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Regional Housing Taskforce

The NSW Government will implement all recommendations of the Regional Housing Taskforce (the Taskforce) as part of a comprehensive response to unlock 127,000 new homes needed to house the growing regions over the next 10 years.


The whole-of-government response includes newly-funded commitments announced as part of the NSW Government’s $2.8 billion 2022-23 Housing Package

The response includes:

  • A $33.8 million Regional Housing Development Program that will provide:

    • Up to $12 million in grant funding over four years to support regional councils to plan for housing through the Regional Housing Strategic Planning Fund
    • Funding to expand urban development programs into high-growth regional areas
    • Funding to improve regional housing data to actively manage the housing supply pipeline. 
  • $174 million to deliver more than 270 homes for key frontline workers for the regions:  teachers, police and health workers.

Visit the Regional Housing Taskforce web page for all the details.


In June 2021 the NSW Government established the Taskforce in response to increasing pressures on the supply and affordability of housing in Regional NSW. 

The Taskforce, led by independent planning expert Garry Fielding as chair, comprised high-level executives from the departments of Planning and Environment and Regional NSW.

It consulted widely with local government, experts from the development and housing sectors, community housing providers and regional communities across the state.

The Taskforce delivered a Findings Report in September 2021 and a Recommendations Report  in November 2021 that made 5 main recommendations and 15 detailed recommendations.

The 5 main recommendations are:

  1. Support measures that bring forward a supply of “development ready” land.
  2. Increase the availability of affordable and diverse housing across regional NSW.
  3. Provide more certainty about where, when and what types of homes will be built.
  4. Investigate planning levers to facilitate the delivery of housing that meets short term needs.
  5. Improve monitoring of housing and policy outcomes and demand indicators.

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