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State Significant Development


Waterloo Metro Quarter OSD - Basement Car Park Detailed Design SSDA

City of Sydney

Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Design and construction of a consolidated basement car park at Waterloo Metro Quarter OSD


Early Consultation (1)

Scoping Report - Basement

Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition_05112020_081924

Request for SEARs (1)

Scoping Report - Basement - FINAL

SEARs (1)

Issued SEARs_09042020_015647

EIS (39)

Environmental Impact Statement_Basement
Appendix A Basement Car Park SEARS_38
Appendix B – Quantity Surveyor Report_38
Appendix C - Site Title Diagram & Survey Pt 1
Appendix C - Site Title Diagram & Survey Pt 2
Appendix D - Architectural DA Drawings
Appendix E - Urban Design Report_37_38_39_40
Appendix F Architectural Design Report_38
Appendix G Endorsed Design Excellence Strategy
Appendix H Heritage Impact Statement_38
Appendix I Transport Traffic & Parking
Appendix J Preliminary CTMP Pt 1
Appendix J Preliminary CTMP Pt 2
Appendix K Noise and Vibration Assessment_
Appendix L Operational Waste Management
Appendix M ESD Report & Sustainability Strategy
Appendix N CPTED
Appendix O Stormwater Management & Flood Pt 1
Appendix O Stormwater Management & Flood Pt 2
Appendix P Structural Report_38
Appendix Q Construction Management Plan
Appendix R Building Code of Australia Report
Appendix S DDA Accessibility Report _38
Appendix T Services and Utilities Infrastructure
Appendix U Pre-submission Consultation Report
Appendix V BDAR Waiver
Appendix W Transportation Air Quality Repot
Appendix X Waterloo Design Amenity Guidelines
Appendix Y Design Integrity Report
Appendix Z Subdivision Plans_38
z_Appendix AA - Social and Economic Analysis
z_Appendix BB - Civil Engineering Report and Plans
z_Appendix CC Heritage Interpretation Strategy
z_Appendix DD Airspace Approval
z_Appendix EE Fire Safety Strategy Report_38
z_Appendix GG Vol 1 Contaminated Sites Strategy
z_Appendix GG Vol 2 Contaminated Sites Strategy
z_Appendix GG Vol 3 Contaminated Sites Strategy
z_Appendix HH Geotech Interpretative Report

Response to Submissions (11)

Request RTS_14122020
Response to Submissions Report - SSD-10438
A_Amended Architectural Plans
B_Architectural Design Report
C_Design Integrity Report
D_Design and Amenity Guidelines
E_ESD Technical Memo
F_Supp Traffic and Parking Assessment
G_Pedestrian Modelling Memo
H_Supp Flood Risk Assessment
I_Structural Statement

Agency Advice (4)

Heritage NSW response to RtS
TfNSW response to RtS
EESG response to RtS
City of Sydney response to RtS

Additional Information (5)

RFI Request for Additional Information_10032021_012907
Attachment B - Staging Plan(1)
Attachment A - Public Benefit Advice(1)
Basement SSD-10438 - Response to DPIE RFI(1)
Attachment C - Bicycle Parking Analysis(1)

Recommendation (1)

SSD 10438- Assessment Report

Determination (4)

Development Consent
Stamped Plans
SSD Notice Of Decision
Assessment Report

Post-determination Notices (1)

SSD-10438 - Notice of Determination

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (2)

Approval of Basement Carpark CCS Ver 5.1
Basement Carpark CCS Ver 5.1

Reports (2)

C5 & C9_ Dilapidation Reports Raglan St & Botany Rd
C5 & C9_Dilapidation Report Church

Other Documents (2)

Post Approval letter - SSD 10438 PA 1
SSD-10438 - Letter to satisfy condition B7

Note: Only documents approved by the Department after November 2019 will be published above. Any documents approved before this time can be viewed on the Applicant's website.


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PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Thank you for requesting WaterNSW's comments on the EIS for the Waterloo Metro Quarter OSD - Basement Car Park Detailed Design (SSD 10438). Please note that as the subject site is not located in close proximity to any WaterNSW land or assets, and as an SSD any flood works or licensing approvals will be assessed by others, the risk to water quality is considered to be low and WaterNSW has no comments or particular requirements.
Name Withheld
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Surely the could provide a greater number of car share vehicle spaces in a project like this.
Elizabeth Bushby
ALEXANDRIA , New South Wales
I support it i principle but I think given the density of the project requires more consideration to the parking impacts in the local streets - to not provide parking for more units and none for student accommodation without a significant impact on the local area is not realistic. If the scale of the project was reduced/student housing reconsidered then it might be sufficient if other measures like timed parking/road closures were also considered
Sydney , New South Wales
Based on the information provided, the proposal does not constitute a Scheduled Activity under Schedule 1 of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act). At this stage, the EPA does not consider that the proposal will require an Environment Protection Licence (EPL) under the POEO Act.

As an advisory note, the development will be located in the vicinity of tunnels containing operational rail lines, for which the EPA has a regulatory responsibility. The consent should include acceptable vibration and ground borne noise limits for spaces within the development drawn from the EPA’s Rail Infrastructure Noise Guideline (EPA, 2013) and Assessing Vibration: A Technical Guideline (DECC, 2006).

As the applicant is a private developer and not a NSW public authority, the EPA would not be the appropriate regulatory authority under the POEO Act for the environmental performance of the OSD project.

The EPA has no comment on EIS.
Alexander Payne
ALEXANDRIA , New South Wales
There are too many parking spaces. There should also be 3 phase power for each space so owners can install car charging stations if they want.
Biodiversity and Conservation Division
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please find attached EES response
Name Withheld
Counterpoint Community Services Inc
WATERLOO , New South Wales
Waterloo Public Housing Action Group
WATERLOO , New South Wales
We object to the project on the basis that the number of carpark spaces have not be fairly distributed across private, affordable and housing residents.
Of the 155 car park spaces proposed,
63 spaces (40%) are allocated to Commercial,
55 spaces (35%) are allocated to Private Residential,
12 spaces (7%) allocated to Affordable Housing
8 spaces (5%) allocated to Social Housing
However, the distribution of parking towards Private, Affordable and Social Residential Use is also unequal.
Private Housing Units have been allocated 1 space/2.2 units,
Affordable Housing units allocated 1 space/2 units,
Social Housing units have only been allocated 1 space/8.75 units.
This means Social Housing Residents receive 4 times FEWER car parking spaces per unit.
Another way to consider this is the percentage of the maximum rate of parking based on housing mix:
Private Housing has used 63/67 (94%) of its maximum rate,
Affordable Housing has used 12/12 (100%),
Social Housing only used 8/34 (23%)
Whichever metric you choose to focus on, it is clear that parking allocation for Private and Affordable Housing has been prioritised over Social Housing, rather than equitably distributed.
We propose that the car parking in this project be reallocated to reduce the number of commercial spaces allocated and equitably redistribute car parking spaces so that Private, Affordable and Social Housing are allocated a relatively equal number of parking spaces.
Grant Donohue
WATERLOO , New South Wales
Project ruins the character of Waterloo & also to rip up heavy rail system is illogical .
Lorraine Byrnes
WATERLOO , New South Wales
REDWatch Inc
REDFERN , New South Wales
The REDWatch submission is attached
Department of Transport
Chippendale , New South Wales
A copy of the TfNSW response letter is attached.
Heritage NSW – Aboriginal cultural heritage (ACH)
QUEANBEYAN , New South Wales
Dear Russell,
Thank you for providing Heritage NSW with an extension to submit our comments in relation to Aboriginal cultural heritage matters for this project.
Jackie Taylor,
Senior Team Leader, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Regulation - South
City of Sydney
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Dear Russell

Thank you for inviting the City to comment on the Waterloo OSD SSD applications. Please find attached our consolidated response to the applications.

David Zabell
Sydney Metro Corridor Protection
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Sydney Water
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Inner Sydney Voice
WATERLOO , New South Wales
NSW Health - SLHD
Camperdown , New South Wales
Fire and Rescue NSW
Dear Russell,

Notice of Exhibition
Waterloo Metro Quarter OSD - Basement Car Park (SSD-10438)

Thank you for notifying Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) of the exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the above State Significant Development project.

It is understood that the EIS has been prepared by Ashleigh Ryan of Urbis Pty Ltd on behalf of WL Developer Pty Ltd (the Applicant) to address matters identified in the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs). These matters are in relation to the construction and operation of a two-storey shared basement car park and associated excavation located below the northern and central precincts of the Waterloo Metro Quarter site.

The following comments are submitted for consideration following a review of relevant parts of the EIS and associated appendices.

It is noted that should a development consent be granted, the Applicant (or representatives thereof) will be required to make formal submissions to FRNSW in accordance with Part 8, Division 2, Section 144 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. In addition to these required submissions, it is recommended that consultation be undertaken with FRNSW by way of the Fire Engineering Brief Questionnaire (FEBQ) process such that agency requirements are able to be identified and suitably addressed at an early stage of the detailed design.

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact the Fire Safety Infrastructure Liaison Unit, referencing FRNSW file number BFS20/877. Please ensure that all correspondence in relation to this matter is submitted electronically to [email protected]

Senior Firefighter Nathan Everett


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