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Made and Finalised

Oakdale East Estate Development Control Plan

Fairfield City Council

The Oakdale East Development Control Plan (DCP) was finalised in September 2019. This DCP is for the southern portion of the Oakdale East Estate at 224-398 Burley Rd, Horsley Park. The DCP will enable development on the site including a masonry plant and warehousing and distribution facilities.

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Final Oakdale East Development Control Plan
Attachment B_Traffic Impact Assessment.PDF
Attachment H_Geotechnical Investigations.PDF
Attachment D_Heritage Constraints Assessment.PDF
Attachment E_ Biodiversity Assessment.PDF
Attachment A_Oakdale East DCP.pdf
Attachment F_Bushfire Assessment.PDF
Attachment G_Contamination Report.PDF
Attachment C Infrastructure and Servicing Report.PDF
Oakdale East Site Plan.pdf

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Department of Planning, Industry and Environment