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327-335 Burley Road, Horsley Park


2016/8153 - 327-335 Burley Road, Horsley Park


The Amended Planning Agreement provides that the Developer will carry out Road Works (as
defined in the Amended Planning Agreement) and will make monetary contributions of
$182,898 per hectare of net developable area (subject to indexation in accordance with the
Minister for Planning
CSR Building Products Limited (ACN 008 631 356)
22806879.1 CAR CAR
Amended Planning Agreement) in connection with the Proposed Development for the purposes
of the provision of regional transport infrastructure and services within the meaning of Clause 29
of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Western Sydney Employment Area) 2009. The
amount of net developable area for the Proposed Development is shown in the plan forming
Annexure B to the Amended Planning Agreement.

Notified Documents (3)

Explanatory Note
2015-7323 - Explanatory Note.pdf
Explanatory Note
2016-8153 - Explanatory Note.pdf
VPA Draft
2015-7323 - VPA Draft.pdf

Executed VPA & Other Documents (1)

VPA Executed
2015-7323 - VPA Executed 20-11-2015.pdf

Amendments (2)

VPA Draft
2016-8153 - Amendment Deed - VPA Draft.pdf
VPA Executed
2016-8153 - Amendment Deed - VPA Executed 21-04-17.pdf

Project Details

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At any Service NSW centre. To find the centre nearest to you visit the website at Service NSW . Alternatively, you can call 13 77 88.