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Special Entertainment Precincts

The NSW Government has introduced special entertainment precincts to provide a different way for councils to manage amplified noise from licensed premises. 

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We have changed the Inner West’s Local Environmental Plan to enable a 3-month trial special entertainment precinct on a section of Enmore Road. 

This will allow council to trial a Noise Management Plan for licenced venues that have amplified music, and for council and the community to understand the practical aspects of noise management in the precinct. 

A State Environmental Planning Policy has amended the Inner West’s Local Environmental Plan to: 

  • establish the temporary Inner West Special Entertainment Precinct 
  • map the precinct boundaries and venues included
  • operate from 1 September to 30 November 2022, after which time the measure will cease to have effect.

This change allows the Inner West Council to investigate compliance and noise management processes instead of other agencies. It provides an opportunity to evaluate approaches from real experiences, and for council to tailor precinct sound management plans before formalising their precinct (if they wish to do so). 

The proposed changes, outlined in an Explanation of Intended Effect, were on exhibition from 10 June 2022 until 8 July 2022. Thanks to everyone who made a formal submission.

Exhibition documents 
More information

For more information on the exhibition, please contact the project team directly on [email protected].

For information about the Inner West trial, please contact Billy Cotsis on 02 9392 5137 or [email protected] 

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Exhibiting agency or agencies: DPE
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal