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State Significant Development


Wellington North Solar Farm

Dubbo Regional

Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Development of a 300 MW solar farm and associated infrastructure.

Attachments & Resources

Request for SEARs (1)

Scoping Report

SEARs (1)


EIS (13)

EIS Main Document
EIS Appendix A - SEARs
EIS Appendix B - Proposal Plans
EIS Appendix C - Consultation
EIS Appendix D - Mineral and Exploration Licence Holder Co
EIS Appendix F - ACHAR
EIS Appendix G - Noise Assessment
EIS Appendix H - Visual Impact Assessment Part 1
EIS Appendix H - Visual Impact Assessment Part 2
EIS Appendix I - Soil Surveys
EIS Appendix J - Hydrology Report
EIS Appendix K - Traffic Impact Assessment
EIS Appendix E - BDAR

Response to Submissions (1)

Submissions Report

Agency Advice (7)

EPA response to Submissions Report
BCD response to Submissions Report
Heritage Council - response to Submissions Report
DPI response to Submissions Report
RMS response to Submissions Report
RFS response to Submissions Report
Dubbo Council response to Submissions Report

Amendments (20)

2019 - Amendment Report
2019 - Appendix B - Revised BDAR
2019 - Appendix C - Revised Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment
2019 - Appendix D - Revised Historical Archaeology Assessment
2019 - Appendix E - Noise and Vibration Assessment
2021 (Feb) - Amendment Report
2021 (Feb) - Appendix A - Revised Mitigation Measures
2021 (Feb) - Appendix B - Updated BDAR
2021 (Feb) - Appendix C - BDAR Consultation
2021 (Feb) - Appendix D - Aboriginal Consultation
2021 (Feb) - Appendix E - Traffic Impact Assessment
2021 (Feb) - Appendix F - Memorandum Sight Distance
2021 (Mar) - Amendment Report
2021 (Mar) - Appendix A - Mitigation Measures
2021 (Mar) - Appendix B - BDAR
2021 (Mar) - Appendix C - BCD BDAR Consultation
2021 (Mar) - Appendix D - LALC Consultation
2021 (Mar) - Appendix E - TIA
2021 (Mar) - Appendix F - SISD Memo
2021 (Mar) - Appendix G - Tx Line Access

Additional Information (7)

Request for Additional Information 23/09/2019
Request for Additional Information 19/02/2021
Request for Additional Information 24/02/2021
Further Information 15/4/2020
Further Information 29/4/20 - Transmission Line Vehicle Access
Wellington North SF - TIA
Wellington North SF - Memo

Recommendation (2)

Assessment Report
Recommended Development Consent

Determination (3)

Assessment Report
Development Consent
Notice of Decision

Post-determination Notices (1)

Notice of Determination

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (12)

Environmental Management Strategy
Approval of Environmental Management Strategy
Landscape Plan
Approval of Landscape Plan
Approval of Accommodation and Employment Strategy
Accommodation and Employment Strategy
Traffic Management Plan
Approval of Traffic Management Plan
Biodiversity Management Plan
Approval of Biodiversity Management Plan
Heritage Management Plan
Approval of Heritage Management Plan

Other Documents (6)

Emergency Plan
Approval of Emergency Plan
Approval of Request to Revise Access Treatment
Approval of Veg buffer commencement extension
Vegetation buffer commencement extension request
Emergency Plan

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Graeme Whiteley
Wellington , New South Wales
I own the property "Dunbell" on the western side of the proposed WNSF. My
house is 315 metres from the boundary.
Firstly I want to state that I am in favour of this project as I
believe it will help Australia's effort to halt global warming by
reducing greenhouse gas emissions. My family is also involved with the
Bodangora Wind Farm and I believe renewable energy projects such as
these are good for the environment and will also benefit the local
economy during the construction phase.
I have read the EIS for the project and commend AGL for producing such
a thorough document which covers most issues in great detail.
I do have some reservations regarding the project.
1. Why is it necessary to build this project on such fertile and
highly valuable land? It would be much easier and far cheaper to buy
flat, less expensive land in the west of the state. AGL already has
the Nyngan site, where there are few issues with creeks/watercourses,
hills or trees so I don't understand the need to be so close to the
Wellington Sub Station.
2. I believe that noise during construction could impact my home,
Receiver Station R3. 10 pile drivers, rated at 114 dBA, in operation
could produce a repetitive noise and if this occurs I would expect
some redress/compensation for this inconvenience.
3. Similarly given our close proximity to the site I am concerned
about dust. With 10 x 30 ton excavators as well as many other
construction vehicles operating I expect all measures to be undertaken
to mitigate this problem or suitable compensation to be forthcoming.
4.1. Cobbora Rd has seen a significant increase in traffic in recent
years particularly large B Double trucks. The road is quite narrow in
places and these trucks already pose a danger to local traffic
including the school bus. Cobbora Rd needs upgrading an widening from
Mitchell Hwy to Maryvale Rd to help cater for the large volume of
construction traffic.
4.2. Campbells Lane should be sealed to the east of the proposed main
entrance as well as the western end. There will be construction
traffic entering from both directions.
4.3. The proposed construction of a turning lane at Cobbora
Rd/Campbells Lane junction may be difficult as there is little space
on the western verge.
4.4. If construction workers use Maryvale Rd it will need upgrading
and sealing. The Junction with Mitchell Hwy is already a dangerous
place with no turning lane so this may need upgrading. Alternatively
ban the use of Maryvale Rd to construction traffic though this may be
hard to enforce.
5. Will the installation of 1 million solar panels cause an increase
in the temperature for near neighbours? Has any research been
undertaken to check the possible increase in temperature especially if
wind blows over the panels toward a near neighbour?
6. Will the 26,000 cubic metres of gravel used for road base be
recovered/removed when the site is decommissioned?
I congratulate AGL on such a thorough EIS and look forward to there
Name Withheld
Bodangora , New South Wales
If Wellington North Solar Farm proceeds production from valuable farming
land will be lost. This is the 5th solar farm either progressing or
proposed for the Wellington area, one just 3km away. As well there are
two wind farms being developed. The beautiful Wellington Valley is
turning into an industrial zone. The peaceful rural views will be
destroyed. Land in the vicinity of the solar farm will be devalued
impacting retirement plans and financial security of aging farmers.
This is overload of renewable energy projects in our small rural
Name Withheld
Bodangora , New South Wales
Wellington North Solar Farm will be one of seven renewable energy
developments proposed for the area which ;
1.Will impact on large areas of agricultural production,
2.Affect the visual outlook of the picturesque Wellington Valley,
3.Decrease property values of adjoining farms,
4.Have possible health affects on nearby residents.
5.Provide very few long term jobs.
Surely renewable energy power plants should be located near higher
population areas eg Blue Mountains for wind farms and rooftop solar in
capital cities which would provide a far bigger areas for power
production using existing infrastructure with less impact on food
production regions and have better environmental outcomes.
Name Withheld
Wellington , New South Wales
We support this development providing environmentally friendly energy to
our region
the proposal does not impact adversely impact on the area
NSW Rural Fire Services
Granville , New South Wales
see attached
Office of Environment & Heritage
Dubbo , New South Wales
see attached
Division of Resources & Geoscience
Maitland , New South Wales
see attached
Environment Protection Agency
Bathurst , New South Wales
see attached
Roads and Maritime Services
Parkes , New South Wales
see attached
Department of Industry Lands and Water Division
Sydney , New South Wales
see attached
OEH heritage Division
Parramatta , New South Wales
see attached
Dubbo Regional Council
Dubbo , New South Wales
see attached


Project Details

Application Number
Assessment Type
State Significant Development
Development Type
Electricity Generation - Solar
Local Government Areas
Dubbo Regional
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Anthony Ko