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Short-term rental accommodation in NSW: explanation of intended effect

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment sought feedback on proposed amendments to planning rules in order to provide for short-term rental accommodation (STRA) in NSW. STRA was formerly known as short-term holiday letting.

The proposed amendments will introduce statewide planning rules, including a new land use definition, exempt and complying development pathways and building safety standards.

The statewide planning rules are part of a recently announced NSW Government framework for STRA, which also includes an industry-wide mandatory Code of Conduct and changes to strata legislation.

An Explanation of Intended Effect has been prepared outlining the proposed amendments to planning rules. The department welcomed feedback between 5 October 2018 until 16 November 2018, but noted that the statewide permissibility of STRA and number of days in which it can take place are a policy position endorsed by Government.

View the Explanation of Intended Effect

Submissions received on the STRA planning framework Explanation of Intended Effect have now been published and can be accessed via the Submission section below.

More information on the framework can be found at

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Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE)

Submissions (66)

284368_Sub on STCA Intended Effects paper.pdf
284442_Premier Gladys Berejiklian.pdf
284735_2018 06 13 Troy Green rejection of extension to appeal to LEC.pdf
284735_2018 11 Submission to NSW Gov.pdf
284735_2018 06 Arguments for continuation of Short Term Holiday Let.pdf
284735_2018 06 12 Troy Green Email responding to all my emails.pdf
284735_2018 11 Email to TSC re breach of NSW Planning Law_ existing use.pdf
287019_Scan 19 Oct 2018.pdf
288240_Comment on STL NSW Govt 91018.pdf
288373_NSW Planning Comment on Casual Rental Properties_ Copy.pdf
290703_submission to DPE on STRA.pdf
293742_ST accom Legislation postcode 2627.pdf
294197_Feedback from Local Planning on STRA planning reforms.pdf
294600_STR Planning Framework SUB 181106 tnl.pdf
294604_NSW Planning & Environment_BnbGuard.pdf
294779_Submission to EIE STRA 131118.pdf
294977_Letter to DPE_ Short-term rental accommodation in NSW_ Explanation of Intended Effect_ 13 November 2018.pdf
294981_INSERTED INTO BP_ Short Term Rental Accommodation.pdf
295022_Submissions_ Short term Rental Accommodation Planning Framework.pdf
295034_STRA Submission.pdf
295072_short term rent pdf.pdf
295123_STRA Submission 181115.pdf
295131_THSC Submission_ Short-term Rental Accommodation.pdf
295167_HLOCC Planning Rules Submission November 2018.pdf
295206_Submission_ Short Term Rental Accommodation EIE_ Lake Macquarie City Council.pdf
295222_Submission_ Short Term Rental Accommodation_Cessnock City Council.pdf
295236_SP 89828 Short Term Letting submission 15 November 2018.pdf
295260_OUTltr to name DPE_STRA submission.pdf
295260_Attachment 1 Short Term Rental Submission Summary Table.pdf
295291_BHCC Submission to STRA Nov2018.pdf
295307_Submission to DPE.pdf
295376_OCN Submission_ FINAL- Short-Term Rental Accommodation 181115_2933_.docx.pdf
295388_zoning 243 Prymont St.pdf
295457_Submission to STRA EIE.pdf
295471_2018-11-15 Objection to STR.pdf
295488_Short Term Holiday Rentals_ NSW Options Paper_ Council Submission.pdf
295490_NTIG_Short term Holiday Letting.pdf
295508_Submission Supporting proposed short term rental accommodation planning framework.pdf
295514_Short-Term Holiday Letting NSW Gov November 2018.pdf
295520_Short-term Rental Accommodation EIE Submission .pdf
295520_Short-term Rental Accommodation EIE Submission .1.pdf
295524_Letter to_ Dept Planning_ Short term rental accommodation.pdf
295545_NSW Planning submission Astra Apartments.pdf
295547_BMCC submission_ Proposed Planning Framework for STRA_15Nov2018.pdf
295572_Submission_ Short-term Rental Accommodation Planning Framework.pdf
295579_Submission to DP&E_ STRA proposed planning framework.pdf
295597_Airbnb Submission_ NSW Short-term Rental Accommodation Planning Framework.pdf
295599_Submission to Dept Plannning and Environment re Short Term Rental Accommodation.pdf
295645_STRA_ Bayside Council Submission_ 16.11.18.pdf
295658_2392434_1_ Submissions WA _Final _ _002_ B RevA.pdf
295660_Submission_ SBC_ STRA Planning Framework.pdf
295662_STRA submission 16 Nov 2018.pdf
295664_Canterbury Bankstown Council_ Submission_ Short Term Rental Accommodation.pdf
295668_20181115 VOHL Submission to EIE.pdf
295672_stra submission.pdf
295678_IWC Submission_ Short-term Rental Accommodation Planning Framework.pdf
Byron Shire Council Final Submission.pdf


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Relevant legislation: Standard Instrument Order (Local Environmental Plans) 2006 and State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
Exhibiting agency or agencies: NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Exhibition location: Online (