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State Significant Development


Wallerawang Battery Energy Storage System

Lithgow City

Current Status: Determination

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Development of a 500 MW / 1,000 MW/h battery energy storage system with associated infrastructure and connection works

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Lithgow Environment Group
Newnes , New South Wales
Department of Planning

Lithgow, 6 March 2022

Ref.: Wallerawang Battery Energy Storage System

We would like to express our support for the Development Consent of the above project for the following reasons:

• The proposed battery storage of electricity forms a vital part of the development of renewable energy.
• It will provide some jobs in Lithgow’s transition away from coal
• It will form an first step in the transformation of the former Wallerawang coal power station to the exiting ‘Greenspot 2845 Activity Hub’.

We encourage the Department to approve application SSD-14540514

Yours sincerely

Thomas Ebersoll
LEG Secretay/Treasurer
Bathurst Community Climate Action Network
LLANARTH , New South Wales
Bathurst Community Climate Action Network is a network of organisations and individuals working together to promote action on climate change and sustainable and equitable development. BCCAN’s members live across the region and some live quite close to the proposed battery project at Wallerawang.
Without expertise to respond to specific details of Greenspot’s project, BCCAN strongly supports the project in principle. As NSW, and the world in general, makes the urgently needed transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, this project utilises industrial land previously used to generate climate-endangering coal power and makes use of the existing electricity network infrastructure to advance the transition to a sustainable energy future. The uptake of rooftop solar and increasing establishment of wind and solar farms, while generating welcome cheap, non-polluting energy does create challenges for the electricity network. Battery storage domestically and industrially together with pumped hydro projects like Snowy 2 should enable the grid to better cope with fluctuations in supply and demand. Because of its siting on the apron of the existing power station, the project, even in its construction phase, makes few additional demands on infrastructure and is not a threat to agricultural land, water supply or environmental values. The provision of energy storage so close to Sydney should incentivise the take-up of further domestic and commercial renewable energy investment across our region.
The EIS notes that the clearing of the site will require the levelling of 1.15 hectares of Black gum grassy woodland containing 6 trees with nesting hollows. It is important that this clearing should be undertaken without endangering any of the wildlife nesting in the trees and that a substantial additional replanting on other parts of the site should take place. With this reservation, we wish Greenspot well with the project.
Thomas Wiedmann
KANIMBLA , New South Wales
Dear Commission,

I'm a resident of Lithgow (Kanimbla Valley) and although our house has off-grid electricity supply with solar PV panels, I am in general support of transitioning all of Australia's electricity supply away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy. Climate change is an urgent and over-riding problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at Wallerawang will help to stabilise electricity supply by buffering intermittency from renewable energy. I'm fully supportive of this system being installed on the former site of a coal-power station and in a community dependent on providing energy services. Projects like these will help transitioning away from coal mining and securing employment in the region.

I do have on concern over safety, however. BESS like these can catch fire under certain operational or external circumstances. Bushfires can also occur in this area. I request the operators and owner of the system to ensure that sufficient contingency measures are in place to avoid any potentially hazardous substances to escape from the system in case of a fire, neither into air, nor into soil or adjacent waterways (Cox River). In particular the river must be protected from pollution, not just in normal operating mode but in extreme situations as well.

Thank you.
Prof. Tommy Wiedmann
Rick Kilpatrick
GLEN DAVIS , New South Wales
I really think that battery storage is the way of the future because it supports renewable energy production. This provides jobs for our region that have a future also and will unite the community towards a common purpose. I would like to support this project and hope there are more renewable energy projects in Lithgow Shire in the future.
mary thirlwall
Northbridge , New South Wales
I am in favour of this project as it is finally an indication that we are heading in the right direction & moving towards a more sustainable future, where we must move away from fossil fuels & embrace a combination of Renewables & this requires significant battery storage of power. An excellent initiative !
warren lloyd
BATHURST , New South Wales
To whom it may concern,
I am delighted to hear that a project like this is being planned in the Lithgow area. The closure of the coal-fired power station at Wallerawang no doubt had a negative effect on employment for the local community, so projects such as this are essential to restore local confidence and boost employment opportunities in the region. Whether people like it or not, the mining and processing of fossil fuels is dying out, and any projects related to the development of renewable energy is the way of the future. This is an opportunity for the Lithgow region to capitalise on this type of industry and promote the region as a hub for renewable energy. I very much hope that this project receives approval and progresses quickly.
Alexandra Mateer
GLEN DAVIS , New South Wales
I would like to support this project. As part of the Lithgow Shire community, who has lived here for nearly 50 years, this is the sort of project that we have been asking for- so that we can transition from fossil fuels and maintain employment in the district. It is important to maintain employment for our children and grandchildren so that the community doesn't die. We look forward to more projects which can support a renewable energy industry in Lithgow Shire. Thank you
Name Withheld
GEMALLA , New South Wales
This is an important project for the region as it makes the transition away from coal power. This project will assist to kickstart the transition and could help to attract other industries and other renewable energy projects to the area. As a nearby resident it is my observation that Greenspot have done a good job at keeping the community informed and involved in the project.
Name Withheld
LIDSDALE , New South Wales
Make Lithgow the leading example the rest of Australia needs to follow.
Rural Fire Service
EASTERN CREEK , New South Wales
Lithgow City Council
Lithgow , New South Wales


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