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BASIX tool receives upgrades

30 April 2021


The BASIX team has implemented several updates to the BASIX Tool, to improve performance, as outlined below. 

The key benefits to BASIX users from the updates are:

  • increased flexibility in how BASIX requirements can be met
  • recognising innovations in technology
  • improved usability and transparency
  • improved administrative efficiency

Thermal comfort

Expanding the Passive House thermal comfort pathway to apply to multi dwellings such as apartment buildings

  • Increased flexibility

BASIX – Thermal Comfort


Including a heat pump hydronic heating option

  • Recognising innovations in technology

BASIX Tool – Energy/Heating and Cooling

 and Water

Providing the breakdown of estimated water use and emission by end-uses

  • Improved usability and

BASIX Tool – Singles/Multis

BASIX fee payment

No longer accepting in-person payment of fees

  • Improved administrative efficiency

BASIX Help Notes – BASIX certificate - Cost

Further information about these changes is available in the BASIX Help Notes.

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