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North tuncurry

North Tuncurry Urban Release Area

The North Tuncurry Urban Release Area proposal has been finalised, with 615 hectares of Crown Land rezoned to deliver new homes, jobs, services, conservation land and recreation land close to the growing Tuncurry-Forster urban area.

A State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) has amended the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 2014 to change the planning controls to allow:

  • More than 2,100 dwellings to accommodate approximately 4,500 residents via a mix of low density and low rise medium density homes centred around a new local centre, reconfigured golf course and new open space areas that will integrate with the existing Tuncurry-Forster urban area.
  • Approximately 13.24 hectares of employment lands for industrial and business development uses to generate 126 full time ongoing jobs on the site and more than 2,100 on-site jobs during construction.
  • 327 hectares of land to be managed for biodiversity conservation.
  • Public access connections to Nine Mile Beach.
  • New active transport connections linking with the Tuncurry town centre via new and improved walkways and cycling links.
  • Improved transport options:
    • all collector roads will be capable of accommodating standard buses
    • a network of cycling and pedestrian paths within the site and connecting to key destinations
    • street and footpath layout to encourage pedestrian activity.
  • Nine interconnecting parks providing 6.1 hectares of new open space
  • Reconfiguration of the existing golf course
  • A new local centre, co-locating daily convenience services with the beach access, a new golf clubhouse, community centre, cultural centre, mobile surf club and public gathering places.

North Tuncurry Urban Release Area SEPP 

Download the Finalisation Report (PDF)

Landcom's Response to the Submissions

Agency and Community Submissions

Exhibition Documents

North Tuncurry Biodiversity Certification exhibition

An application for Biodiversity Certification on the North Tuncurry Urban Release Area has been made under the Savings Provisions of the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (since repealed). The Biodiversity Certification package was exhibited alongside the rezoning package. The Biodiversity and Conservation Division will assess the Biodiversity Certification package before making a recommendation to the Minister for the Environment. 

North Tuncurry Biodiversity Certification exhibition


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