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State Significant Development


Tallawong Station Precinct South - Stage 2 detailed design application


Current Status: Determination

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  8. Determination

Stage 2 - Detailed Development Application - Tallawong Station Precinct South - SSD 9063

Attachments & Resources

Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition_25062020_120021

Request for SEARs (2)

Scoping Report
Preliminary Architectural Package

SEARs (1)

Issued SEARs_13022020_125151

EIS (51)

Appendix 24 - Revised Traffic Impact Assessment
Appendix 2 - Revised SEPP 65 Design Statement
Appendix 36-Detail Site Survey
Appendix 50-Sydney Metro Package
Appendix 47- Design Excellence Report
Appendix 49-Public and Private Domain Lighting
Appendix 48-Electrical Infrastructure
Appendix 46-Clause 4.6 - FSR
Appendix 45-Clause 4.6 - Building Height
Appendix 44-Waste and Resourse Recovery Plan
Appendix 43-Dilapidation Report
Appendix 42 - Soil Landscape Specification Report
Appendix 41-QS Report
Appendix 40-Community Consultation Report
Appendix 39-Preliminary Plan of Management
Appendix 38-Draft Stratum Plan
Appendix 37-Draft Lot Subdivision Plan
Appendix 35- Solar Reflectivity Report
Appendix 34-Wind Impact Assessment Report
Appendix 33-Aboricultural Report
Appendix 32-BCA Report
Appendix 31-Acoustics and Vibration Report
Appendix 30 - Accessibility Report
Appendix 29-Operational Waste Managment Plan
Appendix 28-Construction Management Plan
Appendix 27-Crime Prevention Report
Appendix 26-Green Travel Plan
Appendix 25-Road Safety Audit
Appendix 23-Fire Engineering Compliance Statement
Appendix 22 - Hydraulic Report
Appendix 21 - Mechanical and Electrical Report
Appendix 19-DRAINS Model
Appendix 18-MUSIC MODEL
Appendix 20-FLOOD MODEL
Appendix 17-Flood Report
Appendix 16-Civil and Stormwater Report
Appendix 15-Civil Package
Appendix 14-Sydney Water Supporting Letter
Appendix 13-Remediation Action Plan
Appendix 12-Detailed Site Investigation Report
Appendix 11-Geotechnical Investigation Report
Appendix 10-NCC 2019 Section J Report
Appendix 9-BASIX Report & Certificate
Appendix 8-Sustainability Report
Appendix 7-Landscape Report
Appendix 6-Landscape Plans
Appendix 5-Photomontages
Appendix 4-Staging Plan
Appendix 3 - Material and Colour Schedule
Appendix 1-Architectural Package
Environmental Impact Statement

Response to Submissions (25)

Request RTS_29072020_045947
Appendix 28- Extract -The Design Excellence Report
Appendix 27 - Signage Strategy
Appendix 26 - Addendum to EIS for Signage Strategy
Appendix 25 - Flood Impact Assessment Report
Appendix 22 - Waste Management Report
Appendix 21 - Groundwater Assessment Report
Appendix 20 - Tree Management Plan
Appendix 16 - Draft Stratum Plan
Appendix 15 - Subdivison Plan
Appendix 14 - Civil and Stormwater Report
Appendix 13 - Civil Package
Appendix 12 - Construction Management Plan
Appendix 11 - Bush Fire Statement
Appendix 10 - Landscape Operation Maintenance Plan
Appendix 9 - Schedule, Cross Vent & Sun Views
Appendix 8 - Traffic Impact Assessment Report
Appendix 7 - Revised Acoustic Report
Appendix 6 - Ret. and Com.Land Use Strategy
Appendix 5 - Landscape Report
Appendix 4 - Landscape Plan
Appendix 3 - Staging Diagram
Appendix 2 - Addendum Urban Design Report
Appendix 1 - Architectural Drawings
Response to Submissions

Agency Advice (12)

TfNSW Response Conferta Avenue Footpath 2 of 2
DPIE Water and NDAR response
Blacktown City Council Submission
TfNSW Response SSD10425 RtS Tallawong Precinct_
DPIE Water Response
BCC comment RtS-SSD-10425
TfNSW Response to RTS 1 of 2
Endeavour Energy response to RtS
EES comment RtS - SSD10425
BCC response letter -SSD-10425- Submission
20200722 - TfNSW Response SYD20_00117_04
20200707 - TfNSW Response SYD20_00117_04

Additional Information (16)

RFI Request for Additional Information_26022021_043632
RFI Request for Additional Information_18062021_015808
RFI Request for Additional Information_18012021_034548
Appendix 4 - Car Parking Management Plan2
Response Letter - 1.06.21
Response Letter - 1.06.21
Appendix 4 - Revised Traffic Assessment Report
Appendix 4 - Revised Traffic Assessment Report3
Appendix 3 - Revised Stratum Plans
Appendix 3 - Revised Stratum Plans3
Appendix 2 - Revised Tenancy Layout
Appendix 2 - Revised Tenancy Layout3
Appendix 1 - Revised Architectural Plans3
Appendix 1 - Revised Architectural Plan
Response Letter - 24.06.21
S7.11 condition 3.6.21 - BLacktown City Council

Recommendation (2)

Tallawong Draft Conditions (3)
Assessment Report SSD 10425 (2)

Determination (18)

SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 4/10
SSD 10425 - Stamped Landscape and Retail/Commercial Drawings
SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 8/10
SSD 10425 - Stamped Engineering Drawings Part 1/2
SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 10/10
SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 6/10
SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 2/10
SSD 10425 - Stamped Engineering Drawings Part 2/2
SSD 10425 - Stamped Flood Impact Assessment
SSD 10425 - Stamped Subdivision Plans
SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 9/10
SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 7/10
SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 5/10
SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 3/10
SSD 10425 - Stamped Architectural Drawings Part 1/10
Notice of Decision SSD 10425
Assessment Report
Development Consent Tallawong Conditions_SSD-10425

Post-determination Notices (1)

SSD-10425 Notice of Determination

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (9)

C9 - Community Communications Strategy (Rev 2)
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_04082021_094526
C18 -Construction Environmental Management Plan Part 2
C18 -Construction Environmental Management Plan Part 3
C18 -Construction Environmental Management Plan Part 1
C19 - Construction Pedestrian and Traffic Management Plan
C24 -Construction Management Plan
C21 - Air Quality Management Plan
C20 - Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan

Reports (12)

C15 - Dilapadation Report (Council Assets) 2_
C20 - CNVMP_
C20 - Compliance Letter_
C15 - Dilapidation Report (Council Assets) 1_
B3 - Design Architect Engagement_
C21 - Compliance with Air Quality_
C18 - CEMP (Compliance Statment)_
C15- Dilapidation Report (Metro Assets) 1_
C15- Dilapidation Report (Metro Assets) 2_
C21 - AQMP_
C24 -Construction Waste Management Plan_
C34 - Confirmation of Appointment_

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 submissions
Sydney , New South Wales
The EPA has provided advice on these matters in previous correspondence. The EPA has no comments in relation to this matter and no further need to be involved in the assessment of this project.
Oscar Huijsse
The proposal will significantly increase road use regardless of the metro and the area is already struggling under excess road users trying to get around Rouse Hill, Windsor Rd areas towards Castle Hill. Add the fact of many other significant developments like Hills of Carmel, Schofield's and Riverstone through to Box Hill, is only going to add more traffic that will drive road use and associated slow down in traffic movements.
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
See the attached response
Name Withheld
THE PONDS , New South Wales
I strongly object to the project as I am being the resident of The Ponds and this project will have greater negative impact on the current landscape of the suburb.
Having around 1000 units just opposite to a residential suburb is not a good development. Please reject this development and build parking in the same place. Landcomm built a beautiful masterplanned suburb "The Ponds"and now they themselves building a high density development opposite to the "The PONDS" and spoilng the resedntail landscape of The Ponds.
Nathan Richards
THE PONDS , New South Wales
Hi, I built my family home on Amarco Circuit 7 years ago with the knowledge that Schofields Road would be widened. Since then, the station was approved and now 1000+ units will be built across the road from me. I am not opposed to the project and absolutely support the development however I am concerned that we are going to potentially have 2000+ more cars on the road accessing those units and the current road noise could potentially bounce off the apartments and penetrate towards our house.
My proposal is to have a sound barrier wall constructed between Amarco Circuit and Schofields Road as shown in the attachment. This will reduce the amount of noise generated from the approval of these apartments and stop any noise bouncing off the 8 storey untis and penetrating back towards our house.
I ask that you please seriously consider this as many people benefit from these developments such as the government, developers and the local community but can I ask that you also consider those of us who will be living opposite the development and will be faced with the long term effects such as increased road noise.
I would be happy to work with you to discuss any options or ideas that could be proposed. I just feel that the residents of Amarco Circuit deserve a little in return for the major approval of these apartments.
Thank you for reading my submission and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Nathan Richards
THE PONDS , New South Wales
I would like to add to my previous submission having further considered the proposed development. I believe to better protect the privacy and amenity of the residents living on the opposite side of Schofields Road, in particular those in Amarco Circuit, that the 2 storey buildings be located close to Schofields Road and the 6 to 8 storey buildings be set back further on the site. I'm also concerned about the proposed height of the 8 storey building and believe a 6 storey maximum would be more appropriate. By setting back the higher storey buildings, this will reduce the impact of potential shading, loss of privacy and increased noise from the residential apartments.
I am also concerned with what appears to be an over development of the site will potentially impact carparking in Amarco Circuit. I believe the development must have sufficient car parking spaces for the residents and their visitors being so closely located to Tallawong Station, our street could potentially become an overflow car park for this new development.
Having said that, my greatest concern, as highlighted in my initial submission, is the increased noise which I believe can be mitigated by a sound wall/barrier (designed appropriately to fit in with the surrounds) located on the green space between Amarco Circuit and Schofields Road.
Harpeeet Singh
THE PONDS , New South Wales
The current Car park at Tallawong Metro Station is too small. the surrounding area residents already facing big problem as commuters park their cars in surrounding streets and blocking people's driveways. while young kids walking to the school there are big number of cars in streets looking place for parking. local council is well aware of it as they are issuing parking fines on regular basis. More dwellings will be a big disaster in the area.
we are in desperate need of car park extension for metro commuters. There supposed to be a multistory car park at first place. Rouse hill shopping center is not far from the area. before we support any further development at Tallawong station precinct, the current car park should turn into multistory car parking. If the area is developed for residential buildings there will be no room for future parking for metro users as populations is increasing.

Keep in mind only 10-20 % travelers are using metro at the moment due to covid 19. The situation I explained is applicable without the pandemic.
NSW Rural Fire Service
See attachment
Fire & Rescue NSW
GREENACRE , New South Wales
Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) acknowledge the receipt of your email on the 18th June 2020, requesting input to the Modification Application (SSD-9063-Mod-1) and the Stage 2 – Detailed Design Application (SSD-10425) for the Tallawong Station Precinct South development.

FRNSW have reviewed the documentation that was provided in support of the development and will not be providing comment at this time as there is currently insufficient information available regarding the fire safety and emergency response management aspects of the project.

As additional details become available Fire & Rescue NSW requests to be consulted with respect to the proposed fire and life safety systems and their configuration at the project’s preliminary and final design phases.

For further information please contact the Fire Safety Infrastructure Liaison Unit, referencing FRNSW file number BFS20/1860. Please ensure that all correspondence in relation to this matter is submitted electronically to [email protected]
DPIE Environment, Energy and Science Group
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
See attachment
Department of Transport
Chippendale , New South Wales
This amended response supersedes the previous TfNSW letter dated 7 July
Blacktown City Council
BLACKTOWN , New South Wales
Please see attached our submission in relation to SSD-10425
DPIE Water
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
See attachment
Sydney Metro
SYDNEY , New South Wales
See attachment


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