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Sydney Terminal Building Revitalisation

City of Sydney

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Proposal to refurbish and restore the Sydney Terminal Building at Central Station as part of the wider Central Precinct Renewal Program works. This includes improved pedestrian connections, heritage conservation, improved lighting & wayfinding.

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City of Sydney
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Sydney Water
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Name Withheld
SURRY HILLS , New South Wales
Thomas Walder
CHERRYBROOK , New South Wales
The external plans and internal plans for the terminal are largely fine, my real concern is with the new two story building proposed for Eddy Avenue. It blocks the view of the railway to and from the terminal building, and views of the trains from, and to the Eddy Avenue entrance. If this building was kept single story, or sunken I would have no objection, and be in favour of the rest of the plan.

In the live stream, the presenters discussed how adding building there would form a symmetry with the rest of the Eddy Avenue entrance. the f there really must be something to form symmetry there, perhaps seating. shielded by a transparent sound barrier allowing view through. That would also be more space for the crowds coming and going from the station entrance, rather than having to share with people at tables.
Alternativity, if it there is some quota to meet with number of shops, then is lowering the building an option? That said, compromising the experience of this site, and blocking sitelines to the trains just for symmetry seems like a bad idea. It is better as a single story.

This may seem a small thing, but attention to details like this make a place go from just another nice but forgettable shopping place, to a memorable place to visit.
This problem also is reflective of greater problems with the approach to Central as a place. And by Central, I don't mean the Sydney Terminal building, but the station as a whole.
I am very concerned the plans are far too doggedly focused on issues of retail and the heritage of the terminal building itself, while not seeing the woods for the trees.

Where's the consideration of sightlines to and from the trains? Most people visit the station in order to make a train trip. Special pleasure trip rail journeys, such as The Picnic train and Indian pacific are increasingly popular. People using these want to be able to watch trains (and not just the one they're taking) coming and going.

Central used to have a railway memorabilia shop and display, but I haven't heard any talk of reinstating one of those. Why does the plan not celebrate what central really is as a place- the state's main railway station. New retail opportunities should compliment this, not obstruct it. Mostly, the terminal building plan is neutral to this key part of the place, apart from this proposed two story building, which has a negative impact.
All heritage places have a unique story. But by far the most unique feature of this place is it's role as the core station of the NSW rail network. There are many other places for shops and entertainment, but Sydney only has one central station.

And yet instead of celebrating this railway place, you're hiding the trains at eddy avenue away behind buildings, and reducing the platforms to a backspace, rather than where the main business of a station takes place- that is catching, changing and waiting for trains. The new shops and so on will be nice, and may not compromise the transport functionality, but there's plenty about the broader precinct plan which compromises the railway travel experience.

Hiding the trains is not celebration. This is shunning. This is denying the place for what it is. A train is not just a machine which movies around, it's full of people. It's a human activity, an experience, and point of veiw too.

Not incorporating the view to and from the trains is a considerable oversight of this plan. A similar oversight has already impacted another part of the station. There used to be a magnificent view across the platforms as you came in from any of the suburban lines. This a significant amount of this view is now blocked by a great big ventilation building crudely plonked down in the middle of the tracks. Again, this is a small thing, but a better design would have considered this, not just the small section of the station being served by that building. Here, with a small modification, this could be a better design.

There is a similar great view towards the terminal building which you get to experience while travelling between the suburban platforms and the city circle. This would be ruined by plonking down a building here.

Currently, it's a good view of the trains from that balcony area on the eastish side of the terminal building. The rest of the plans for the terminal building and Eddy avenue area would only improve this. Blocking that view is a waste of potential.
A good deal of the people who would choose central as a place to stop and eat (as in to go there, not just because they are passing through) would be rail fans - this is a place that appeals to them. Blocking of the trains compromises that appeal. Large train stations are fundamentally busy, noisy places - shops would do best trying to appeal to people this place has a special draw for.
Additionally, heritage rail organisations have been trying to run more special trains - just last year we had 3801 paired with heritage electric sets travel through the city circle. Such an event is rare, but still, had this building been there, a great place to watch from would have been compromised.

I get that not everyone is a railway fan. I get a lot of people wouldn't care. But this is a special place when it comes to railways. If there's somewhere in this city where the railway should be celebrated, it is at railway central. I am sure the design team will be fine when it comes to the inside of the building, but deliberately blocking the view of the trains, and from the trains, has me questioning how respectful the plan will actually be, as well how well thought out it actually is.

This plan shows awareness of the history of the immediate building, aboriginal connections, even class issues with the exploration of how the baggage handling area might be used and brought into view.
So why isn't the railway considered or represented? Why does the larger precinct in general shun and hide the trains? Why was there not a rail heritage specialist, or even just a railway fan in the team to who could better inform such decisions?

Rail should be the a key theme of the place. Hiding the trains behind buildings, blocking the view of people traveling is a bad idea. This is why I am concerned about the plans, and believe they are in need of modification before anything goes ahead.
Name Withheld
wollongong , New South Wales
I object to this project due to:
- Detailed pedestrian modelling is required to demonstrate ensure passengers are unhindered getting to/from their train/bus/tram/metro/taxi/coach/ other.
- Every retail space will require deliveries and waste removed - needs to be close to premises suitable for large trolleys and bins . Serving from Regent St is burdensome for businesses and exposes customers to odours. Serving should be via Pitt St driveway. If awkward servicing is implemented garbage trucks and delivery vehicles will stop at Pitt St and Eddy Ave kerbs.
- 'Dining' is the overwhelming proposed reuse of existing and added floorspace. The travelling public, and Sydney Trains/TAHE have to ensure viability risks are borne by others.
Action for Public Transport (NSW) Inc.
LINDFIELD , New South Wales
See attached PDF (2 pages)
National Trust (NSW)
Millers Point , New South Wales
Please see attached comments from the National Trust NSW.
Name Withheld
MONTEREY , New South Wales
1 . Also underground toilets are unservallenced and are a terrorist target to place a bomb in and will cause major damage to the foundations off the iconic building . Please do not ignore what could be prevented .
2. The undercover pathway in front of Cjs should not be blocked off as in torrential or heavy rain it will cause a back up of people at the escalators and in eddy ave exit . NOT WELL THOUGHT THROUGH .
3. I am not understanding how heritage will allow the beautiful stone building in front of cjs to be covered up with a shop infont and also the awning above cjs on the country platform will also cover up a lot of the sandstone instead of enjoying the beautiful look of the building .WE NEED TO EXPOSE IT NOT COVER IT UP !!
4 . I am deeply concerned about the existing business in eddy ave ,In particular Cjs over 30 years of service .
Name Withheld
Woy Woy , New South Wales
I object to project as it will affect people using CJ Cafe to buying there meals & loss of jobs.
Peter Retallick
FAIRFIELD , New South Wales
I would like to see a much more curvacious roof on Central Station. Something like Spencer Street Station in Melbourne but without the columns. Airports sometimes have very modulated roofs - Madrid. The foyer of the British Musuem has a modern transparent roof on an older building.
Lyndel Gorsuch
BOW BOWING , New South Wales
The current purpose of the cafe site at the bottom of the stairs provides valuable service to staff and passengers alike transiting Sydney Terminal. It is a long standing bastion of railway culture that provides goods and services at times most other vendors are closed.
The friendly nature of the staff and welcoming gestures make the place somewhere you want to go.

Any further gentrification of the Sydney Terminal site renders the area out of touch. Upgrades to the exisiting facilities should be prioritised over removal of long standing tenants.
The attempts at ‘glorifying’ the terminal with expensive food and drink options takes away from the travel experience of so many and forces them to leave the site in order to find affordable refreshments so as not to be taken advantage of.

The current tenants in the cafe site CJs provide valuable services to the homeless and in need in the area by way of food and refreshment availability when possible. This should be commended, not castrated from the area.
Trent Nicholson
NARRABEEN , New South Wales
I don't agree with the alterations to Eddy Ave. To disrupt the existing business of CJ's is really disappointing - I have been a customer for over ten years now and the owners and their staff are excellent. CJ's provides affordable, fast and friendly food of all varieties from fresh sandwiches to hot meals and cold drinks. They often open pre-dawn to make coffee and food available to early morning visitors to Central Station - there is literally nobody else within the station offering this level of service and diversity of offerings. Futhermore, moving the retail areas forward forces people walking from the station to the street to walk out in the open, rather than undercover as they can do now. This makes it hard for people when it is raining. I would urge the current custodian of Central Station to reconsider these plans, consult with local successful businesses and come up with a better solution. Please don't hurt my local cafe.
Barbara Hanley
ENGADINE , New South Wales
My Greatest concern, in light of recent vandalism, is the retention of the historic building, its architecture, inclusions and atmosphere.
It is sad to see that already the heritage notification boards are gone as are many of the historical items at all train stations.
Sadly I am worried that it will just end up a "Modern interpretation" of the historical and loved "Central".
Other world cities value their history, whereas NSW is not. With what happened to Willow Grove and the ugly Milk Crate Museum to be built, I am saddened for future generations that will be left with ugly, modern soul-less edifaces.
James Cartwright
INGLEBURN , New South Wales
Whilst I support the project, I object to the use of large glass panels in the roof of the terminal which will make the concourse hot in winter and extraordinarily hot in summer. There is a good reason why the current roof has opaque panels as these let in light without letting in too much heat. I submit these comments for your respectful consideration for adoption.
Maureen O'Malley
BALMAIN , New South Wales
I am deeply concerned about the impact on loyal local businesses in the Eddy Ave Plaza, who have faithfully served commuters and railway staff for years. In particular, I am worried about the early-morning cafe, CJs, which looks like it will be obliterated. I urge you very strongly not to wipe out these hardworking community-oriented businesses. You need to retain them and make provisions for them to continue, not destroy them for fancy places that go out of existence when there's a moment's difficulty.
I am also concerned about the extreme amount of development for the whole site, the excessive size and scale, and the massive attempt to turn this into some sort of high-priced shopping centre and goodness knows what else. The disruption for everyone who uses the station will be excessive for a very long time. Scale things down. Yes, rejuvenate, but don't destroy everything including the basic amenities and businesses. You are also destroying the tiny bits of greenery that remain (e.g., the trees in Eddy Ave plaza) and you are causing an enormous amount of environmental degradation. SCALE things DOWN! Think small and effective, not overblown, overbudget, and overcorporatized!!!
Phillip Enderby
SPEERS POINT , New South Wales
This project is well overdue and will provide significant benefits to commuters and result in heritage conservation and enhancement.
Name Withheld
RANDWICK , New South Wales
This is yet another cynical and inaccurately termed "revitalization" project, which aims to completely overshadow the historic Central Station with high rise development. It is completely inappropriate and will not in any way improve the area but will detract from the beautiful heritage architecture
Graham Hall
CROYDON , New South Wales
Please include access to the terminal for people on bicycles. This should include:
- Separated bicycle paths leading into the terminal from surrounding streets and coming from different directions (the city, broadway, Surrey Hills, Redfern, etc)
- Secure bicycle parking, preferably under cover
- Clear signage for cyclists entering and exiting the terminal
Name Withheld
PADSTOW , New South Wales
Hi, I am writing in regards to the new
development project at Central. I think
you should consider these following things

:- More seating

Using environmentally friendly energy sources

Drinking fountains (filtered water)

Cleaner toilets

A plaque with information on the history of
central & surrounding areas

An information booth that informs the
public of activities in the city, transportation,
& any other information that would help.

A bike stand for bike riders

Power points for patrons to use for devices &
seating next to them

Charitable donation coin slots available

A question & answer section on the website of
HAYMARKET , New South Wales


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