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State Significant Development


Thunderbolt Wind Farm

Tamworth Regional

Current Status: Determination

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Development of a wind farm with up to 32 turbines and associated infrastructure.

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Name Withheld
WALCHA , New South Wales
This project and others of its kind throughout the proposed REZ benefit a select few, for a short period of time. Greedy landholders are filling their pockets, with total disregard for endangered flora and fauna, their 'uninvolved' neighbours and the wider local community in general.

Instead of playing host to industrial sized mega windparks featuring some of the tallest turbines on the global market, the NSW government should be in support of independent power generation by the end user.
Why buy into near obsolete European technology, if there is an opportunity to be truly innovative?
Warren Lowrey
KENTUCKY SOUTH , New South Wales
We purchased a property 'Tymara" 24 Wollun Road, Kentucky in 2004 for our retirement. As I am now at retirement age of 66yrs , therefore ready to live at this address for some years in the present peacefull surroundings. I object to Neoen's proposed Thunderbold Wind Farm Stage 1.
My greatest concerns are :-
The high visibility of the massive turbines will have an impact on the beautiful local landscape, this being the reason why we purchased our property. This will have a negative impact on land values if we choose to sell.
The area of the proposed wind turbines is in an area of high bush fire danger and this area will not be accessible to aerial firefighters, only on to foot patrol.
The shadow flicker is of great concern during sunset & sunrise.
As a tourist I did a tour of wind turbines in Tasmania and came away with great concerns regarding animal abortion grazing near the turbines and the noise level was not acceptable for some of the local community.
High level of traffic onto farms destroying the landscape and the endangared species.
Yours Sincerely
Concerned local community resident
Warren Lowrey
Name Withheld
GUYRA , New South Wales
A Cairns
Guyra NSW 2365
[email protected]

Director-Energy Assessments
Development Assessment
Department of Planning and Environment
Locked Bag 5022
Parramatta NSW 2124

Dear Sir / Madam
Re Thunderbolt Wind Farm SSD-18087896

If Humanity Honoured Wetlands and Floodplains as Aquifer Network Systems that Receive Rain from Cloud, Held upon the Land for 4 hours into 18 hours, then Climate Emergency Would Not Exist.

Renewables are Lies. They Are. Money Isn't a Reason to Harm All Life on Top of the Range of the Great Dividing Range, into the Entire Catchment area of where. NSW and Victoria and South Australia and into Northern Territory. And almost into QLD. Almost is now Almost No Flow from the Northern Tablelands Upper Tributary Catchments into QLD Darling River System Floodplains. White Land Management Has Impacted Every Pathway of Eon Evolved Time. Correct. Gas Fields have Completely Damaged the Entire Catchment area of the Once Mighty Darling.

If we Re Consider how we Treat this Nation of Floodplains now Drained 24/7 by quite Hideous Land Management, since 1942. Yes. We can Offer Wetlands All over Australia you see. There are Ways to Offer Wetlands All over Australia. One way is to Cease white Land Management. Yes. The Other way is to Offer Waterways to the First Nation people. They Lived Upon Every Waterway you see. That is Traditional Land you see. If you Offer Wetlands Back to the Elder Knowledge Holders of Every First Nation people then Australia Will Not Ever see a Drought again. I mean it. Because Catchments are now Different to Prior 1778, yes. Because Catchments are now Different, Prior to 1983. Yes. Because Catchments are now Different, Prior to Wind Farms upon the Northern Tablelands. Yes. Then somehow we must Stop government supporting Drought Creation. Yes.

This is a Very Need Submission to a company from a Foreign nation, abusing Catchments Also.

If your government said we are Creating Heat and Climate Change is Viewed as a Hotter Planet, then governments are offering Climate Change. Yes. They Are. As Are Investors who are always Wealthy you see. If a Wealthy human Invested in a Caring Future, they would Offer Wetlands Back to the First Nation people. As a Pay Back way for the Harm they offer a Land named Australia. Yes. It is Time Wetlands Received Appropriate Care. Which is Rest. Then Watch Life on Earth Return Rapidly. Yes.

Wind Farms, if entered into these areas, Will Damage All Surviving Trees that have Survived The Worst Ever Dry Drought in the History of the Northern Tablelands into the Entire State of NSW into QLD into Victoria. They have Survived. Which means Koala Survive.

If Koala are now Endangered it is Due to what.

Government. Of course it is. They Control Legislative. Correct. They are Focused on the what. Land. No. Money. Yes. Roman Law is about Money into government. Correct. Still operating in 2021. 2022. How come.

Investment. Investment is now Controlling our Continent. Correct. Who Says Investment Cares. They Don't. They Do Not. They Never Have. If Koala are now Endangered, and That was a Listing in March 2022. And Wow. Government release a new Koala Assessment report by 1 Month after Listing Koala as Endangered. Really ? Really. Really. How.

It Is Obvious Previous Guidelines have now Koala Listed as Endangered. It Is Obvious. Would you Trust government ever again. I Wouldn't.

I am Quite Concerned about Government you see. I need ICAC investigating these Ministers please. I will List them. And say Why they need Investigating.

Adam Marshall. He has offered a Hydroponic Company access to the Highest Altitude Catchments in the Northern Tablelands. He also Baits by aeroplane. Why. No-one throws out Baits do they ? He does. LLS does. What else.

He claims All support Renewables. He's Wrong. He is Very Wrong. Most Farmers in the Planned Zones for Wind Farms are Protesting them. They Know Why. So do Scientists Never Heard. So do Those Honouring Life over Money.

Barnaby Joyce. He has Destroyed the Murray Darling Basin. How. Legislation Without First Nation Knowledge. He has No Idea how he has legislated Against a Floodplain area the size of southern QLD. The entire State of NSW. 84% of South Australia. 14 % of Victoria. Victoria Honour Wetlands. No other State does. Why. These are The Areas Saving Catchments somehow.

Scot McDonald in Armidale Regional Council. He has made Hidden deals with a International Investment company. He has planned Plans Without Community Consent. Without Community Knowledge. And now we will see a Protected Wetland accessed by what.


A Licence. Given when. 2022. 2019. 2020. 2021. When. Yet Money was Spent on the Bores in Guyra, named Emergency Bores. Actually they were named Search Bores. That was AFTER Malpas Pipeline. Or was it.

Malpas Pipeline was said to be the Water Security for Guyra for the Next 30 years. Which means this time is Included in the 30 years, Malpas Pipeline will Water Guyra. Guyra. Guyra. Plus Armidale.

Simon Murray. A mayor. Actually a Councillor. A Councillor who Knew the Bores would be Accessed prior to a Licence Times Two. He also went to Melbourne to meet an Investment company. We haven't even seen the Minutes of this meeting. Adam Marshall was present. Scot McDonald was present. Peter Bailey, a Councillor for Armidale Regional Council, was present. He hasn't offered me the Minutes of the Melbourne meeting.

Peter Bailey. A Councillor. Just a Councillor. A businessman. Does he have Shares in a Investment company. Do any of the names Above have Interests named Shares in the Investment company that has Headquarters in Victoria. In Victoria. Victoria.

James Roncon. The current General Manager of a Amalgamated Council. He hasn't Replied to any of my many emails about Bores and a Major Wetland area named Mother of Ducks Lagoon. Not one reply about this Issue I Know is Very Important.

All named above enabled this area, now under an Amalgamated Council, to be named a Renewable Energy Zone (REZ). Without Community Knowledge. Without Community Discussion. Without Community Consent or Permission. The way Amalgamated Councils run is by using political Agenda needs in a Rural Region growing what.

Livestock. This is a major Livestock region. Always Has Been. Habitat Areas are in between paddocks running Livestock. They Graze Grass. Grass is Dependent on Clouds that drop Moisture over Land. Yes. Cloud is a Necessity over Top of the Range areas under Grazing Enterprises that are including Breed Stock Genetics, that take up to 10 years to Build into the Genetic Animal that will create the carcass required these days. If Dry Droughts continue over NSW, we will not be growing Food within 8 years. That's if Renewables cover Vital Upper Tributary Catchments of the Northern Tablelands. Understand the Impact of Wind Farms upon Maybole Glen Innes areas and you have to Know how Rainfall was Affected since their implementation. Since 2017, I have Watched Cloud Patterns change from Fog held almost all day, over days at a time. To almost hardly any days Fog stays in a day. Meaning. Fog is the Rest of Moisture. Meaning. Fog Adds to Moisture. Meaning Fog Isn't available as often as it was upon The Highest Altitude mountains of Ben Lomond into Maybole into Macintyre Catchments, beginning on the Drainage Divide of the area around where 3 Wind Farms are now. Now. Now. If you Add 590 Plus Wind Farms to the MacDonald Upper Tributary Catchments, you will Lose the Murray Darling Basin Catchment Flow, also Necessary for Internationally Protected Migratory Birds. Under International Agreements. Yes.

The nature of NSW government Isn't Able to Ever Offer a Climate Emergency Future. Correct. If NSW personnel of a government can be Investigated then I am asking for a ICAC investigation of NSW government personnel. Including Ministers. Including CEO's of Councils. Including General Managers of Councils. Including Business Managers of Councils. Including Auditors of government departments that include Amalgamated Councils. Including Councillors. Including University of New England personnel. Why UNE personnel. Well. ICAC will find out How Renewables became Zoned in a Vital Upper Tributary Catchments and Vital Upland Wetlands region that Enters the West flow Catchments from these Specific areas now. NB now. NB now.


Ben Lomond

Glen Innes




Black Mountain





West of Uralla into south of where. Kentucky.


Barrington Tops.


If Upland Wetlands Became Fully Protected, we wouldn't have a Climate Emergency.

We Wouldn't. We Wouldn't.

Now. If Humanity are Unwilling to Lessen individual Impact upon a Planet named Earth, then ICAC has the Right to Investigate every resident demanding Renewable power. If Renewable Energy is now Known to Harm Catchments in Europe. America. Then Why is government pushing Renewables here. It's Obvious isn't it.

Investment Opportunity isn't in the Northern Hemisphere areas where Renewables have been observed as Contributing to Heating Climate. Climate Change is a Planet Heating. From What. Coal. Really ? Really. Really ?

If Humanity Demand More from Nature Life Creation Land Itself, then Who will Lessen their Individual Impact upon a Planet named Earth. Isn't the answer called Every Human on Earth. Lessening individual Impact by using Less Power. Using Power for Necessities Only. Not for any other purpose.

If Community Knew Forests Were Necessary upon a Planet named Earth, will they Plant Forests while they live here. Well. Is this a Solution government offer. No. Why. Everyone Knows Forests bring Deep Aquifer Water out into Air Currents that Circulate and Offer Moisture Back to the Land. So Life named Plants and Animals can exist as they Always had. NB Had. Had.

Government Harm Life on Earth. They are Unable to Offer Appropriate Solutions to Earth. Unable. Unable. If they co
Frances Chegwidden
EUMUNDI , Queensland
This submission is made on behalf of Mrs Marjorie Griffiths, 14 Kuranda Avenue, Armidale 2350. Mrs Griffiths is 97 years and has sight issues so cannot use email.
It was dictated by her.
Frances Chegwidden
EUMUNDI , Queensland
I grew up in New England, spend about half my time around Armidale and Kentucky with family and other commitments and am looking to buy in the area although my address is currently registered in Queensland.
Name Withheld
GLENCOE , New South Wales
1. Negative impact on rural lifestyle, landscape scarring and amenity. 2. Noise, more particularly infrasound noise and cummulative effect created by surrounding turbines, farmers/workmen have to work outside with the noise. 3. A mandatory regulatory distance from any boundary of 600m should be implemented - shadow flicker, blade throw - people have to work their farm in safety, roadways need safety. 4. As blades are currently not recyclable a Decomission Bond of one million dollars per turbine should be held in TRUST by State Government and or Local Government and be paid UPFRONT, the interest from such bond to be compounded towards cost of decommissioning. 5. Fractured broken blades should be removed by the wind company at no expense to Local Council and should not be placed in Local Council landfill creating a burden for local residents. 6. Wind Farm Factories are not green but they do make a lot of dollars for the corporate world at the expense of our environment.
Emma Briggs
ARMIDALE , New South Wales
I am objecting to the project due to the impact it will have on my family farm on the New England Highway Kentucky as it will completely disrupt the environment within that area. The amount of machinery and concrete being used for this project will disrupt the soil and not to mention the amount of trees that will be knocked over and vegetation turned over destroying habitats for the koalas populating the area and all the other smaller endangered and native species such as possums, frogs, insects, birds, owls, lizards, snakes, just to mention a few. The impact of this development outweighs the energy sustainability as it kills life and will continue to impact the environment in that area. The enormous scale of the concrete, the turbines and the machines used to construct will destroy surrounding lands and will also lower the ability for the locally Australian owned farms to hold the worth of their property. There has not been enough research to suggest that the farms surrounding the turbines wont have a negative impact of vegetation growth, water and creek disruption for the lands surrounding those that are profiting off these farms but are not living off them or requiring an income from the land. They could enhance drought, change weather conditions in the area, or even create soil movement, erosion.....who knows. We don't know as turbines that have been made for the sea have not been researched for use on the land. Surely such a big turbine would be more suited to the desert or somewhere that allows the flow of wind but doesn't hold as much significant wildlife.
Uralla Shire Business Chamber
Uralla , New South Wales
Please see general comments including a supporting statement.
Richard Downes
I am objecting to this project in its current form.
I’m hopeful the developer is willing to be flexible to suggest a more reasonable scope.
It would appear that this ( and other) projects are simply being submitted to take advantage of close proximity to the power lines it wishes to feed into. It doesn’t seem to care to much about the habitat clearing and direct neighbour concerns.
I also object to the limited community consultation that has taken place.
Tess Dawson
KENTUCKY SOUTH , New South Wales
This development will be the start of turning the beautiful, biodiverse rich Kentucky district into a large scale industrial zone; impacting endangered ecosystems and wildlife, land values, local amenity, along with a raft of other negative impacts. This will adversely change the district for a very long time, if not forever, due to it being very likely the gigantic 270+ m turbines will be left in situ at the end of life, and may well become abandoned engineering structures.
I am pro renewable energy but the ‘green’ benefits of large industrial wind factories (they are not farms!!) are dubious at best, and the long term negative impacts signify how unsuitable they are as ‘green’ renewable energy option. I call on the NSW Government to dismiss outright the Thunderbolt Wind Farm Stage 1 proposal. Large scale wind turbine factories are not fit for purpose in NSW rural areas.
Name Withheld
LAKE ALBERT , New South Wales
There is nothing beneficial to Uralla, Tamworth Region or Australia in enabling Thunderbolts Energy Hub - 32 Wind Turbine monstrosities to intentionally ruin the local environment, to destroy unconscionable numbers of precious birds - including eagles, bats, etc. numerous other ecology/ecological habitat, to extensively blight the beautiful visual amenity & sound quality of the natural landscape with massive, ugly & extremely irritating wind turbine monstrosities - that potentially can also dangerously throw a life threatening blade.

Global hostilities, FOOD shortages, energy deprivation & national security risks inform us that unreliable, intermittent, costly Wind, Solar & BESS - reliant upon the hostile Chinese Government is absolutely stupid, against the best interests of Australia & can't possibly be approved!
With a hopeless energy efficiency rating of approx. 56% & at a cost of approx. $500,000 per turbine for everyday Australian taxpayers - whether the turbines are working or not - this is an outrageous waste of subsidy funding!
Many Wind Turbines are proven to repeatedly fail & not even operate at all - turning into nothing but an ugly pile of scrap!

Thunderbolts Wind Electricity Generating Works/Energy Hub is not genuinely clean, green, sustainable, renewable, cheap, reliable or efficient at all. This is a fake green renewaBULL con!
It is part of an outrageous scandal - driven by flawed planning & a fudged assessment regime! Subsidy hungry, off-shore developer bullies are running the show to solely benefit themselves & their greedy, wealthy, off-shore super funds/investors - whilst ruining Australia with their devastating, fake green environmental vandalism, where DPIE planners are conflictingly the developer, where no respect or consideration is given to local landholders & communities, all designed to rip off everyday Australians by mining fake green subsidies - leaving a devastating environmental & visual amenity nightmare in its wake.
This is NOT an economic opportunity for the regions as foolish policy makers, approving bodies, lobbyists & self serving opportunists pretend - this is an extreme threat to our FOOD SECURITY + INDEPENDENT ENERGY SECURITY = NATIONAL SECURITY.

There is a plethora of undisclosed pitfalls & numerous problems that have been ignored with this planned Obnoxious Wind Turbine Invasion - the Enemy to Many Neighbours!
*The initial company is a developer – they won’t be around to deal with the problems.
*The initial wind farm reps are contractors paid on commission.
*Their sole purpose is to sign up as many neighbours as they can to a Neighbour Agreement.
*The more neighbours they sign up, the more commission they make.
*They blatantly use misleading, deceptive, or false information to get the neighbour to sign.
*Because they are contractors, they can never be tracked down later to prove they had lied, mislead, or deceived.
*Developers will leave a noise prediction map on the kitchen table, and allow the neighbours to believe the contour lines represent the maximum noise level they will hear at their homes.
*They produce a picture with a turbine in the distance that looks no higher than a tree.
*They underquote the number of turbines. They say the noise is no louder than a fridge.
*They try to sign people up with neighbour agreements or initial gifts such as a tree plantation.
*They use phrases like - “this is how everyone benefits from the wind farm”, “your neighbours have signed up” “there’s only so much money available – so sign up now before you miss out”.
*They offer “free” cash subsidies (annually $1,000 – $5,000) which renders the neighbour compensated for. (A neighbour who is “compensated for” loses the right to complain or take legal action against the company).
*They offer “free noise testing” (They need background testing to use against the neighbour.)

Who will protect the neighbours when they finally realise the wind farm is not their friend?
* Inveigling Community Benefits have ulterior motives - every “free” gift of a tree plantation, background testing or community benefit fund is geared to protect the wind farm against any future complaint or litigation action.
*Neighbours will soon realise that authorities such as their local Council, the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner (AEIC) and the EPA are not going to protect them – the political fast tracking of 'renewables' means that neighbours are already factored in as collateral damage.

The Bald Hills Court Decision informs us that neighbours who wish to live peacefully in their homes are a major threat to wind companies.
*The Bald Hills precedent determined that if noise nuisance is proven, and the plaintiff wishes to stay in their home, a Judge can order the wind farm to turn the turbines off to allow this to happen without the nuisance.
*Turning turbines off hits profits. Wind farms will do anything to prevent this. They need the neighbours gone!!
*Only those neighbours who DON’T SIGN a Neighbourhood Agreement or DON’T ACCEPT a gift of a tree plantation or cash, are eligible to litigate for the potential millions they can negotiate for.
*It seems there is more money in the pay-out if neighbours stay put – sleep elsewhere if you need too but don’t sell-up until the noise nuisance litigation case is resolved.

Neighbours Agreements = Many Rights Lost
*A Neighbour Agreement deems the Neighbour a stakeholder in the wind farm, therefore the neighbour loses the right to take legal action against the wind farm business or complain about the wind farm’s business operations.
*As a stakeholder, Neighbours are compensated for their pain and suffering – and that’s all they are entitled to.
*Confidentiality clauses prevent Neighbours making any negative comments or complaints about the wind farm.
*The wind farm has the legal right to the land owner’s Property Title for the life of the wind farm. (50 years).
*The “right to title” is transferrable upon sale of the property – it will inevitably end up in the hands of foreign investors.

I object to the substantial ruination of Australia with this ghastly Wind Turbine dump, the lack of justice & consideration for rural communities, the failed transparency & dishonesty in the planning & assessment processes & the completely fake narrative & false claims being made by this developer & the NSW DPIE.
Name Withheld
My wife and I moved to the New England area several years ago, attracted to its spectacular scenery, four beautiful seasons and rural lifestyle. We did extensive research with federal, state, and local governments, real estate agents, internet research and discussions with locals. We were greatly relieved to hear that no major developments were planned for this scenic area. As “tree-changers” we were very keen to escape the industrialisation of the Newcastle and Hunter areas and settled on a small parcel of land not far from Kentucky NSW.

We were horrified to find out that the New England had been targeted as a renewable energy zone. To blanket this area in thousands of solar panels and wind turbines is going to cause immeasurable harm to many residents and the environment. The view of some may be “we must save the planet” but at what cost? Whilst in favour of renewable energy (sensibly placed), the scale of the Thunderbolt Wind Farm Stage 1 on Kyabra is staggering and the placement concerns us greatly. We have several objections to the project and they are outlined below:

Not only will the visual amenity be ruined with the turbines, but the infrastructure of the electrical power line upgrades required to transport the power generated will also be impacting the visual beauty of this area. People who are receiving rental income from these inappropriate developments may be tempted to overlook the negative impacts in return for financial gain. Indications that the community may be in favour of large-scale wind and solar projects may be based on such biased views.

Most of the New England area is prime high rainfall agricultural land. We have a finite amount of this precious land type which is a major part of Australia’s food and fibre production particularly in regard to cattle, lamb and wool. To cover vast areas of this landscape in wind turbines defies logic. There is much of Australia that is very marginal or unsuitable for agricultural use and that is virtually unpopulated. This type of land could be used to accommodate larger scale renewable energy projects.

We fear town and rural property prices will drop due to the development of these proposals. We have noticed a gradual increase in property prices since moving here, which in part is due to new people moving to the area. We believe that once these industrial landscapes are built, the attraction to move here will be permanently destroyed and our lovely country towns will start to wither and die.

Some areas that we feel require further research and investigation before major projects such as the Thunderbolt Wind Farm Project are allowed to proceed are:

• What are the impacts on humans from wind turbine noise, both audible and non-audible? What effect will shadow flicker have on people? Will people experience sleep disturbance as a result of tubine noise or vibration? What impact will there be on the mental health of residents in the area? The media has reported some serious health impacts for those living in the vicinity of wind turbines.
• What are the impacts on animals and insects from wind turbine noise and vibration? The ABCs Catalyst program highlighted the importance of communication of insects at different sound wave frequencies. Does the noise made from wind turbines interfere with insect communication? If we lose entire species from areas, what are the flow-on impacts re pollination, pest control, food source etc. on the whole ecosystem?
• What impact will there be on firefighting in areas with wind turbines? It has been stated that arial firefighting will be greatly restricted near turbines. Will this place the people, property and the environment at greater risk during fire seasons? How will this be mitigated?
• What long term socio-economic benefits are there for the affected communities? Employment seems likely to be mostly FIFO staff during construction, the operation is done remotely once built and maintenance is done by only a couple of people over its lifecycle. Will agricultural jobs be lost as agricultural land is industrialised? Paltry community funding offers very little to compensate for the many serious negative impacts.
• Who removes defunct turbines and other infrastructure if the company meant to be responsible for them disappears in years to come?
• What can land be used for after completion of project? What remediation/decontamination is required to restore paddocks back to grazing use? Who pays for it (especially if the company disappears)?

We believe large renewable energy projects should be located within very large landholdings on very poor agricultural land where the impact on the environment, surrounding landholders, and townships would be negligible. Consultation with whole communities, not just a biased few, should take place as a first step in a large project. Identifying the New England region as a “renewable energy zone” seems to be an error in judgement by someone. The impact on many individuals and communities is likely to be negative at best and catastrophic at worst. Please consider these concerns when making decisions for the New England area.
Tamworth Regional Council
TAMWORTH , New South Wales
Tamworth Regional Council would like to thank the Department of Planning and Environment for an opportunity to comment on Stage 1 of the Thunderbolt Wind Farm.

Due to limited time and resource available to conduct a full and proper review of the proposal, Council requested an extension to the public exhibition period.

The purpose of this submission is to advise the Department of Planning and Environment that Tamworth Regional Council has not yet formed a view about the Propoosal and that a response from Council will be available following a Councillor Workshop on the 31 May 2022.

Mitchell Hardaker
Castledoyle , New South Wales
I strongly OBJECT to the proposed wind farm. See attached.
Jordan Hardaker
CASTLE DOYLE , New South Wales
I strongly object to the proposed wind farm.
Name Withheld
CASTLE DOYLE , New South Wales
I strongly OBJECT to the proposed wind farm.
Name Withheld
CASTLE DOYLE , New South Wales
I strongly object to the proposed wind farm.
Jenna Walsh
CASTLE DOYLE , New South Wales
I strongly object to the proposed Thunderbolt Wind Farm
URALLA , New South Wales
At the 24 May 2022 Uralla Shire Council meeting motion 08.05/22 was carried that Council lodge an objection to the Thunderbolt Energy Hub Stage 1 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on the following shortcomings in the document:
I. The waste management plan should be further developed prior to the issue of consent.
II. Decommissioning should be bonded and all associated infrastructure including underground cabling should be removed at this time.
III. The sediment and erosion control plan should be further developed prior to the issue of consent.
IV. The water source(s) for construction activities should be addressed prior to the issue of consent.
V. Local wildlife groups should be engaged to assist with biodiversity mitigation.
VI. Environmental impacts from road construction have not been adequately addressed.
VII. A provisional decommissioning plan should be provided.
VIII. Possible infrasound impacts should be addressed.
IX. Possible use of smaller wind turbine generators has not been addressed.
X. Request a hearing to be held locally by Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.
Hills of Gold Preservation Inc
Nundle , New South Wales
Thunderbolt Wind Farm is similar to Hills of Gold Wind Farm, near Nundle, north west NSW, in that it is proposed too close to people and does not demonstrate social licence.
The state government has legislated in the NSW Electricity Road Map that it will site renewables where people want them and that it has the luxury to select proposals with the greatest social licence and least environmental impacts. With 8GW planned renewables capacity and 34GW of expressions of interest in the New England Renewable Energy Zone identifying the best proposals to progress to assessment needs to start early, not drag on for more than four years like Hills of Gold Wind Farm and with no end in sight.
An EnergyCo and Department of Planning and Environment renewables forum at Armidale in March advised that once committed generation is considered Transgrid has estimated there is only 100MW of available network capacity remaining in northern NSW.
The new EnergyCo website states that it plays an important role in ensuring that generation and storage projects connecting to network infrastructure in the specified geographical area of the REZ have the support of the community.
EnergyCo has the capacity to "prohibit the connection of projects if needed to maintain community support [for the REZ] before those projects have received development consent."
How and when is this gatekeeping mechanism enabled to progress the best proposals through the assessment pipeline and prevent sub-ideal proposals from damaging small rural communities?
The community of Kentucky has demonstrated via its public meetings and petition that it does not support the proposal for Thunderbolt Wind Farm.
The proponent Neoen recognises there is no social licence for the proposal by pursuing Stage 1 of the wind farm before entering Stage 2, which is even closer to the community, into the assessment pipeline.
A NSW Farmers' Association renewables forum this month demonstrated that rural people do not have trust in the state government guidelines for renewables if social licence and the assessment process is merely lip service and window dressing. Proposing renewables in inappropriate locations creates resentment for renewables and undermines the success of Renewable Energy Zones to combat forecast reliability gaps.
Putting the Kentucky community through the same process that Nundle, Hanging Rock, Crawney and Timor have been through threatens to erode social capital so vital to small rural townships, part of what they are known for, and their appeal for relocation.
There are more appropriate locations for renewables where there are minimal objections from community members and less environmental impact. See Engie's 120MW Silverleaf Solar Farm at Narrabri approved last week with just 18 submissions and only two objections. These are the proposals that should go ahead.
The Kentucky community are concerned about impacts including noise, visual, obstacle lighting, biodiversity loss, ineffectiveness of offsets, and fixed wing aerial firefighting restrictions.
They are an organised group and will passionately protect the landscape they are so connected to.
Please listen to the concerns of the Kentucky community and recommend rejection of Thunderbolt Wind Farm Stage 1.


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