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Release Notes

Minor updates to the BASIX Tool

18 February 2022


We made some further updates to the BASIX Tool on 17 February 2022:

  • Expanded the postcodes eligible to use the Passive House thermal comfort pathway to include 2650, 2450, 2548, 2800 and 2777
  • Corrected a bug that appeared when heat pump hot water was selected in combination with central PV (in multis)
  • Recognized the Byron Bay Urban Recycled Water Scheme as operational for garden, toilet and laundry use
  • Included Lockhart Shire Council as a LGA selection option for postcode 2645

Find out more about these changes in the BASIX help notes

Other news

03 October 2023

The enhanced BASIX tool is here

The enhanced BASIX tool is now live! All users can now access the tool via the NSW Planning Portal.

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Release Notes
01 October 2023

September 2023 Release: BASIX, Concurrence and Referrals, Development Applications, Sustainable Housing SEPP and more

This latest technical release includes important enhancements to existing digital services.
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