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St Marys rezoning proposal: SREP 30

Blacktown City Council, Penrith City Council

The Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No 30—St Marys is a planning instrument that has guided the development of the ADI site at St Marys since 2001.

It provides key provisions such as zones, development controls and the requirement for the adoption of precinct plans prepared by Penrith and Blacktown city councils. The proposed amendments outlined in the Explanation of Intended Effect mainly relate to land identified as the Central Precinct and Regional Park.

They are rezoning of approximately 38.4 ha of land within the Central Precinct from Employment to Urban.

This is expected to create approximately 500 additional lots for housing.

Explanation of Intended Effect and Supporting Documents


Revising the size and location of land zoned Drainage to reflect the stormwater management strategy for the site rezoning of approximately 1.2 ha of land within Jordan Springs in the western precinct from Urban to Regional Park that is currently identified for use as Local Open Space.

More information can be found on the NSW legislation website.


ID# Content
253017                                                                  Do not let more destruction of this beautiful land happen! This area is a
treasure for Western Sydney and the community, housing the last
natural habitat for emus and kangaroos in Sydney. Don’t turn the whole
of this beautiful natural environment into more ugly, generic housing.
There is so much opportunity to use this space for education and
natural preservation. Most importantly leaving a space for these
beautiful animals to live. Humans already take up far too much room,
just leave a small pace for the animals.
253033 I,Graham Wallis, object to the St Marys rezoning proposal SREP30 on the
Lend Lease has continually changed the original zonings on the old ADI
site to increase the number of dwellings.
Employment in the area has not been catered for as per the original
proposal for the site.
There is not enough open space for the increasing population to create
a healthy life style.
Please say no so the people of Jordan Springs have the chance to work,
live and play in their suburb
253050 More houses is ridiculous to move around our area now there is so much
traffic. Everyone uses dunheved road which is now a standstill in the
afternoon and this is a result of jordan springs. Our street is also
busier as people use it to go around the traffic and use back streets.
The cars are speeding down our street and now i dont let my kids play
out the front.
253056 My objection relates to this proposal include- Before the ADI site was
approved the argument by politicians who supported Lend Lease
developing the site was that it would not be a dormitory suburb
whereby people left home each day to travel outside Penrith for work
but would be a model development with homes and jobs on site. This is
clearly not the case, and this proposal with make this problem worse.
One of the Arguments put forward at the approval processes from Lend
Lease for more housing on the ADI site each time they apply for
Amendments to already set plans for the site - is usually they bring
jobs and employment to the area - well this is only short term, while
the houses are being built, - once the development is completed and
the builders/trades move on. The Residents are left to travel on
already congested roads and public transport, that has not improved as
fast as housing in the west, and as it is improving the added traffic
puts us back to square ONE. We and left with little infrastructure
that is not ready to cope with an even larger population with no more
local industry as promised and few local jobs already. The re-zoning
would put a strain on the already fragile flood plain in the Central
Precinct - with the tons of fill brought into the ADI site , this
raises- the salinity levels in the surrounding areas of Central
Precinct - we are getting brick work re done on our house for the
second time because of salt damage to brickwork. Hopefully have found
a solution with a salt treatment and brick sealer after having spent
over $20,000 on repairs and my house is not the only one with this
problem and having repairs done. (salinity levels in soil rising) This
will only get worse if more houses are approved and the flood plain is
altered yet again with more additional fill. Also there will be an
extra stain on an already straining sewer and water and electricity
system. So this proposal for an additional 500 homes should DENIED in
my opinion. We need - Employment/Industry not more housing.
253089 I disagree with further development of Jordan Springs.
The Penrith area is already congested, there is not enough jobs or
infrastructure to support additional housing in Jordan Springs. The
Northern Road is a nightmare to drive along.
Also please take into account the displacement of our native animals
which is already evident when numerous Emu's and Kangaroos are
wondering around Jordan Springs, Werrington, Cambridge Park etc.
Also note the further destruction of habitats for beetles, most
notably the obvious reduction in Christmas Beetles.
Further more the displacement of snakes putting the community at risk
as well as our pets.

For the love of community, do not do this.

255624 Again, it seems that Len Lease wants to take more of the land we fought
for to build houses, 500 of them. This is not a good idea as there
will be horrendous drainage problems that could pollute the existing
parklands, also pollution created by people who buy houses, they are
not exactly the type of people who are conservation minded. The other
fact is Lend Lease will be again destroying valuable threatened
Cumberland plains woodland. Making a place for employment might be a
better option, so long as its not going to pollute the area. The fact
that a lot of us fought for many years to try and save this land for a
park and see what has happened to this land is heart breaking. Lend
Lease does what it wants. I am against more houses been built because
of loss of bushland again.
255834 I propose that the bus access via Werrington County needs to be made into
an all-vehicle access point. The proposed maps clearly show that there
is adequate entry points for cars on all sides of the new
developments, with the exception of the Werrington County side. In
case of an emergency (such as bushfire), evacuation points are far too
restricted in the Woodland Plains district.
255838 As a local resident about to move into the central precint, it is already
bad enough that there is no direct connection to Dunheaved road. Also
the current main entrance is a 50km road via Jordan Springs which is
already getting busy with residents moving in and construction
vechicles around. Coming from Stage 2 it takes 10 minutes just to
reach the Northern Road.

Lendlease and Council need ro provide another access point in and out
of the area with a particular focus on Dunheaved Rd. Even if it means
allowing light vechiles i.e. cars use the current exit designated for
buses only. This would limit the traffic going through Werrington
county but make it easier for residents. This access would also allow
children to attend Werrington County PS (our closest school with no
access to it) and also easier access to M4, train station and

Access plans need to be put into place urgently.

255859 N/a
255889  direct access to Dunheaved Rd needs to be completed due to increased
residents, to allow better access to M4, schools and hospital.
256797 SREP30 Submission
I wish to object to the Rezoning of Industrial Land to Housing in
Central Precinct under SREP30
From the point of view of a Resident, we have watched and endured many
changes, backdowns and backflips during the development process of the
ADI site under SREP30.
With Lendlease not having met their obligations for Road Improvments
and Traffic Lights etc, Lendlease have at stages successfully lobbied
Council for them to be able to actually build less affordable housing
lots in their Jordan Springs Development, Not More.
In turn they would then honour their obligations to put infrastructure
in place for Traffic and the Northern road.
All of which was part of their obligation in developing this lot in
the first place anyway, but they were pushing back against.
Lendlease lobbied for a revision in 2016 which was approved and has
already seen them allowed to add another 470 Houses into Jordan
Springs and Central Precinct. Now they want to add another 500 on top
of that, to an already impending traffic nightmare on local roads that
already can’t cope.
With todays modern families 500 Houses equals approx 1000 more
vehicles & 1,000-3,000 more people. This on top of the other 940 odd
extra Vehicles already added with the addition of the last 470 Lots.
In 2009 in what I believe was a well Pre-Meditated move, Lendlease
successfully lobbied to have the 2 Industrial Areas in the ADI site
development moved from the Practical West and East ends of the
Development that have good Traffic Access, into the less Practical
Central Precinct.
In a move that was clearly thought out well in advance they now say
that this Central Precinct area is impractical for Industrial Land due
to a lack of Major Traffic Infrastructure & citing Affordable Housing
as a need. This is Laughable, as the only key factor driving this is
that house lots are worth a lot more than an industrial park. This has
nothing to do with Affordable Housing & everything to do with profits.
In Lendlease’s independent Studies undertaken for this proposal they
say that that People living in these developments don’t work in these
areas, but leave the area for work.
The clear reason for this is common sense!
- Housing developments are being built with No Opportunity for
residents to be able to seek local employment.
- People have no choice other than to travel when Housing Developments
continue to be built without infrastructure for employment.
- Given the opportunity, I guarantee that almost everyone in our local
areas would like to work closer to home if the opportunities existed.
- The proposed Employment Industrial Zone backs almost adjacent to
Existing Industrial Zone, so extending this Industrial Park would be
beneficial in the area.
- Attracting Businesses to the area can only be Beneficial in the
overall growth of the Penrith area.
With the increase in Traffic entering Jordan Springs as it has grown
over the past few years, we have seen huge issues arise in Traffic in
peak times.
An Industrial application generates much smaller amounts of Traffic
over the entire day, not just in peak times like Housing does.
For an example one of one seriously overstressed road, the Trip from
the Great Western Highway at Werrington along Werrington Road and then
on to Dunheved Road up to Werrington County shops is approx. 4.5kms
From 3pm Weekdays to 6.30pm Weekdays this 4.5kms can often take 25mins
to 35mins to traverse. This has been bought about directly by the
large volumes of vehicles now using this road for access across to
Jordan Springs. With Central Precinct being built now & using the same
access roads, I am very worried to think how bad this is going to get.
The Northern Road/ Great Western Highway Intersection is another every
bit as bad as this for the same reasons.
With everybody leaving for work and coming home at similar times to
travel "outside" for work, this can only decline further.
I really do not believe that we cannot just continue to jam in more
and more housing with no consideration to employment & better
opportunities for the people living in the areas just for the sake of
builders profits.
We need to stand up and ask why these obligations are not being met by
256830 The plan was originally approved with this employment Precinct. No
factors have changed. If there is no employment Precinct then all
those employees will have to travel daily outside of the suburb,
increasing already bad congestion. If you put another 500+ houses it
will be even worse. This is not quality suburban building.
257217 I oppose Lendlease's proposed amendment to SREP 30 to have the employment
zoning changed to urban. Our local area needs the jobs and employment
lands not more housing and associated traffic congestion.
257238 I oppose Lendlease's proposed amendment to SREP 30 to have the employment
zoning changed to urban. Our local area needs the jobs and employment
lands not more housing and associated traffic congestion.
257384 This proposal is contrary to the aims of the Three Cities Sydney
strategy. That strategy envisages an economic corridor between Western
Sydney Airport and St Mary's along a new rail line. To support
economic development in this corridor, employment land will be needed
and given priority. Rezoning of the employment land in the Central
Precinct to residential will reduce the chances of significant
economic development in the WSA-St Mary's corridor and generally
exacerbate the jobs/population imbalance across western Sydney and
increase commuting flows into eastern Sydney.
257404 I oppose Lendlease's proposed amendment to SREP 30 to have the employment
zoning changed to urban. Our local area needs the jobs and employment
lands not more housing and associated traffic congestion.

I would like to be able to work close to my home and not have to
travel 50 minutes each way to get to work.

258244 I do not support the conversion of employment land to residential given
traffic concerns. I have concerns about the excess peak directional
traffic being generated (which would have had opposite balanced flows
had this been an employment zone). There will also be a loss of
self-containment of traffic with the precinct as the loss of jobs
means residents will have to travel outside the precinct.
Intersections along The Northern Road (between Great Western Highway
and Andrews Road) already operate well above capacity and the extra
directional flows generated by converted low density housing will
intensify this issue.

I also have concerns about open space land being rezoned to regional
park which is not accessible for residents/visitors. The plans
indicate higher density residential (south of the retail) in the
western precinct near this land. Therefore, with the loss of this land
and higher intensification of residents in the whole area, I have
concerns that open space will be more in demand and not easily

258773 Hello,

The maps and information provided on the website is not clear or
I have a home on Emmaus Road, Jordan Springs and need to know the
following information:
Why is the zoned drainage being done across the road in the bush?
Where is the exact location? (map does not show streets, hard to know
distance from house, etc)
The size of the zoned drainage?
Why wasn't this planned during development stage and ready before land
When will it start?
Will it be maintained? (I have been here since August 2017 and never
seen anyone maintain the bush area which has rubbish in it)
What is the purpose of the dam?
How will the mosquito/insect issue it brings be dealt with?

Please respond to my questions.

258933 please provide access to Dunheaved Rd, needed for the increase residents,
etc. Also better access to M4, School and hospital
259315 I oppose Lendlease's proposed amendment to SREP 30 to have the employment
zoning changed to urban. Our local area needs the jobs and employment
lands not more housing and associated traffic congestion. Traffic is a
major issue in this area and this proposed amendment will only add to
this problem. Lowering the employment rate in the area by adding more
housing and less employment opportunities will increase the local
crime rate, another problem that is getting worse.
259780 Will there be any road works undertaken to off-set the impacts of the
additional population?
259905 I oppose Lendlease's proposed amendment to SREP 30 to have the employment
zoning changed to urban. Our local area needs the jobs and employment
lands not more housing and associated traffic congestion.

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