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Under assessment

Recreation Facility (Major)

Western Regional Planning Panel

Concept development application under Section 4.22 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for the carrying out of a three-stage project associated with the development of the proposed Orange Regional Sporting Facility located at 1584 to 1610 Forest Road, Orange. The application provides an overarching concept for the sporting facility which sets out key design parameters for how the site will be developed, together with full details for Stage 1 of the project. Stages 2 and 3 will be addressed by future development applications. Staging of the scheme is outlined as follows:
Stage 1 - Bulk earthworks, tree clearing, building demolition and category 1 remediation;
Stage 2 - Athletics stadium and car parking; and
Stage 3 - Main stadium and residual works.

Record of Briefing (1)

Record of Briefing
PPSWES-109 Record of Briefing 21 Sept 2021

Record of Site Visit (1)

Record of Site Visit
PPSWES-109 Record of Briefing 9 Nov 2021

Project Details

DA number
Planning panel reference number
Capital investment value
Project Address
1502 Forest Road Orange 2800,1610 Forest Road Orange 2800
Lodgement date
Referral date
Local government
Orange City Council
Type of matter