuit was made certain compromises were made which ended up with NSW missing out on the top motorsports opportunities.

Conversely when the Drag Racing track at Eastern Creek was made there were no compromises which constrained its ability to host the best drag racing events in the world. It was seen as the best of its type when opened and is internationally well known.

Please don’t hobble our motorsports opportunities with only a short term gain in mind. Please use my tax money for the long game where nobody can blame the circuit for missing out on events.
Todd Bayley
BENSVILLE , New South Wales
Having been involved in speedway my whole life and currently owning and driving a dirt late model I am extremely excited about this new track. My main concerns though are that we do miss this “golden” opportunity to build a world class facility that speedway in Sydney and Australia deserves. Firstly we can not afford to have this new track built narrower then the current track at Clyde as we are already too narrow for cars like what I drive that is Latemodels and not to mention once we have a wall around the perimeter of the track itself it will also reduce the current racing room that we have (I am also a huge fan for a wall to be included in the new track to bring the crowds closer to the racing action and increase spectators experience)
Secondly I hope that we can increase the banking in the track surface as I know we are very limited with the land available To build on but by increasing the tracks banking you can widen the tracks racing surface but not increase the overall footprint of the track,
My 3rd major concern is the time restrictions I.e curfews that we currently face at Clyde that have affected our nights on numerous occasions regularly through out the season of racing forcing us to pack up and go home before completion of an event often with corporate sponsors present or interstate travelers and obviously leaving a very sour taste in everyone’s mouth and often turning people away from the sport.
I hope this input is helpful and I am extremely passionate about this sport and I would be more then happy to help if any other information was needed.
I am 30 years of age and I am also a small business owner currently involved in numerous infrastructure projects in the civil industry.
Thank you again
Regards Todd
Name Withheld
KINGSGROVE , New South Wales
Good morning

I would like to object to the location of the project on grounds of it being a danger to the drag strip. As you would be well aware the drag strip is home to the fastest cars on the planet and given the mess this speedway will create it is bound to end badly for someone. Speedway drivers are very open in that they are not concerned for the dangers and have openly voiced there opinion that its not their responsibility to keep drag racers safe. Even O'Bryan appears to be a sprint car driver from Albury and this attitude is not what motorsport is about. We want them to have somewhere to enjoy their sport but it cant be at the cost of not only the safety of the drag racers, but also at the use of the drag strip which i am led to believe will also be one of trhe impacts of this speedways location.
Name Withheld
DOONSIDE , New South Wales
There will be benefits of this proposal such as more entertainment for locals in the area as well as those who wish to travel to this location.

As a resident of Doonside I would like the following to be considered in detail before the flag fly of approval:

- Time of operation needs to consider the noise exposure of residential properties. Sound of the track area can travel considerable distances including the Huntington Heights area of Doonside. I hope sound tests have occurred in this area.
- sound mitigation should be undertaken to limit maximum noise traveling to residential areas especially after 7:30pm.
- environmental management needs to be undertaken regularly such as rubbish management, extra trees planted and sufficient environmental monitoring (noise and odors).
- bus on demand could occur for doonside station to help utilise public transport from nearby train stations.
Adrian Menzel
ROBERTSTOWN , South Australia
1) The time for the completion of noise is 10pm.
I believe that it is too early and should be 12 midnight as there can be times due to race stoppages it takes extra time and the meeting should be able to be completed.
I have seen his happen at other speedways and the meeting as to be cut short due to a noise curfew.
2) To control the dust, install a fine sprinkler system on top of the concrete safety fence all the way around the track which can be turned on when required and the whole track can be done at the same time which would save time.
Name Withheld
CAMDEN , New South Wales
Good Morning
Can you advise if the new track has built in watering/sprinkler system.? Typically speedways have a water truck.It drives around the circuit for hours and hours watering the track. The would reduce manpower and allow more efficient watering system. Ensuring a consistent spray of water across the entire track. Also reduces the grooves left in the track by the water trucks
Competitor pits area need a power outlet at each bay. This will eliminate each competitor using their own generator. Reducing noise level and emissions in the pits.
Name Withheld
WOODBINE , New South Wales
Sydney needs this to continue the great history of speedway. the community and local businesses support the sport. year after year and will continue to grow.
David Cheshire
BEACHMERE , Queensland
In a remarkably similar set of circumstances at the Perth Motorplex, it has been a disaster for many years. Solo riders would not ride there and sidecars can’t fit for the following reasons.
Shape & length of track:
The car tracks shape and size was designed, then they just plonked a bike track inside of that where the straights are way too long for the corners. The inside track is flat with very little camber. You had to set your gearing for the straights but then you carry so much speed that even though the corners are some 18 metres wide, many riders only need to hit one rut or get a little too much drive and (because of the tall gearing) couldn’t lock the bike up to make the turn and they would run onto the car track.
The clay car track has so many deep ruts that riders would squash there exhaust pipe and then fall off.
The bike track was not thought out well, as some of the lighting towers were placed on the inside of both tracks in a place that made it impossible to shorten the track.
During the first season the surface of the bike track was really good - the right blend of clay and dolomite, to give a surface that bikes could slide and race on safely. The problems we then faced was the car guys complaining that the bike surface was getting sprayed into the car track and wearing their tyres out prematurely. Personally from what I witnessed I don’t think enough went on for this to have too much validity . However, maybe over a few seasons possibly?
However, for the bike track after 2/3 off seasons, the winter rains running down the banking of the car track washed a significant amount of clay onto the bike track. By the 3rd & 4th season we could not skid into the corners at all. The only way to fix this would be to rip and blend in some more of the diorite/dolomite.

This is a costly exercise that the venue wouldn’t spend the money on and the car divisions strongly protested against. They then tried making the bike track hard and dry with sand on, but again the car guys protested as it caused a dangerous dust situation and the sand simply wasn’t substantial enough to stop the fast guys actually going backwards in the turns, as the sand rutted up riders again heading into the car track.
Sidecars only did a few meetings as they were having similar problems, but the main problem is when sidecars go wrong they head to the inside. With the large lighting towers, the barriers that on the inside to keep track staff safe, the race cars pusher vehicle's and all the sponsor signage on the inside, MA simply would not license the track for sidecars.

I’m sharing this info not to be a negative nelly, but just to alert you guys to the unfixable mistakes that were inadvertently made when they built our Metropolitan Perth track.
It’s such a as shame that it has happened because the venue is amazing.
The bikes have returned last year, but nobody likes going there and they have to two-wheel into the corners. It’s ok for the B & C grade riders as most of those guys roll into corners. But handle bar to handle bar A grade solo racing just doesn’t happen. It’s more of a publicity exercise to advertise Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway to people that may not no bike racing still exists in the Metro area.
I hope our experiences may help you guys plan better to ensure you have a successful venue show casing all forms of Speedway 4, 3 and 2 wheels. David Cheshire.
Trevor Daley
GLENMORE PARK , New South Wales
The new Sydney International Speedway is something I, and many of my family and friends, am looking forward to seeing. I have been a supporter of speedway in NSW for my entire life and the new facility should be brilliant.
I encourage the project team to go ahead with haste to ensure the facility is completed in a timely manner. The speedway fraternity is a large and loyal group that will endorse the new facility when completed.
I believe the track needs to be of a similar size to that of Valvoline Raceway, accommodating sprintcars and the various divisions. A bike track on the inside of the main track would be great to see also. Sydney misses the speedway bike racing.
The mood on social media is mixed, and I ask that clear and positive announcements are made on a regular basis, to make sure the correct information is being consumed.
We wish you well in the building process and look forward to the many positive updates.

Trevor Daley
Fire and Rescue NSW
GREENACRE , New South Wales
Dear Jonathon,

Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) acknowledge the receipt of your email on the 19th August 2020, requesting input into the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Sydney Speedway (SSI 10048).

FRNSW are satisfied with the documentation that was provided in support of the development.

FRNSW requests to be consulted during the design phase of the fire and life safety systems for the project and notes on page 257, A concept fire safety strategy was prepared as part of the concept design to outline the fundamental fire safety design concepts for the project. The fire strategy includes consideration of relevant objectives with respect to building design and fire brigade intervention in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) performance requirements. Fire and Rescue New South Wales will be further consulted during design development.

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact the Fire Safety Infrastructure Liaison Unit, referencing FRNSW file number BFS20/2543. Please ensure that all correspondence in relation to this matter is submitted electronically to [email protected].
Craig Davis
MARDI , New South Wales
As a speedway competitor and small parts supplier i am in favour of the new complex being built.I believe speedway is a great family oriented sport and also provides an outlet f or people to compete in a controlled environment instead of on the streets.All of my children and my speedway friends children have grow up around speedway.Many bussinesses rely on speedway racing including parts shops fuel supplies motels to name just a few.We take pride in our cars and the cars we supply components for both on and off the racetrack.Speedway has a great history in NSW especially Sydney with the former Sydney Showground a lost icon.I bieve it to be in the best interest of the communities to have the facility built and used for not only speedway meetings but also driver education in conjunction with the surrounding facilities
Sydney Water
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please refer to the letter attached to this application.
luke griffiths
NORTH CURL CURL , New South Wales
i have issues with the positioning of the new speedway due to safety concerns .
These are safety concerns for both dragracers and Sydney Dragway staff .
With the speedway being placed beside the dragway braking area and the speedway being a clay surface you will have a high probability of dust being raised . As the prevailing winds are from a south west to north west direction you will get this clay dust blown directly over the braking area .
The dust will make the braking surface slippery and with vehicles going as fast as 500KMH this will be unsafe and dangerous , to both racers and track staff .
The dust itself cannot be simply blown or brushed off , if the track surface is contaminated it must be washed off .This will stop all drag racing at that time .
There is precedent for this with the Mildura dragway being shut down from dust/dirt blown in from the surrounding area when windy .
As the speedway hours would be anticipated to be run from afternoon through evening on Friday through Sunday this will come up against the dragway operating hours as well as the most popular times used for major race events .
It is well and good to say "there will be dust monitors "but once there is dust spread onto the dragway it is too late .
Biodiversity and Conservation Division
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please find attached EES response


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