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Cemeteries as State Significant Development


A review into the cemetery and crematoria sector has identified that Greater Sydney is running out of burial space.

The review recommended changes to enable cemeteries to be considered as State Significant Developments (SSD).

The proposed changes would see large scale cemeteries assessed as SSD. Large scale cemeteries can make a substantial contribution to the amount of burial space in Greater Sydney. These changes mean that larger cemetery development proposals would be recognised in the same way as other key social infrastructure such as hospitals and schools.

Why focus on cemeteries?

  • Demand for burial space is forecast to continue to grow, resulting in a critical shortage of burial space.
  • Additional burial space allows people from all cultural backgrounds to bury their loved ones following their cultural and religious beliefs.

What are the changes? 

The Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) sets out the proposed changes to Schedule 1 of the State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011 (SRD SEPP). The proposed changes will:

  • enable new or expanded cemeteries with a minimum of 20,000 burial plots to be considered as SSD.
  • acknowledge cemeteries as key social infrastructure and facilitate timely delivery of new cemetery development through the SSD pathway.

View the Explanation of Intended Effect

More information:

For more information on the proposed changes, please contact the policy team: [email protected]

If you would like to speak with us in a language other than English, call 131 450. Ask for an interpreter in your language and then request to be connected to our Information Centre on 1300 305 695.

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